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It seems like we have been years without football. Hearing Kevin and Lyle is getting my hyped for the upcoming season!
It's great!
Used to love the Saturday show but the same nonstop political ad over and over and over again a bit ridiculous
The fantasy football advice is mediocre at best as both hosts are hopelessly out of touch and don’t seem to understand PPR, but as personalities, they are top notch. Loved their show Random. I wish that were mixed more with their “advice”. The hosts world view is the real gold here.
Comedy, current events, video games...all in a fantasy football show. Who knew?
Listening for years and have always enjoyed.I also love their show random, when they release episodes...
Let’s go with a random!
All. Time. Favorite. Nuff said.
Having them spend 10 minutes explaining why they would rather not have football in their life is completely off putting and took something I really enjoy (fantasy podcasts) and had it kill my mood the selfishness of this sort of on air rant is unbelievable and disappointing I liked and subscribed to this podcast but will be undoing that now
Nice to have an Eagles heavy fantasy show
Unlike pretty much every other fantasy pod I listen too these guys actually take the time to answer listeners questions! No matter how much of their Saturday it takes up they will sit here for 2 hours sometimes longer making sure everyone gets answered which I love! The advise is always perfectly mediocre which is the target they aim for! Two life long friends that enjoy poking fun at each other and is enjoyable to listen too! Keep it up HAVE A DAY!!
Love the Saturday call in show. These guys have great discussions and banter. The advice is worth exactly what we pay for it... thanks for helping me bring W home here in Smyrna. Have a day
He provides so good analysis and insights, but I’m giving only 3-stars because he insists on calling a touchdown “tuddy”. It’s very off-putting. Every guest he has on the show seems to gag every time he says it. Maybe he’ll stop. I’ll listen to other shows due to this.


By teg_dog
What are y’all talking about there’s no 2 Monday night games y’all need to do your homework for real sad 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
Just started listening this year and thoroughly enjoy this pod so far. Besides the usual fantasy advice you get with most of the other fantasy podcasts these guys are funny and easy to listen to. Wish I would of started listening before this year. 5 stars——-
Been listening for a few years and i love this podcast!!! You guys rock!!! Thank you
Listening for years. Bush split wide. Lyle sounds like a prepubescent girl. Kevin sounds like he has half a Burger King Rodeo Whopper stuffed in his cheeks. This podcast has enabled dozens of fantasy football owners to finish third in their league. 0/10 would not bang
Not a very well informed view on race. I was offended. Stick to sports.
I've been listening since '07 when I first started playing. There are other, more stat-heavy, "professional" podcasts out there, but these guys are my favorite. Not. Even. Close. Two guys who live and breathe fantasy football. Eagles homers. (I'm not.) But they don't overdo it. They just sound like real football fans, which is part of the appeal. Rough around the edges, but the advice is rock solid. More importantly, they're entertaining. If you like talking fantasy football, you'll like listening to this. Definitely worth a try.
Great podcast! Look forward to it every week! Only complaint is wish there were more episodes on a weekly basis. I may be slightly biased as an Philadelphia Eagles fan but these guys have great repertoire. Love the Saturday call-in show and have actually called in a few times. Also bring back the Random podcast please!
I’m not sure if these guys are just that uninformed or what but how can you bring up Manny Sanders and not talk about his injury? All they can say is he is pretty good? Phillip Lindsey in the 2nd and Royce Freeman in the 6th is where he thought they were going and that is just 1 team as an example. Could be ok for a casual fantasy fan but I didn’t hear a whole lot of insight or reasoning behind anything. Just two dudes talking about fantasy.
This podcast is simply the greatest podcast of all time. The wisdom that Mike and Jay drop on the ears of listeners is life changing. The comedic shtick and banter between these two guys will give you six pack abs from the constant hysterical laughter that they will have you in. This is the truth, believe it!!!
This is a great podcast! very knowledgeable and entertaining. Thanks for what you do
If you’re a Eagles fan, you’ll love it. If not, you’ll hate it. Kevin’s a fat toad, and Lyle’s a nerd trying to be cool.
Shut up and talk sports. Lost a listener! See ya
Laid back and no silly gimmicks. Good show.
Just started listening to Kevin and Lyle and really enjoyed their show. I like the format of the show, really just get to the point about fantasy football. Updates and matchup reviews are really helpful. I plan to continue listening to the show for the season and recommend you give them a listen.
The Fantasy Football Guys podcast is like sitting down with a couple of buddies having a cold one with your feet up & talking pigskin.


