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This show always puts me in a good mood after listening. I love the dynamic between the hosts and especially Frankspiracies… so funny!
I’ve been listening for a minute now, Latinos out Loud always make my commute a bit more fun. You’ll def laugh and you’ll get to meet (by their great interviews) of all types of Latinos throughout.. keep up the great work..
Love the interview with Kathy. Not only was she positive, but she gave out realistic and actual advice for creating your own creative business or working on a long term goal. Her advice is what I needed to hear to get motivated. Thank you for interviewing her.
I love the episodes with Julian Castro and Lin-Manuel Miranda and this recent one with tootsie warhol ! Jeje! If you love comedy, NYC, or Latinos you’ll love all of the hosts! Check it out 😀!
I love podcasts. It is like Netflix for my ears. When I found this podcast I was excited because it was an all star cast of latinos. They have not disappointed. This is one of my favorite podcast in my library. They are funny and smart, relatable, especially, because I am a Latina from New York too. And most importantly they seem authentic to me, no fake stuff. Am hooked!!
Really love this work, mi gente. It reminds of of how ppl actually be choppin it up on the stoops of Brooklyn back when I used to live out there. Shoutout to Jamie for the Bochinche Bites, always look forward to y’all’s POVs in the segment. Much love and continued success!
Great podcast gente
Love love guys!!!!! I am from Chicago Humbolt Park area, heAring the ladies talk about Nellys and CafeCalao is awesome. And they do have the best coffee the quesitos are the bomb.
These guys are really on to something. We need to see this on television ASAP.
I have a binge suggestion for Juan Bago...”The Outsider” is on HBO. You guys are very funny and relatable.
I LOVE this podcast! Everyone on this show brings so much originality, everyone brings their own little unique piece that make this so special. I listen to this show & it feels like family, like it’s a Sunday night and I’m chilling at my Tias house with my cousins cracking jokes. I love that I can listen to a podcast & relate, I think as a latino living in America its so important to feel included, that I can find a gem like this on iTunes. I will keep tuning in best believe. There’s really nothing like this podcast, catch the wave before you get left behind! P.s keep up updated on what number episode you guys are on. Xoxo
First time ever decided to listen to a podcast and Latinos Out Loud was the first one to catch my eye and I can say I’m hooked!!
Yo! Yo! Yo! Yoooooo! Prior to discovering the Latinos Out Loud podcast, all of my saved podcast were NPR podcast (the Moth, Invisibilia, Rough Translation, etc.), but LOL came and took over my top spot. LOL is a mix of comedy, news bites, more comedy, culture, and a platform for our Latinx community to inspire and share their journeys. I find so much inspiration from the group and all of the amazing people they interview. Right now, with our political climate, we need more exposure to successful Latinx, and this podcast does exactly that! Thank you Rachel La Loca, Juan Bago, JFernz, and Frank Nibbs, for sharing your lives, your journey, and successes with all of us. You truly are making positive noise for our community!


By Gatatv
This podcast is LIFE. It perfectly balances all of my favorite aspects of Latinx culture, HUMOR, love, forma de ser, and hope for a fun and creative future. 5 estrellas!
