Reviews For Deb and Friends: Quest for Connection

Deb- This episode is just beautiful, what a powerful message, so full of wisdom! I felt your energy touch my heart! I was doing the dishes and literally got lost in your words! Just truly beautiful! Thank you! 🙏 Shanna- Sense of Soul
Deb is great. Her show is informative and uplifting and she has great guests. One critique is the poor audio quality-I don’t know if it’s the platform, but it could use some work. Otherwise great 💜
I was so glad to see that this podcast was back! So good to hear your voice Deb! I can’t wait to listen to all the good stuff I’m sure you have coming.
Love the subject matter and so well done. Bravo!!
Thank you Deb and friends, for all you share on this podcast. I have found there is a time and place for every episode that I have listened to (out of order, as I let my intuition guide me to what episode I am ready to hear next). I really appreciate the wide variation in topics, and absolutely LOVE all of the co-hosts with their varied backgrounds and experiences. While I have thoroughly enjoyed every epidose I have listened to (almost all of them), the epidoses with Sheri Perbeck and the angel topics REALLY REALLY inspired me and ignited a spark within me to connect with my own angels on a level I never realized was possible. Thank you for all that you do, and may we all never stop questing! :-)
Love learning more about the multitude of perceptions and ideas of others and how we are all the same in our quest for love.
So great to hear Deb share her extensive knowledge and experience in so many different areas of spirituality, and even better to learn just as much from her wise friends. Thank you for creating this! It is a must-listen for all spiritual seekers.
Quest for Connection with Deb and Friends is a wonderful podcast. Authentic hosts who want to share with us, without forcing a particular viewpoint as the only way. Makes you think and encourages your own development down your life path. Full of information- I always learn something new! Thank you for your generosity in doing this show. I feel I am a part of your tribe!
There are many routes, and many roots, which lead to embracing Earth and her denizens - animal, mineral, and vegetable, plus the spirit realm. Deb's Quest for Connection makes deep, satisfying inroads toward finding these treasures. Her friends are a lively, sensitive, and talented crew of fellow explorers, and I don't miss this podcast for anything! Just listened to "Nursing and Intuition," which evoked so much wonder, fascination, appreciation, and even laughter. I'm so grateful to this merry band of collective wisdom for each gem they offer us.
Deb and her friends offer so much wisdom and light. Truly enjoying this new podcast.
I love Deb’s other podcast with Samantha too. Wonderful voice and wonderful guests!
This has to be one of my favorite podcasts. I’ve learned so much already and I find myself looking forward to the next one.
This show is great! I am so happy that it exists. Thanks so much Deb.
This podcast started exactly when I needed it. This is the year for me to grow spiritually and to find a community that I can feel at home in. Thank you so much for showing me we can be different in so many ways but yet we are all the same in many more. I look forward to this weekly podcast!
I’m so happy you and Samantha have each made a new podcast. This is awesome. Im already through almost all of them and can’t wait for your new ones :)
I LOVE this podcast!
I am so grateful for the generosity of genuine experts to freely give of themselves to our growing community! I put into practice suggestions made by Sheri Perbeck and it helped me succeed on my first intended shamanic journey. Deb’s wisdom in embarking on this project is changing the world.
Deb, thank you for this! The world needs more of it! Great podcast! Definitely subscribed!!
I am so excited about this podcast! Deb Bowen is an amazing teacher and the fact that she has such a knowledgeable and diverse group participating in this podcast makes me look forward to the depth of this spiritual journey we are about to take. So make some tea,settle in, and open we go!!!!!