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Ciff, Awesome podcast today on how you've choosen to live life fully alive. What you've accomplished and your new passons are truely inspiring. Your new priority of life balance is my pursuit too. Great job ....keep it up!!!!
Missing your podcast hopin you will be back at it soon. Do listen to family from the heart though
Although I haven't been a long time listener, I am inspired listening to Cliff as he documents his journey towards living a balanced life, and especially recently on his journey to living a healthy life. I look forward to continuing to listen and hear his journey.
Cliff is quite a well-intentioned guy with plenty of motivational riffs. Enjoyable
I enjoy your rants and rabbit trails. Ok, rants is a strong word. But i really love hearing your heart. You exemplify many of us who aren't brave enough to be as transparent as you. I see you as courageous and contagious. I can't stop listening. Thank you for sharing your pursuit of balance in your life. It's the pursuit that matters. It's the journey that keeps us motivated and moving. You get that!! That's why i keep listening. by Karen Anders
Cliff does this entire episode #575 "The New Workout Room" while walking at 3 miles per hour on the treadmill. That's not easy to do! He has a very good message at the end about removing obstacles and putting health first so everything else is possible. Doing the episode on a treadmill adds a lot of credibility to that message. Fun episode!
I am a long time listener and always looking forward to the new episodes to hear about the life updates and fitness progress. He's doing an awesome job, very direct with his thoughts and sharing a lot of things and good information. Thank you for all you do Cliff, and best of luck for your November goals!
Started listening just a few weeks ago.. It’s great to hear Cliff’s thought process as he talks about the things he’s doing or thinking about. I find that it’s starting to affect my own thought process especially when I find myself second guessing decisions I’ve made. Highly recommend this podcast!
I have been listening to PABL now for at least four years and in the last month it has gotten better then ever. As a part of a goal Cliff set for himself he committed to a daily podcast, He talks about his thoughts, dreams and fears not only about his growing business, but his relationship with his family and friends and how they all intertwine. Whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer or just someone trying to find balance in your life I highly recommend this podcast
This is by far my favorite daily podcast. Content is heart-felt and honest. Artwork is awesome too as it illustrates the complexity of "getting it all together". Another great show from Cliff and the GSPN team.
How could I not rate my own show? If I didn't like it, I would produce it. Right?
Cliff is an inspiration for me when it comes to being authentic and sharing things from the heart. I'm glad he continues to produce this show, even after hundreds of episodes. Keep up the great work, Cliff!
The PABL podcast offers you a glimpse into the life of a successful online entrepreneur, hard working man, loving father and husband and encouraging speaker who truly loves his profession and the opportunity it carries for him to help others and provide value wherever he goes. If you wanna learn about how Cliff Ravenscraft handles a busy schedule, an amount of projects, the demand of creativity it takes to produce more than one podcast AND on top being a caring father and husband devoted to his faith, health, family and friends you MUST listen to this show. Balancing all aspects of life can be an overwhelming task, in PABL Cliff shares some of his techniques, thoughts and theories on how to pursue the desired equilibrium while sharing his business principles and success story with you.
Wow, really fantastic how you share so openly about your life. I look forward to listening everyday to you and Stephanie as you talk about the issues we all struggle with. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to know you both better.
This is a very real and transparent look at Cliff Ravenscraft, The Podcast Answerman shows us his personal side and human side, his struggles, his successes, his fears. Wow! Its very easy to connect with and hard not to listen. Thanks for sharing Cliff.
This an example of how we should all be willing be open with ourselves when it comes to the many challenges that come along as entrepreneurs. Instead of presenting a false ideal of how great it all is, Cliff nails it through earnest, sometimes confronting aspects of dealing with he demands we can sometimes put on ourselves in the service of others, while trying to devote the time for us and our families. Highly recommended.
Cliff does an outstanding job sharing his journey through this podcast. I really feel like I know Cliff on a deeper level by listening to the show & learning from Cliff's experience.
Cliff love the show love the format and content I really like how you share openly and not always on script, but you always have good content. Enjoy the show weekly, keep up the October challenge look forward to hearing more from you, love this podcast
A great job to have! Make a living from doing podcast about TV shows and your family. I will give this podcaster kudos for coming up with a great $$$ making idea. I am a bit preplexed how he can get people to continue to pay for this informaiton though. As another reviewer responed "It's all about him." How true! This podcast is put out by a religious zealot christan in bible belt country. He does various podcast about himself and his family. It must be the voyeristic nature of our society. The thing that really grips me about this guy is that he thinks he is this GREAT father, teaching GREAT christian values. In reality, he frequently drives a car while recording a podcast with is children and/or wife. Not sure about bible belt territory but here on the west coast it is illegal to talk on the phone whle driving. I would think recording a podcast with children in the car is MUCH worse. His wife does it freqently while driving her kids all over town. She is especially boring with her drawling voice. But as I said, Kudos for getitng people to actually pay for your podcast. Amazing! There are so many great and free podcast by very smart people. I will stick with them.
It has been enjoyable to listen to Cliff and his family durring their new journey of pursuing a balanced life.
Cliff does such a great job of giving all of his listeners great encouragement! I also enjoy hearing all the encouragement from other community members!! We all need to live a more balanced life & this is one way of helping us all to acheive it! Way to go Cliff!!
I am on board with Cliff. It's not a fad, or quick obsession to be pushed aside later, or letting the enthusiasm fade. It's about balancing all aspects of our lives for a healthy harmony of living life to it's fullest. It may not have immediate results (although you will see some), but it will have long lasting effects. Take it a step at a time, and pursue a balanced life with us.
