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Thank you for all the years you’ve devoted to health and fitness! Especially tackling the hard topics! I’ve learned a lot!
I find Carl Lenore’s interviews and podcast fascinating and actionable from supplements to peptides to retaining and building muscle, even at my age. GHRP6 was huge for ‘reflux’ and advice to get off PPI’s even better. Look forward to every new episode.
Carl is one of the smartest guys I know. I truly enjoy listening to his podcast and encourage others to as well!!
This man has tirelessly given massive amounts of information and ideas to better peoples lives for years. Free. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen. Plus coach Rob is a huge bonus! Its free. Did I mention that?
Content of the podcast is amazing. Just way too many ads. The JRE podcast is one of the biggest podcasts in the world, and does it right. Ads at the beginning and the end, because he cares about his listeners.
Carl is a wealth of knowledge and i appreciate and appreciate his open and honest personality . Im a 57 year old PT and Wellness Coach with a keen interest in anti aging for myself and my clients and constantly learning something new from he and his guest.
I've been listening to Carl for over 6 years now and I've learned so much over the years. He produces a lot of content so I only have time to listen to shows that really interests me. But when I do listen, I always learn something new. And Carl's not afraid to admit when he's wrong.
Just listened to Carl and Mike Mahler, you guys are awesome, I learn so much from you guys, thanks for everything that you these us. SHR#2307
I can’t remember how I discovered this show but boy am I glad I did. I have learned so much from Carl, especially the dangers of long term keto. I really like his sense of humor and he’s very knowledgeable in so many topics. I highly recommend it.
I have listened to this podcast for almost 10 years now. Carl has been one of the most important and positive influences in my life and we have never met. The information from this show is the only reason my mother is alive today (pancreatic cancer). You are missing out if you are not a regular listener. Thank you Carl!!!
I've been listening to Carl for many years and have learned so much from him and his guests. I wish I had his rentention of knowledge! His commitment to health and fitness is nothing short of inspiring. "Muscle is metabolic currency, get in to the gym and make a deposit today!" I will do that Carl, and continue to do that throughout my life. Thanks friend for your support and encouragement to all of us in your audience.
Carl has spent over 10 years grilling the best minds in the health and fitness space, and somehow has RETAINED everything learned on his shows from that time. The man has a mind like a sponge. He also has a giant heart, as he has made it his personal responsibility to better the human condition by doing everything he can to find the answers to chronic disease, suffering, obesity...etc. On top of that, you get first person access to world champions, renowned scholars, athletic and supplement insiders, and groundbreaking scientist on the regular. This show is the best part of any time I have to waste.
Excellent source of information from the ‘tried and true’ to the ‘tip of the spear’ in leading research on all things health, mind/body/soul. The King of all exercises is the squat; listening to this podcast is like the squat exercise but for your brain.
This podcast is the most informative about physical fitness I have ever listened to. The countless topic that I’ve heard from this show has hands down not only changed my life with diet, supplementation and workouts but also to those I share it with. I couldn’t recommend a better source for info, regarding taking care of your body If you’re in love with physical culture. Thanks Karl, I will always look forward to the topics you discuss as well as the well informative guest and co host you have on the show.
I've been listening to Super Human Radio for years. I never miss a podcast. Informative, real-world, science-based knowledge on wellness, TRT and all things health related.
Carl and his guests provide some incredibly compelling content that’s geared to help you take actionable steps to live a healthier, more well-rounded life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Super Human Radio if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to improve your body, mind & spirit (and experience life with a new physical and emotional resilience as a result)!
One of the best things i like about Carl and this podcast is that he brings on the Authors of the papers that he is discussing and interviews them which shows his insane critical thinking ability to break down the information and ask some of the best questions I've ever heard. This brings so much credibility to these topics and just an immense platform to learn from. BP Power Hour is one of my favorite, and Dr, Jeff is anothe staple. Keep up the good work. I've been listening and learning for at least 7 years now. And i'm not leaving.
