Riverside Community Church Podcast

Reviews For Riverside Community Church Podcast

As you can see by some comments posted, Riverside is not for everyone. It is not for people who like churches to be stuffy, judgemental & condemning. It is GREAT for people who like informal, relaxed sermons about things that apply to everyday life. Pastor Ed uses movie clips and stories that make the lessons great for everyone, whether it is your first time in a church building or not. Kids love it here... donuts anyone??
My family has been going to Riverside almost 10 years and Pastor Ed teaches scriptural truth in such an effective way to young believers, searching skeptics and the lost. If you are looking for liturgical tradition, this is probably not the church for you. If you are fed up with Christianity because you have been hurt by someone at a previous church or Christian relationship, then Riverside is a great place for initiating the healing process of your spiritual wounds. We are all wounded in some way and Pastor Ed's sermons address those wounds in a way that leaves you uplifted and filled with true hope. Give Riverside a try if you have a spiritual hunger, but don't know where to go to address that ever present hunger.
false teaching does not share with the flock the truth. you would get more truth just reading your bible . if your going to this church run.
With his humorous & often self-deprecating style, Pastor Ed takes you on a fun and uplifting journey through each lesson. His speaking style is conversational without the hushed tones that many preachers adopt. He never loses sight of the WIIFM factor (what's in it for me) and makes good use of popular culture to connect the dots. And he gives great examples of how he (& the listener) practices what he preaches. Relevant & worthwhile listening.
Entertaining, concise, and applicable to our daily lives. Clear and powerful sermons notably lacking in condemnation. Excellent preacher.