Listening to Cliff's journey toward a balanced life is motivating and inspirational in all areas of life. I am about to set off across the country to pursue my passion, and listening to Cliff's pursuit of his passions has helped me to take this big step.
Listen to this podcast while you walk your way to health! Cliff brings enthusiasm and encouragement to everything he does and this is no exception. I'm proud to be a Plus Member! Try it! You'll like it!
Cliff does an excellent job of sharing his life struggles and how he is learning to live a balanced life. As a fellow small business person I appreciate his candor and the work he puts into his podcast so we can all learn.
I love to listen to Cliff Ravenscraft talk. He is such an inspiration. I always feel so good listening to his podcasts, especially this one. I am now at a stage of my life wherein I need to rethink how I am to accomplish all I need to do and make sure that I am around to be able to smell the roses as well. Leave it to Cliff to inspire you and show how he, too, is struggling to pursue a balance life. But he is there encouranging you as well.
I listened to this for the first time and man am I hooked! This is a real guy on a real mission, and he's gonna lead others to succeed as well! After listening to this podcast, I intend to be one of those people! Informative, fun, funny, heartwarming and REAL LIFE! Awesome podcast!
Cliff takes on the challenge of balancing work, family and health. PABL is audio diary of these everyday struggles and victories. Reality TV in a podcast. I find this podcast encouraging, entertaining and addicting. Highly recommended.
it's all him, all the time.
Cliff provides an honest and fresh look into his family's life as he makes the transition to a new career. It's refreshing to hear other people deal with the same kind of issues that we all deal with. His new focus on pursuing a balanced life is refreshing and an example for us all.
Cliff, what an inspirational podcast. I felt like I was walking along with you even though I was at my desk at work.
This podcast is worth listening to , Cliffs life is cool to listen to and he does not get boring.Whats good is that Cliffs life is easy to relate to and he ponders some things everyone thinks about such as the complications of life. What also seperates Cliff from other podcasts is that he is very friendly and actually listens to his audience and will interact with them!! Cliff you are the MAN!!!
This is like the real, down to earth, behind the scenes for Cliffs life! If you love any of the other shows and you want to know more about the person behind gspn, this is the podcast for you!
Even in sunny Southern California I can't always depend on the weather. But what I can depend on is that every few days Cliff Ravenscraft will release a little slice of his life onto this podcast's feed. Sometimes he's out walking with his family; sometimes he's unravelling tech mysteries; and sometimes he's contemplating life's bigger, deeper questions. Whatever he's doing, though, he's giving it his full attention, and openly and honestly sharing it with his listeners.
I give two stars for trying, I think I want to quit my job so I can watch alot of T.V. and talk about it too.
This show is great! It help keeps me entertained during my work days. Cliff just talks, talks and talks some more about his crazy life and sometimes Stephanie joins in. Its always nice to have both Cliff & Stephanie because they have a fun relationship and its nice because everything they talk about is relatable. This is like a reality show in radio or podcast form. I love it! Keep up the good work guys!
Any of the people who say Cliff is arrogant are dead wrong. This podcast is about a great honest guy and a look inside his life. Every single podcast that Cliff has done have been great, this one being no exception! Keep up the great work Cliff and Steph!
Cliff and Stephanie have taken a hit on iTunes. I personally enjoy this podcast. There are a lot of Lost podcats out there at this time and this is one of my favorites! I love the character reviews. They are insightful and honest interpretations of these complex characters. While I do feel that at times Cliff can be a bit judgmental, Stephanie is good about pulling him down off of his high horse. This husband and wife team have so much fun together that it is difficult not to enjoy listening to them. They don't take themselves too seriously but they do take the show and, their at times conflicting opinions, seriously and I respect that. Finally, Stephanie's Laugh! At first I thought I wanted to pull every hair out of my head because it was so terribly annoying, but now I have to admit it is endearing and humorous. I love it!
Cliff does a great job on podcasts. I enjoy getting to know him out side of "LOST". His life is very encouraging. He and Steph's lives are honest and it is encouaging to my in my crazy life.
Cliff, I really enjoy your sharing your life with us all. This podcast is not just for the entertainment, it's a growning experience for me. We need to learn from other Christians and what they are going through, and pray for them. Also, Cliff edits these podcasts well and there are cool little musical bits added throughout. Give it a listen!
Well, I really like the show. For all the time that Cliff puts into his other podcasts it is amazing that he even wants to put another show together. I think I understand how some people would think that Cliff sounds arrogant. It is the tone of his voice, which is relaxed and slower than some other people. I get the same sound from listening to NPR, but I KNOW they are arrogant. Don't worry Cliff, youre voice is fine, just keep focused on doing what is right.
Cliff, I feel like I know you from listening to you for hours and hours between the two podcasts. Arrogant? No way. I'm sure sure if we all had the priveledge of knowing you in real life, we'd find you to be a humble, but fun-loving family man. I have to admit, a single-voice podcast is not as engaging as when you are able to throw Stephanie and Racheal into the mix, but for anyone who wants to get to know more about Cliff, this is obviously the podcast to listen to.
Cliff does it again. I thought the Lost podcast was good. Maybe it's a sign that I don't have a life but I like hearing about this stuff. I can't wait for the Faithcast. This is a great podcast of one of the main people of the Generally speaking podcast talking about a story from his life or whatever. It's great. Get it.