I had heard a lot about this podcast. These guys don't give any statistical analysis. It's strictly gut feelings. They argued one time over who should remember who the rookie WR in Cincinnati is. Literally took over a minute before they moved on. Great Twitter follows. I recommend you follow them on Twitter.
Love these guys!
Their dynasty rookie episode, didn't talk about rookies. His name is Joe Mixon. Crowded backfield in Cinci, what? You two didn't get my fantasy football wheels spinning **UPDATE** Lord I don't know how these two get sponsors. They have no clue who Adarius Stewart, Malachi Dupree, or David Njoku are. 3 players who any common college football fan know of.
Most of this stuff is anecdotal and narrative driven. These guys don't seem to do anything innovative. It's good to kill time but for actual advice it's no different than any run of the mill "analysis" that you can get from rotoworld.
Love these guys.. Great podcast here!
Everything you need to create and enjoy a truly mediocre fantasy football team. Thanks guys!
They told me to write a review, so this is my review.
OK. These guys are goofballs. There is no denying that. What is great about their podcast is that you can absolutely appreciate their love of fantasy football when listening to their show. They pour their hearts out into each episode, and have fun doing so, which is almost palpable while listening. Also, they provide some really interesting insight that you do not hear other podcasts offering. Absolutely worth the subscription.
This podcast offers pretty good advice, but I just think there are more informative fantasy football podcasts out there. Some of their opinions are wrong and are opposite from other respectable podcasts such as fantasy footballers. This isn't a negative review just that there are better ones out there. They are fun to listen to and some of their advice is helpful just don't live and die from them.
15 minutes of useless banter and plugs, neither interesting or funny, before they get to the topic at hand.
This is a fun podcast with some quality player analysis. The format is old school, a couple of dudes in their basement talking players and teams. I like the casual format and the real banter between Kevin and Lyle. If you check their website and the forums there is some fun stuff there as well.


I think you guys are awesome. You work together very well. I'm very jealous I don't get to talk about fantasy football like that for two hours a week. Also Liz losa is probably the only person I think knows more about fantasy football than me her sleepers are super on point. Thanks for the great listen every week
Provide great information, tell their opinion and explain why they are biased. Don't apologize for the profanity it makes the show and mock drafts much better.
Found them last season and they helped lead me to my first ever championship. Good insight, give em a listen.
The magic formula is the bomb! I never thought of fantasy like that ! You dudes rule !!
I rarely write negative reviews, however, these guys leave me feeling negative after I listen. I've listened to a few episodes because I'm starving for nfl advice, and they are sarcastic and crude. I'm no alter boy myself, but the guys that won the podcast award this year are way better and leave me feeling good about my fantasy!!!
these guys are stale and boring, but that's not why I'm giving them a low rating. Their fantasy advice is absolutely awful, they are pretty much regurgitating consensus info that you can find on any website out there. And multiple times the hosts didnt even know that certain players have switched teams. They are not up-to-date on what is happening. dont waste your time listening to these guys.
Don't waste your time
Trash podcast. Dropping F bombs is their way to cover up their limited vocabulary. Explicit podcasts work if you're smart or funny enough to pull it off. These guys just sound like 6th graders trying to impress their classmates. Not to mention the fantasy advice is pedestrian.
One of the hosts is kind of agressive and swears a lot, which wouldn't be an issue except he comes across as an uninformed jerk.