It's impossible to listen to this podcast. Carl inserts a commercial break every 5 minutes. It's beyond excessive. If you want a little bit of information sprinkled in with messages from the sponsors, this is the podcast for you.
This is specific to episode 17 where insecure baby Carl Lenore apparently decided to take potshots at me. Both he and his girlfriend or wife or whatever need to get over it. Number one, he and she are both wrong about menopause with every study on the science of fat gain saying it’s due to lowered activity. PERIOD. But they don’t like science, they like nonsense. Second, here’s the story: over 10 years ago (TEN YEARS) little Carl asked me to be on his podcast. HE ASKED ME. Subsequently he said on his wall that soy lowered testosterone and male fertility. I told him that 1 billion Chinese said he’s wrong. And like the other insecure children in this industry, he cracked. Suddenly I sucked and didn’t know anything and he didn’t respect me. Remember kids: HE ASKED ME TO BE ON HIS PODCAST. Well a decade later he’s still butthurt over me. Get over it Carl.
This is by far one of the best podcasts in the physical culture space. Carl Lenore has made it his mission to get real answers to questions regarding health, strength, and longevity. I just can't say enough about this podcast. If you want to be superhuman then you must give this podcast a listen.


By FMJ88
A true pioneer in healthy lifestyle podcasts. Carl is the real deal.
The title says it all. Carl has been putting out this amazing show for years. It's a great way to keep up with the latest research as well as learning the basics if you're just getting started.
An inspiring health / physical culture podcast that inspires me to strength train regularly, eat smart, and speak far more confidently with physicians.
Gimmicky, half-truths, quasi-scientific hocus pocus. The host of this podcast uses just enough scientific window dressing to give the appearance of authenticity. Most of the advice on this podcast falls flat. What Gary Null was to the lay audience of the 1970's, this podcast is to today's generation. Look elsewhere for good training advice.
The content in this show is really good. Yes, the ads are long, but hey everyone has to pay the bills. What’s getting annoying is when the host comes back after the ads on to provide more content and starts trying to sell more supplements or promote campaigns to encourage listeners to actually listen to the ads. These practices are pushing me closer to the unsubscribing.


By Drea T
I've been listening to Alisa and Carl for about 5 months and I can't describe how happy I am to have found their podcast. In the world we live in today, where media brainwashes the masses, it can be difficult to have a mind of your own and not follow the "popular" ways of living and raising a family. I appreciate their honesty and their stance on very debated issues in our country!
This covers some great topics and gets very deep into the information. I suggest picking topics you’re interested in hearing and listening to those. I’ve found if I’m not that interested in the topic of discussion it gets boring very quickly.
I will say without a single RANT.....Carl is always on target. The interviews are conducted with expertise and we learn right along with Carl how to become the Super Humans we were meant to be. His physical knowledge and ability to use information to crack primal needs keeps me coming back for every episode.
Interspersed with very thin understanding of “current event" health information.
Carl might sound like some Jersey Shore goomba, but he really knows his stuff! I'm quite impressd. I started reseaching anti-aging, longevity and functional fitness a while back, but now I just listen to his show for most of my starting material. He has great guests on that run the gamut from doctors to physical trainers and athletes and everything in between, all giving great insight into physical development, anti-aging and longevity.
Love this show.
Carl may initially come off as a meathead with some anger issues, but once you give him a chance, you’ll see he’s actually a very informed physical culturist who is passionate about his beliefs. His interview subjects are always interesting. You will see there are different types of shows he does each week like Casual Fridays w/ Alisa and sometimes the author of the excellent Suppversity blog. This used to be my 2nd favorite health/fitness podcast after Ben Greenfield, but I now find myself listening to Superhuman Radio even more! Listen to a week worth of podcasts and you’ll be hooked!
If I could listen to only one podcast about health, strength and antiaging it would be Superhuman radio with Host Carl Lenore. This is a daily show with informative insightful and entertaining guests in the health and wellness field from around the world. Listen once and you will be hooked!
You may not agree with everything, but there are interesting things to learn in every podcast.
