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First let me say that this podcast is top shelf stuff. The first time I saw you live set me on a new path. I’ve been djing for a long time and just grinding away doing weddings and sweet sixteen parties while dreaming of bigger, better gigs. Listening to the stories of your talented guests gives me a shot in the arm and a heart full of hope while exposing me to so much more than the songs drunk aunties request. Thank you,Trevor. This is obviously a giant labor of love and we appreciate it.
love listening to trev on the road! the pwr pck never dies.
Its refreshing to take in the interviews of musician to musical. Trevor Exter has expanded my horizons to musicans, new to me, in an format that immediately opens a window to their music and their personality! Start with Emily Hope Price and listen to them all!
Play It Like It's Music serves a valuable function in this day and age where we get our music served to us in our pocket but rarely have a chance to find out from the musicians themselves about what goes on in the studio, what goes on in their minds and what goes on in the years and decades before the music arrives on our touchscreens. Trevor has a gift at getting people to open up and reveal what it took for them to get where they are; their hopes, fears, and the drive that keeps them creating.
A top-notch go-to for insightful behind-the-scenes of beloved NYC musicians. Equally compelling for musicians and non-musicians alike. Laying truths for all artists and the creative roads they walk. Trevor navigates that line of auteur and compadre so effectively!
I deeply enjoy these episodes. Trevor has created a lacuna to share a wonderfully authentic conversation about what it means to be artistic and what it means to be an artist. This is so much more than an interview; it's an intimate sharing space of ideas, thoughts, fears, intuition and what it means to be a creative human. What a treat for me to be invited to listen in!
I love this podcast because it’s genuine, inspired, inspiring, and a great way to learn about new artists and get creatively sparked.
Really enjoyed the show. Great flow and insight into a musician's mind and world. Looking forward to more!
Trevor might recall my story of philosphizing with my fellow benchwarmers on our junior high school basketball team concluding that the way to go was "Be cool, but most of all, be progressive!" ... meaning keep an open mind and work hard! These podcasts show that inspiration and hard work can produce the miracle of music at its best.
Play It Like It's Music is the perfect blend of art philosophy, band van repartee and technical insight. If you've ever wanted an up-close, deep inroad into the back stories that fire our muses, look no further. Artist confessionals have never been so cool, and Exter sets the stage with wit, grace and uncanny timing.
Trevor Exter has taken an important step here to peek behind the curtain at the heart it takes to invest in being a musician . It's not about the technicalities, though they are no less there, it's about the intent . Wonderful insights from colleagues, evoked and curated by a musician who knows what it takes. Professionals and amateurs alike will reap benefits from the wisdom inside.
Trevor is so good at this. I don't know how much he is editing out, but what he keeps is concise, and on point. He has a whole life in music, so he knows what the interesting questions are. And he really gets out of the way - maybe that's part of being a musician - he knows how to make the whole band sound better.
One of the most amazing shows I've ever heard, the flow, the sound, the editing. Really draws you in. I almost feel as if the host has known me my whole life.