Reviews For QuietdrivePodcast

Extremely adorable and sweet, these guys will make you chuckle and absolutely fall in love with them. I've gotten a chance to hang out with these guys before and they were just as hysterical in person as they are through these. Please check it out, I highly recommend them.
i love these guys, & this podcast makes me laugh =) i love it. subscribee!
if you like quietdrive's music then you have to listen to their podcast because it is actually entertaining & really really funny. i actually laughed out loud several times -- which is strange when you are sitting in the library "studying" anyway...what could be better than free awesomeness? nothing! so get this podcast!


By grex1
this is the best band in history..... if u are into anything related to music u should check these guys out
It's about time these guys put out a podcast. Even though they only have one out right now, but they do anwser all of their fans questions. I Love these guys. Thanks for looking out for us. Quietdrive ROCKS!!!!!!!!! Kisses From L.A. ca.