Reviews For The Don Tony Show / Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite


Been following DT for years very entertaining and always on point with his take always enjoy his program keep up the good work.
DT gets things right a lot of the time. The issue is that he’ll never let anyone forget he got it right.
I love DT! He is entertaining, funny, classy and a great storyteller. A must listen for wrestling fans!
Kev made this podcast tolerable due to the constant rambling of Don Tony. Now it’s just the forced nicks names of DT, the annoying voices he always does and him calling out “goofy podcasters” he even blocked me on Twitter for agreeing with Kev and his brother on a COVID-19 subject. Dude is legit childish. Cancel DON TONY
I love podcast and wrestling podcast. Like almost every one who starts listen to a mainstream person, Sam Roberts or WhatCulture, but they don’t have the facts. DT has the facts, someone was posting clips of his audio on YouTube. And then he said he was doing a show. He should of been on YouTube sooner and/or should be on more major platforms. Doesn’t curse much, which makes sense covering a family friendly product, so he’s great to listen to in the house with whoever there. My girlfriend like listening to.
To Much personal talk to fill up time. For what. Get to the point and end the show ...
Kevin Castle to me was a big part of the show. Now that DT has given the boot to KC it’s just not the same. I have probably listen to the show 10 years+ and now probably just gonna stick with wrestling soup only.
I’ve been listening to this show for longer than I want to admit. I want to say 15 years? It used to be fun. It used to be two people talking about wresting and the world. Now it’s a soapbox for DT to stroke his ego. And people keep feeding it. I’m done subscribing now that KC is off the show. It’s just a waste of time. ———— Original review starts here: Stop talking over your cohost. DT just wanted to hear himself talk. He speaks over KC ALL THE TIME. He reminds me of Moronie in that old movie Johnny Dangerously. Constantly butchering the English language using big words to try to sound smarter than he is. Now broadcasting YouTube he’s basically a shill for himself. Patreon fine I get it. I support a few shows there but I refuse to bother doing it with this guy. Notice that for shows where he has a co-host or feature KC you have to pay for them. Yet he puts out his own show on wed nights to stroke his ego. He used to cry cry cry about how expensive the hosting was.. yet he would do an extra show every week featuring himself talking about himself. I’ve tried to listen and I just can’t anymore.
Love his content great podcaster
Love the show if DT wouldn’t brag so must about twenty years this and that. And DT let other people talk besides you!!!
I only listen to the show if there is a substitute host; which doesn’t happen often. Kev is great! Kev has good points, solid opinions and well thought out ideas. When Draper or Misch are on the show, it is amazing! I will put up with Tony on a recap show, but only if there is a member of Wrestling Soup as part of the panel with Kev Castle.
Don tony puts his heart into this and it shows.
I have been a fan and regular listener to DT/KC for 6 years now. I live in Thailand so I rarely get to actually see Raw/Smackdown/NXT. I really enjoy listening to the shows and appreciate how much time and effort he puts into each episode. I also appreciate that there is a lot of free content as I am unable to join the patreon. For anyone who really loves wrestling I would highly recommend the DT/KC show. An easy 5 star rating. Always a step above the rest. Thanks again DT for the countless hour’s of entertainment!
I had to redo my previous review of the show I gave one star. After sticking with the show for a few years you get a sense of who these dudes are. It seemed DT was going to through a lot of pain due to medical issues and it came out on show which made it tough to listen to. As well as the nonstop pointing out whenever he said something right and comparing himself to goofy podcasters. Now that’s all toned down it’s better because I really enjoy his takes on the state of wrestling. He knows what he’s talking about and makes logical points.
I appreciate the honest and candid opinions of everything in the wrestling bubble. I don’t agree with everything they say but that whole bit covering teddy hart and Maria and the “table weed” had me laughing so hard I teared up. Top 5 wrestling podcast imo
DT is the goat
The idea that there’s ANYTHING wrong with Nyla Rose competing for the first AEW Women’s title is preposterous and downright stupid. You can suspend your disbelief for an undead wizard, a “fiend” in a Halloween mask and a demented pyromaniac dentist, but a trans woman is where you draw the line? Size, athleticism and all of that mean nothing in wrestling. All that matters is who the writer decides is winning that night. Also, to single out Aubrey Edwards, the ref, is stupid. She’s one of the best refs they have, and is the standout referee they have. They’ve said they want their refs to have characters and be part of the stories. I was looking for All Out reviews, so this was my first episode of this podcast, and I’m happy to say I’ll never listen to another.
