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I wish i would have started listening years ago.
I’m a little late to the party. But I really enjoy these biographies. Very interesting.


This is great stuff. I am really enjoying Bob's work. I am sorry to hear that he passed away.
Bob provided such an amazing contribution to the world, podcast and otherwise before his untimely passing. Subscribe and you won't regret it! Awesome stuff.


By Butzek
I'm only disappointed I wasn't aware of this podcast sooner...while Bob was still alive. I'm truly enjoying working through the back catalog. Informative, relaxing, and a great historical insight!
excellent variety of players, different era's, historical context building, Love the tone & pace. Fun & relaxing. Thank you so much for your podcast. Tim
Just found out about Bob's passing and had to shed a tear. This podcast reinvigorated my love for baseball. Such a pure game with an unbelievably colorful history. Thank you Bob for the time you devoted to these podcasts. Now I guess I'll have to listen to them all again...
Bob passed away last year and I will miss not having new podcasts. They are highly informative and interesting and I like how they are presented. RIP Bob.
Bob Wright captures all that I love about our nation's pasttime. He shares the history of the game by sharing with us the stories of its players. I came to this pocast late and I am working my way through every podcast. I am saddened to see that the podcasts stop mid 2012. If you are out there Bob, and have the time, please resume your story telling. Tim
I can't believe that I just discovered this podcast, now that it's apparently been defunct for a year. I have listened to about a dozen now and almost all were really fascinating. I never find the time to comb through sabr biographies, but on my commute I can listen to these! Even though new ones haven't been produced for months now, it will take me quite a while to get through all of the ones that already exist, even just the ones that piqué my interest. So glad I discovered this podcast.
Why did it stop?
Love the podcast! Hope all is well, Bob. Please keep them coming!
I really enjoyed these podcasts. Hope Norm Cash isn't the last one.
I always learn something and have told lots of friends about this podcast. Hope all is well with you, Bob.
Wish they would keep going...
Hope u can keep this going. Really enjoy these baseball histories. David
Haven't seen a show posted in months, let us know you are ok. Wishing the best for you. This show much like baseball - a very simple concept where the layers draw you deeper into the subject.


Love the podcast keep them coming
Baseball has a long and complicated history. One that is intertwined with the fabric of our Country. For anyone claiming to be a Baseball fan it's a must that you understand the history. What better way then by listening to this Podcast? It won't take up much of your day and you will learn endless information about how Baseball became what it is today.
I love the format. I love the focus on more obscure players -- but players whose careers are still vivid from my boyhood memories. Keep up the great work -- and more Tigers!
This podcast is very good , I love a good baseball stories . Great job !
great podcast, I listen every week. I especially like the pre-war material of lesser known players, as I do not know about many of those. mark
Has the most boring narrator EVER!' He has no excitement or enthusiasm in his voice! Baseball is supposed to be fun and exciting,not like you're at a funeral.. You need to drink a gallon of coffee b4 your next podcast. LIVEN UP!!!!
What a great podcast. I'm 34, an avid baseball history fan and love this show. You cover great and not so great moments in the personal lives of the players. And what a broad spectrum of people you cover. The players come to life... I encourage you to continue,even advertise. This is one of the few free outstanding podcasts. Clean, in depth and factual. Plus the added bonus that must always come with baseball....great stories. Thank you, from The younger generation of Minnesota.
Very interesting and well presented. Keep up the great work!
Bob Wright's 'Baseball History Podcast' is Hall of Fame material. He keeps it relatively short, 20 minutes or less, and is as regular as clockwork. the content is INCREDIBLE. Bob focuses on a single player in each episode and gives enough material to educate the casual fan while keeping the "expert" entertained with a few "I didn't know that" moments. Every couple of episodes Bob goes into 'Extra Innings" and does a listener supplied feature on a team, park or league. ********** <--- Ten Stars
Love the podcast! It takes me back to my childhood, and reminds me why I love baseball! Thanks Bob!!!
I have been listening to this podcast for a couple years commuting in my car. I started at the beginning and it has taken me a while to catch up. I enjoy the way Bob leads into the podcast and picks his subject. He is very thorough and factual, based on the minimal number of corrections he receives and my knowledge. Thank you, Bob, and I look forward to continue to listening to your shows.
One of my favorite podcasts. I enjoy going back in time for 10-15 minutes and reliving some of the greats of the game each week. Keep up the great work!
Bob Wright has a true love for baseball, that shines thru as he tells of players and ballparks from the past and present. I started with one episode, but have now downloaded all of them,and am kind of bummed that Im almost caught up, because TWIBHP only uploads once a week. Still, completely worth the wait. Long time baseball fan, history buff, or just looking for a great show to listen to, Baseball History is a must have.
This is a solid podcast that is easy to listen to and very enjoyable. No frills and I like that. Good work Bob.

By ccguy
This is just a superb podcast. Bob will never win the Tony Marvin Award for voice quality (-: But everything else about his show is spot on. No nonsense, just facts, good or bad.
For any true baseball fan who wants to learn about the players from the past, along with information on baseball terminology and baseball parks, this is the podcast for you. Bob does an amazing job in putting together this podcast and it is definitely a crisp and finished product.


By pchDET
thanks for the thoughtful podcast!
One great Podcast. Very informative and just plain fun to listen to. If your a Baseball fan give it a try. Keep up the good work Bob!
I'm hooked. Thanks Bob, for giving me exactly what I want - players, teams and history. I appreciate your love and respect of the game.

By RJ76
A staple on my Ipod.
Bob Wright has a love for baseball and its history that is contagious. This is the perfect podcast to listen on the subway ride or car trip to the stadium to see a game. No matter how well versed in baseball you are, there's always something to learn from this show. (I just discovered from BHP that it was presumably the Pirates' Bill Mazeroski who hit into the triple play that Oscar Madison missed seeing from the pressbox in "The Odd Couple" movie! Who knew? Bob did!) Highly recommended for any baseball fan.
apply whatever baseball analogy you want, this podcast is a home run
I just discovered this podcast recently, and doing my best to catch up by listening to two or three a day. I can't wait to get back to my computer to add a few more to my iPod. Bob Wright loves America's pastime and it is obvious that he enjoys doing these podcasts. I love learning about some of the old-timers and some of the ballplayers I loved watching when I was a kid. I find myself humming take me out to the ballpark during the day after I listen to his podcast. Thanks Bob!
This podcast fills a gaping hole in the podosphere by bringing the baseball stories that could easily be lost or fogrgotten. The players, definitions, and locales are always well-chosen, and often quite moving. This is a great podcast for baseball lovers.


By Mijomo
This is an excellent resource ... as a longtime sportswriter, I appreciate the information provided, though Wright's "reading the script" was somewhat bland ... needs to be a little more lively ....

I know next to nothing about baseball. But I love listening to this. I've learned a lot and want more! It's clear between the lines that there is a love and respect for baseball at all levels.


I love baseball history and this has all of it!