I absolutely love this podcast! Recently, there has been some debate about whether or not a key phrase of the podcast should be said because a listener said "it sounds like a nail scratching a chalkboard." First of all, to the LOL podcast team: I love the fact that y'all have such and open dialogue with one another on the show and by saying "JAAAAIME" To Jaime, it allows for that natural banter. This past weeks episode Rachel bit her tongue and didn't not say "JAAAAAAIME" when there was a "JAAAAAAIME" to be said. I found myself saying audibly in the car as I was listening to the episode myself when Jaime made a dumb joke lol. I believe that the phrase "JAAAAAAIME" represents so much to the LOL podcast family. When I hear Rachel say "JAAAAAAIME" it reminds me of when I was young and all my cousins and family members would hangout and we would get on whoever had less than funny jokes. I miss the "JAAAAAAIME's" on the podcast and I hope y'all bring them back. To the person who didn't like the phrase: The phrase"JAAAAAAIME" means more than just a sound. The phrase represents the banter and realness Latinos have with one another and how we express our love. Though a bit harsh, I always remember my family saying "salte de aqui con eso" which means roughly the same as Rachel saying "JAAAAAAIME." I love the LOL podcast, the hosts, the community and I hope y'all stay true to yourselves, always and forever. Let's stop making other people comfortable and let's start being more comfortable in our roles in society. Much love from Eugene, Oregon. Álvaro (Alvy) Macias-Gonzalez. P.S. You all have inspired me to start a podcast and one day I'm going to be a guest on your show and I will have y'all on my show.
I actually love the yo, yo, yo, yo, yos
I’ve been following the cast of this podcast for quite a while now - since Juan Bago, to Pan con Queso remix, to DR vs PR, to Room 28. One thing sure has never changed - they will make you LOL and look like a fool! I love this podcast because they give you news, keep you informed on what’s going on in the community, and give Latinos a platform to get on the radar of other Latinos and rise... all done with endless laughs and the Latino lingo that makes us feel at home. Thank you for the great job guys! Keep it up!
I started listening to this show about a week ago with the latest episode and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. You guys make me laugh and the best part is that I’m sure when ever I’m in my car, anyone who looks at me driving down the road will think I’m crazy but what they don’t know is that I’m a Loud LatinX listening to amazing people. Keep the good job and can’t wait for the new episode!
It's like being with your funniest cousins and joining in their shenanigans. Love it!
YOYOYOYOYO!!! These podcast is hilarious. Frank and the conspiricy theories are a trip!
Latinos represent!!! Everyone is sooo funny, I just want to be part of this circle! I really feel like I’m listening to my own group of friends! Thanks for holding it down for Latinos in the podcast space and can’t wait to see what more from y’all! P.S thanks for inspiring me to launch my own podcast (BBO Live)!!
Hilarious. Great to listen to on any commute (But those around you will look at you like you're crazy cuz you'll be LOL). The best part is when they make each other laugh. Love the segment titles and intros.
I was sent by the “pero like” cast to this podcast and it was the greatest thing everrr! I love to be able to turn them on and escape the problems of my everyday life!! they’re sooo hilarious and amazing. They represent the latino community sooo well! Also, its the best thing ever to be able to see successful individuals who look like you! I love you guys and hope that meet you guys one day. 💛 #LOL100
Klk my name is Chanais. I’m a Dominican from Maryland (yea we over here too lol). I love your Podcast! I love hearing all of your guests that you guys have. Hearing their stories is super inspiring and informing. You guys are freakin’ hilarious i love it❤️. We need more Latinos like you guys that educate the world on Latinos and our culture and our loudness😂. Can’t wait to hear more and more seasons.
Yo to all the LOLers, from a fellow Latina in London! I love the podcast, it's so goddamn funny! You all keep me informed on all sort of stuff happening with the Latinos back home. Love listening to you while I work, keeps me from going more loca. Also it's a cross between a few cheves with some friends and a party, que no? Keep up the great work. Saludos de una Chicana en London @katapixia y hago piñatas tambien jajjajajaj
I love your energy and the guest get better with every episode. Keep up the good work. I am so rooting for ya!!!
Love this pod cast I’m Puerto Rican from Cleveland Ohio and have an hour drive every day to and from work I look forward to Thursday’s for the new episode I normally can’t stop laughing all the way home.
In a comedy/talk show world that seriously lacks content for Hispanics - Latinos Out Loud fills a necessary void! I love it and listen in weekly.
