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Great show guys! Love the banter. Do you think there is any chance Real Madrid & Chelsea could come up with some kind of swap deal between Bale & Hazard?
Lovely pod. Keep it up. Question: what do Fulham needs to do to strengthen for life back in the Prem, who are they linked to, and where do you think they’ll finish? Cheers lads.
I love the pod is a great way to keep up with international soccer club soccer from the United States just one question I have for you guys as a Liverpool fan, is if you were FSG which goalkeeper would you break the bank for? and david dega is off the table.
Loving the pod from the US, great work guys keep it up! Any thoughts on what Aston Villa might do before the window closes?
Hi guys, great podcast, there’s never enough transfer news going about! Have you heard of any other Heart of Midlothian transfer rumours or news. We’ve heard of Jack Byrne from Wigan which has now been moved on from, we need a left back and have also heard of Jamie MacLaren from Darmstadt. Is there anything further on these options and any names we can put to it? Kind Regards, Crawford Jeffrey
Great podcast guys!! Love it! What are the chances of Chelsea signing Sandro and Vidal this January? And if we do make good signings would Conte then stay beyond this season?
Great pod!