I love the show.... is it perfect no. Is there too much political discussion? Maybe. I think that’s because both dt and kc lean the same way. Overall I just have minor suggestions for improvement, one schedule your commercial breaks it.. the way it’s done now disrupts the flow of the conversation. Secondly, the interruptions need to be cut back. I know and love DTs passion but when he cuts off or interjects KC it doesn’t look good. Especially when it’s to respond to trolls on discord. That’s my feedback hope you guys appreciate it... oh one suggestion for segments maybe once a month if you guys can reflect on a ppv/storyline/ or match for the month I know dt does this week in wrestling history but I love the stories about family and friends (going to a show, sleepovers) things like that.
There are tons of wrestling podcasts out there. I’ve been a loyal DT&KC fan since 08. Since then, this has been my favorite podcast. Both DT and KC are very funny and insightful. This is a must listen podcast for me!

By LOD23
DT and Kev are good guys and they put on a great show.
It’s obvious DT is a far right conservative. And thats okay. My problem with the show is that DT doesnt give his cohost a chance to state his opinion before he has to interject his own. The show is good. Just STOP OVER-TALKING YOUR COHOST. We enjoy the point/counterpoint you guys have. But when DT gets passionate, KC wont be able to get a word in. Take this as advice please. Not hate
Needs more Kevin Castle. Don Tony’s opinions are worthless, yet he interjects them (when sucking air upon finally shutting up), over hisco-host who is VASTLY more intelligent and likeable than Tony. Heres hoping Kevin Castle cuts the fat and ventures off on his own. He may not have the tupical “radio voice”, but he blows Tony away and need not hug his nuts. Venture out on your own, bud. Tony is holding you back.
Pretty clear DT doesn’t want nor can work with a co host. The show is constant plugs and references to past experiences that no one cares about. DT used to be at least a little funny but now sounds old and desperate to be right, while Kevin is just a mark and has no business even being a guest on a podcast. Overall a VERY tough listen unless you wanna hear two “fans” complain and give tons of useless opinions, which at the very least aren’t even entertaining.
Been listening for eight years and the show is always awesome. Two awesome guys that are always entertaining.
I started the show mostly just loving Kev's takes and not listening to DT's views at first, but overtime I was convinced he was trying to present all his viewpoints from a fair and balanced viewpoint about both wrestling and off wrestling viewpoints. He can fairly back up everything he says and he will make you think deep.
Been listening for about 6 years now huge fan of KC and DT not so much when they have full ins but when it’s them two it’s a quality show
I don't watch wrestling as much as I used to but Don Tony, Kevin Castle (and Mish) keep me in the loop and were always smart and entertaining. Outside of wrestling, they're views and comments on other things are interesting as well.


Good podcast been listening since 2013
Don Tony adds humor and wit to make an entertaining show. Kevin Castle makes the back and forth interesting with his own alternate opinions to ping pong back in this verbal joust of a great sounding podcast. I listen every week and it makes my commute to work bearable. Thanks guys for your efforts.
These guys are probably the best wrestling related podcast out there! They don’t walk the corporate line and give PC Thoughts or Opinions, they give their honest to god thoughts! No matter who they piss of! They don’t report “news” unless they know it’s 100% accurate, they always give back to their fans and make them feel like one big family! I always go to them for wrestling news. I highly suggest becoming a patron, and donating $5.00 a month, you get way more than you expect from them! I could sit here all day and tell you how amazing the podcast is, but you should take a listen for yourself!!
Love this show. My absolute favorite wrestling podcast!Many people say bad things about this show but I can't agree with most of what is said. These guys are different from most other podcasts and aren't afraid to push the envelope of topics that is hard to talk about. If you're open minded enough you'll love this show!