Yooo, so I NEVER listen to podcasts. I tried to get into one before, but never caught on. Then I heard about this podcast from one of my faves, Pero Like. Curly mentioned that and I was like, “I’m gonna give this a shot. I LOVE Pero Like and if they recommend this then I’m probably gonna like it too!” And let me tell you, they are soo funny and always keeping it real. I’m trying to catch up on the available episodes now and it’s how I start my mornings and end my days. The topics they talk about are always interesting, definitely recommend!
This podcast helps my day. Love the Hispanic love and push forward for all our people. Definitely a must subscribe!
Can't wait to see everyone on LOL become house hold names. Talented , funny and quick as a whip wit. Seriously one of the most hilarious podcasts out there. I'm a loyal weekly listener. They always have the best guests too.


Listening to Mike, Jamie, Rachel and Frank every week is like catching up with old family and friends. It's a podcaste people can digress with. There are so many bad stories in our faces, that it's good to listen to them for those good vibes.
Thank you for an amazing podcast full of great energy! Thank you for what you guys do! With gratitude, La Llave Podcast
I’m from Newark, New Jersey and I love down to fort mill sc. it was hard moving down here with barely no Hispanics. They are like having a piece of home with me. You guys have me a sense of home every time I hear you all. I love you all so much. Thank you and keep going!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
A must have in your Podcast app! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
I started listening mid-2018 and have been hooked since! Each episode has great guest, stories, and of course a laugh! For Rachel- I love the YoYoYos opening! Ustedes son Latinos Out Loud not Latinos with inside voices 😂 Keep up the amazing work! Con mucho cariño -V
My fiancé lives in Connecticut, and I live north of New York City. When I listen to your family of comics, it makes me feel like I’m closer to his Puerto Rican family and their warmth and support. Thank you for making me laugh and introducing me to all the amazing Latinos doing incredible things. Keep up the great work.
Keep the sound effects. It reminded me of La Mega’s (nyc) morning show in the 90s.
I love this podcast. Def top 3 for me and I listen to over 10 shows. I just can’t deal with all the sound effects in the background. Please! PLEASE stop!! I’m begging!! Otherwise it’s hysterical so def give it a listen.
I began listening to Latinos Out Loud when the Pero Like cast went on. And to tell you I was hooked since. I haven’t missed a podcast. The topics are real and the cast is hilarious. I feel like I am right in the room sometimes and that keeps me coming back. I def recommend this podcast to all my friends. Keep it up 🎊🎊
These guys r the greatest n most inspiring Latinos I heard n seen in forever #latinos out loud ,I recommend it to all Latinos to start listening n learn n laugh at the same time .
Loved the #COMEDYDERAILED recap and discussion. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families❤️
Just started listening and loving what I’m hearing, makes me feel like I’m with my group of friends and part of the convo, keep it up!!
I love this podcast! Every week I look fordward to the new episode. This guys are hilarious and feels like Im hanging out with friends/family! Keep it up guys!!
The interviews keep getting better and better! I’m glad frankspiracy news is back we missed you. Guys, it’s inspiring to listen to you and also HILARIOUS. Keep it up!


By eggs_on
Latinos Out Loud is the Latino Baby Shower of podcasts! A sancocho of personalities with no shortage of laughter on the side. Juan, Rachel and the rest of the team brought their hilarious sketch show from the stage to my headphones and somehow didn’t miss a single beat. Keep up the amazing content because it’s my only resort for preserving my Latino from the comfort of my desk. 😂😂 Thank you guys
While there are a couple of other Latinx voices out there in podcast land... the team of Latinos Out Loud is by far the most inclusive reflection of NYC's Latinx Voices... your team really keeps me laughing...keeps me inspired and keeps me tuning in to hear more of your interactions with one another and your interviewing of people from our community. What you all are doing is soooooooo important and I thank you for being funny while creating a narrative for our community that is missing from mainstream media! !Abrazos!
I love seeing people of color thriving, and this is no exception. Everyone is so funny and genuine that it’s hard not to love them! Had me giggling the whole way through. Seriously. Much love.