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They are both very knowledgeable about sports and care about their listeners and they always have something fun and something interesting that they talk about so it definitely makes it worth the listen every day keep it up guys
Im not sure about the interaction between these two. Maggie comes across as the more knowledgeable professional. And why 3 hours? It’s far too much for these two. As a side note Perloff is not missed at all on the Dan Patrick Show. The Dan Patrick show has improved immensely since Perloff left. It’s funnier. It’s lighter. It’s much more entertaining. Something I never noticed before is Perloff is just not a warm likable guy.


By deboonk
Just recycled crap. Same takes I hear everywhere else. Don’t waste your time. 1 star
Parochially, and maybe illogically, I worried about Andrew leaving Dan Patrick and wondered whether the podcast universe had space enough for still another sports show. I am pleasantly surprised and think Maggie and Andrew have found a niche! Think they have pretty good chemistry and come across as being truly interested sports fans at their core. And a sports fan first, is a niche these days. Compared to other shows I listen to; PFT Live - LIke it, but Florio can sometimes be too preachy about the NFL. “I’m a lawyer, I know how things work”! Colin Cowherd - Like it, but Colin can sometimes be too preachy about … well everything, including Colin. Dan Patrick - Love it, but isn’t it really just about hanging with your pseudo friends? … and grilling. Dan Le Batard - I confess, I don’t really care about sports with this show; I’d listen to the shipping container talk about anything (and they do). Bill Simmons - Like pretty much most of the Bill Simmons conglomerate. Maggie and Perloff - Good sports fans!
Maggie is good, Perloff is predictable and lame. Pair Maggie with a better cohost
because I admire Andrew “leaving the nest” and branching out. They have a good rapport from the bits I’ve heard thus far. Neither say “like” constantly, which I know is a low bar, but one few clear. Will review again in a bit.
Looking forward to following this show and podcast. McLovin has been a star since being on Dans show. He is so smart and funny! Good luck to Perl and Maggie!
Maggie and Andrew are great together!
I'm trying. But M&P right now is a hard listen. Miss the laughter from Maggie's old pod partner. Haven't given up yet.
Maggie and Perloff(McLovin) are very entertaining! Their take on current sports is different and interesting.
They are awesome!
Hands down the best.
I would expect he replaces moose in near future,he’s Spike Eskins guy at wip,move will happen soon
Both Moose and Maggie are good as solo commentators. But there is very little interplay between them. Each seems to talk/rant for an extended period followed by the same from the other. It’s not really a conversation. I miss the back and forth between Mike and the Mad Dog. All that said, they are much better than that idiot Carton.
I love this show Maggie is outstanding Moose is great they make a outstanding combo
I was not a listener the first go round but found Moose on CBSSports and glad to follow him to the Fan. Though show is on during day, not always able to listen for 4 hrs live. Love a podcast version, can listen and find common ground and speak intelligently about what’s happening on the field and courts. Wish the pod was longer, so nothing is missed. Keep entertaining!
Garbage show—worst show on the FAN.
Bart and Maggie are really insightful and a great duo to listen to regarding all NY sports. Listen to them every day at the gym and keeps me going better than any dance remix playlist :)
Please shorten to 20 minute time period. Either interviews or chat only. Dump the callers.
The Maggie and Bart is edition is superb. Bart’s perspective is insightful. Maggie is his perfect compliment.
It took me their full first week of shows over a year ago for me to decide I love this show. When Mike Francesca came back to WFAN and was allotted 3 hours of CMB’s time, I was disappointed. Nothing against Mike, but he had his multi-decade run and chose to leave. That said, I think the CMB show can’t be as good as it can be with only 2 hours, but they make the most of the time they have. The fellas are doing a good job holding it together while Maggie is on maternity leave, but it’s when all three are together that the show really flows. So, looking forward to her return in the fall.
Ever since the move to their new radio time slot they’ve been better - going from “happy talk” to “grittier reality” talk with laughs. Entertaining! Need to shorten the length of the podcasts.
Best show on the FAN
Just thought they were ok at first but now they are my favorite on WFAN. I think Maggie knows sports better than just about anyone. Barts funny and Carlin is the glue. Good stuff
It has taken me sometime to get into the show at the beginning, but it keeps getting better and I like the way the 3 of them work and playoff each other. Good stuff
WFAN went for diversity instead of quality. It’s backfired into the worst show the station has ever aired. The overnight guy John Jastremski is 10x better at 1/10th the cost. Replacing Francesca wasn’t going to be easy (And now he’s back), but WFAN really screwed this up because they wanted diversity and not quality. Waiting on this trio to quit clearly to avoid paying out their contracts.
It’s really all about Maggie’s astute analysis and Bart’s insights into the minds of athletes. Carlin helps keeps it rolling and has a great radio voice. The three play off each other well. Recommend.
The one when they talked about Mike Francesa coming back was great. Talk more about Mike!
!!!!!! Thanks