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Now I need another iPod to put this podcast on! Move.....he just keeps the beats going perfectly.
Just like the tag line says on the podcast. The best house music on the planet !!!
Just amazing all your show Tracks Roger!!!!.. I couldn't avoid to mention that min 59 on this track show 876, a Girl sang "Huey Tonantzin" for almost 1 minute (Nahuatl language, really ancient).... that's 100% ancient Mexico's Culture, thanks for keeping it alive on such great track!!!.. Regards
I can’t wait to see you @kingdom this weekend. Your the reason I love house. You proved me with my weekly soul food.
Roger is house and always has been
If you're a house head, then this is for you. Subscribe. 'Nuff said.
Me encanta roger Sánchez es el mejor, alguien aquí me puede decir algún podcast que traiga una canción que se llama bucovina y el release es en español 👏👏👏
I love this podcast
not likely i'll ever love this as much as the DJ seems to love hearing his own voice. music is great, but is constantly interrupted by the DJ talking about how great he is. you'll get tired of hearing "and the crowd went off when i dropped this…" could be great, if the DJ could just keep his mic closed!
I've been listening to this podcast for years and it gets better and better by time.. It's definitely amazing! You won't ever regret listening to this x
Nonstop listener since May 2011. I wouldn't dare miss an episode.
Hands down my favorite podcast! Dropping the dirty...
Roger I love your style.. you are one of the best NYC DJ's out. you rocked when I saw you at Pacha. Your music reminds me of the House Music from the Sound Factory, Tunnel, and Garage. keep up the good work by representing NYC DJ's.


By Loluxss
Can't wait to see you play at EDC love you Roger
Roger u are great DJ keep it up <3


By IMJ11
You put out big works each and every time. Keep it up!
Bad Boy Bill use to sling trax's like this...he's lost his touch over the years, ROGER SANCHEZ is now at the top of my list of favorite DJ House Mixers!....thanks Roger, you shined the HOuse light back on me!


By HB Ivan
Roger Sanchez . What else needs to be said?
hi Man your music is really amazing I lov house music and have been listing to your podcast 4 long time and it just incredibly amazing. Bonne continuation :)
Hello, I wouldn't say Roger Sanchez is the best DJ in the world, maybe one of the best. Music, decent as usual. A good, relaxed enviroment to be surrounded by with this music. Great job put together Roger, you continue to "Disco Jockey" awesome things!

By ajoi
Uhhh where have you been all of my life Mr.S?!?!? I love you on XM radio and love you even more now!!! Thank you!!


Love your music, Sanchez.
I've past by many podcast and Release yourself is simply the best, powerful, sophisticated and addictive
i have a problem, why does it say that this pod cast cannot be played on my i phone ???
Don't tell me the best Podcast in the WWW is going on hiatus, I can't wait till TGE to hear you at Roseland!!! We want more! We need more! We want more! We need more! We want more! We need more! We want more! We need more! We want more! We need more! Please!!!!
Hola Roger Sánchez. Pues instale la actualización IOS4 en mi iPhone y ahora trato de descargar el podcast y no me lo permite, espero y puedan solucionar eso. Un saludo y buenos beats.
Well I'm trying to download this podcast on my iPhone but a message appears telling me that this podcast can't be played on it, I'm on iOS 4, any suggestions? Thanks!
It seems like i can never get enough of Mr. Roger's music selection. He plays a wide selection of amazing beats with a strong flare of Latin influences!!! VIVA EL ROGER!!
The best.
Roger, I love the mixes and especially love your live performances. But the volume level of each podcast recording is too low. I've also found that the volume isn't normalized across all tracks in a podcast at times. I've compared several of your recordings with at least 3 other podcasts like Tiesto's, Dance Department, and Sander van Doorn's and yours is at least 50% lower in volume by comparison. This tends to decrease the quality of the recording itself as everything sounds "soft" instead of the hard beats you're known for. One cannot get a high volume range out of the track without significantly turning up the volume on the speakers/headphones. As a fan, I hope you look into this issue and fix these technicalities on an otherwise good podcast production. Cheers!
WTF...! Best Music EVER..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great mix of music!
awesome track selection!
I came across this podcast the other night & can't wait to pump it up in my truck. Orlando is gonna get a taste of Underground from the Big Apple's Roger Sanchez. I know Ima have a good time driving...
Amazing man wonderful sets .
I realy injoy the mix at GYM during my hevy liftin it just fantastic thaks 4 the beautifull podcasts. Jeep up the mix Roger
Love your shows! It keeps me moving at the gym and work! I'm a fan since 1986
Roger, saw you at the Electric Daisy Carnival and you got DOWN AND DIRTY! LOVED YOUR SET! You seriously kept us dancing throughout the rest of your night. I've been a subscriber to the release yourself podcast for about 2 years now and always find dope house songs on each podcast that I end up downloading later. Just wanna give a shout out - GREAT JOB at EDC and keep up the good work. Next time you're in LA I am so there!
The "Release yourself" ID's get sooo annoying theres just toooo many of them in one Podcast....stops the songs from flowing....other then that its a good podcast
what happend with this weeks podcast?? is it only me? but the latest one I have is NUMBER 72...
A Very Talanted DJ and 1 of the favorite DJ's In the World!
My god this is one of the best, most consistent podcasts that I can count on to supply me with my fix of that big room club sound. If you don't get moving and shakin to this, then nothing will.
thanks Roger for bringin my "music muse" down to my ipod we jam to this podcast all week long @work n home ,one of the best podcasts ever
RS has been around since the days of yore. His sense of filigree, history and strive for continued improvement makes his podcast series a must have for the party in your skull. Da brain left a while ago anyhow, why bother. Now where is the Mr. Fingers podcast???
You definately have to take advantage of this free podcast. It is essentially a "how to" guide to house music - Roger gives you the title and the artist for each track he plays, which are always the newest, freshest beats that he is dropping in the clubs everywhere from NYC to Miami to Ibiza. Each week he brings you his "upfront track" which is definately a must hear. The show is divided into two halves, the pre party where he warms it up and then the second half is where he turns it out! The Roger Sanchez "Release Yourself" experience is a must for any house music afficianado or that new listener looking to find his very first house track. Whether it is in the club or on his podcast Roger shows what House music in New York City is all about.
i look forward to every one! thanks roger!
If you think he is good on the ipod, just wait until you hear him live at a club. He WILL rock you.
Great podcast Mr.Sanchez!!! All the best!! ROXX