Carl Lenore has the best podcast on physical culture I have ever listened to. Highly informative, cutting edge and life-changing! Thanks Carl and keep up the GREAT work! Listening to this podcast makes me smarter. I never fail to learn something new. Though I've never had the pleasure of meeting him, I consider Carl an old friend. As an update: 2 years later, still learn more here than any other way. If you love knowledge, to know more, this is the place for you.
Carl interviews with passion and intellect. He covers a wide variety of content, from building strength to dealing with cancer. Most of the content revolves around interviews with diverse experts and researchers. I find the science he reveals to be especially interesting and helpful. The advertising can put you off when you aren't used to it, but focus on the content and you won't be disappointed.
So sorry Carl for not haven written my review long ago. I've been a regular listener of this podcast for several years now and it just keeps getting better all the time. I've learned so many essential facts from you Carl, not to mention the lovely and talented Alisa Profuma, and your incredibly knowledgeable guests. I don't mind listening to the commercials at all, as I've often purchased many quality products that I would otherwise never know about. Carl chooses his vendors/advertisers wisely and I always feel condifent that the products I purchase will be top notch, and they alway are. Carl is one smart man, and I'm always in awe of everything that he seems to know. He can keep up with any of this guests, and sometimes it seems like he knows more on some subjects that a guest will. The passion and enthusiasm for everything Carl talks about is contagious. My fitness and health owe you and your guests much gratitude Carl. I love my Super Human Radio podcasts, they are #1 on my short podcast list. Please never stop producing these great shows. Shout out to Alisa too!! You both produce a quality broadcast and provide an invaluable service to all us who are part of the Super Human Nation. Bravo!!
I absolutely love this show. It is my favorite show of all the podcasts I listen to. Carl has great guests on the show. My favorite shows of the week are the Primal Blueprint power hour and casual friday. I am a female and get a lot of information out of the show even though some of the information is geared towards males. I love that Carl tells the truth about what is going on in the health and food industry and ways that I can make a difference. Carl is a true and honest guy and I feel like I know him after listening for so long.
I'm not a bodybuilder, just a woman trying to build a better body. Even so, I'm finding lots of applicable tips and ideas for improving my health and ridding my body of fat, while maintaining muscle. Great guests and a very knowledgeable host!
Carl does a great job interviewing and presenting interesting topics and guests. I am constantly amazed at intelligently that Carl can converse with researchers and doctors making it very interesting for the listeners. It is clear that Carl has a grasp on the subject matter and constantly brings interesting subjects and guests to the show. Thank-you Carl for your show. I appreciate you very much.


There isn't a better show that talks about the wide variety of topics that impact my health. Its just a gem of a podcast. I changed my outlook on my health and aging listining to this show. Carl Lanore is entertaining to listen to and I learn nearly every show.
The only thing that would make this show better is if there were more of it. Carl is one of the few hosts that does not get annoying and is a great interviewer. I am a strict Crossfiter and do not do traditional body building at all but the knowledge that Carl and his guests provide is really beneficial no matter what side of the fitness fence you may sit on.
Awesome show! Keep 'em coming.
I love SHR. I feel this show should be manditory listening for everyone.
Extremely informative, motivational, and entertaining show. Carl Lanore does a great service to those who give him a listen. Carl covers an array of topics, all of which are beneficial and groundbreaking.
Continues to be one of my top 5 stations to listen to on iTunes. Carl presents information about exercise and health that, in my opinion, is being suppressed in conventional media. His guests and interviews are on the "cutting edge" of relevant medicine, science and extreme sports. Carl ads a very nuanced depth to the interviews, often playing down his opinions, but he is really... very informed, which helps his guests to "dig deeper". This is the real deal. In addition to fitness and exercise related information, there is a heavy emphasis on nutrition and how food is processed. What to avoid and why with solid research to back it up. Casual Friday's with the "Lovely and Talented Alisa Profumo", is always a treat, as they always discuss current and relevant events that impact our food and health. I continually refer friends to this show because there is so much good and important information that they would never hear anywhere else. Steve Parente


Great show