Aside from the children posting negative reviews, this show is very good. Don Tony is informative and funny and Kevin is a true wrestling historian. Be your own judge and give them a listen! I tune in every week. Also, check out A Guy Thing Podcast if you want to hear a little about wrestling but mainly a variety of things that are on guys and girls minds!
Been listening for years, don Tony and kevin are a good pair and put on a good show consistently. Keep going guys.
I used to listen to this show, but not any more. I love the wresting opinions, but I cannot stand hearing about the host’s love for Trump. I can’t stand the hosts trying to tell me how great trump and the right are. Other than that, the show was great. Maybe I’ll listen again sometime in the future.
Yo! This show is the real deal. They tell u how they feel, they tell you how they see it and it’s real. They come off like two guys sitting around talkin bout wrestling. I live when they have Wrestling Soup guys on, and the quality is great. Luv this show
If you've been around the block a few times, or are young and want perspective from those who have, Don Tony and Kevin Castle are where it's at. Two up front New York guys who are not affraid to give their opinion, and it's usualy spot on.
Give us more KC!


By DJ3737
This podcast is very fun to listen to! Don Tony and Kevin Castle are the Opie & Anthony of wrestling podcasts. Don Tony don't take him self to seriously and Kevin has good wrestling knowledge and makes good points. I listen to many wrestling podcasts and over the last 2 months this one had grown on me the most. Give it a try and don't expect a LAW or PW torch type podcast. Updated 2018 I'm still listening and have become a patron!
Before Don Tony accuses me of being a hater/troll, I want to say I’ve been listening since 2010, so I’m not a novice to the show. In fact, while I was overseas, this was my way of staying up to date with wrestling. I’ll mention the good first. Kevin Castle is phenomenal and I love his opinions, talk, dry sense of humor. Don Tony does a fantastic job with the audio, research, stories, news, etc. As a producer, I think DT is the best. However, DT really really needs to get over his own ego and reel himself in. DT tells too many long winded, boring stories that absolutely nobody cares about. He did 15 minutes about how his dad made a 6 foot hero for an ECW show, and you saw it in the background for a PPV. I don’t need another story about driving someone to XPW, his parents house being used for a Robert DeNiro movie, what a problem the PC world is, or how Trump is the best. Then he’ll say “I criticize Trump... listen to my other show.” I DON’T CARE. And DT...... stop feeding into trolls. Stop fighting with the chatroom. Stop bringing up Twitter. I can’t tell you the amount of times DT will do some horrible boring stereotype, and 2 minutes later he stops KC dead in his tracks going “reeee for the people in the chatroom, how is what I’m saying racist? People can make fun of Italians but I can’t say _____?!” It’s nearly every show. Nowadays I tend to skip the parts in the show when I hear DT say “my thoughts are this....”. Immediately I just ahead 5-6 minutes to get back to Castle. He’s become a Trump ball washer, grumpy old guy “how am I a racist if I hate everyone?”. DT, I’m sure in real life you’re a nice guy with good friends & family. You do a lot of work on the show. But you have to stop going off on nonsensical tangents, racist impressions, and fighting with nobodies online claiming “I won”. Ask yourself if someone who doesn’t watch wrestling would find this interesting or amusing. Please try harder.
Been listening for about 4 yrs now and haven’t regretted yet make sure to subscribe to their patron page and also wrestling soup is great give them a Listen and give them a change DC/KC show is great
DT and KC show keeps me entertained for the most part, love the this week In wrestling history segments and rapid fire questions. Both are pretty likable guys although DT goes a tad overboard when it comes to politics, other then that love the show
Don Tony has become grumpy old man. He is negative about everything and is so out of touch with the product he reports on.
Unequivocally the best wrestling podcast there is. The DTKC show along with Wrestling Soup are the best podcasts out!! If your a fan of wrestling and/or trendy subject matter Subscribe to this podcast! I promise..You will not regret it!!
Such a good show, I’m no longer using this, and become a Patreon.
Complains about everything, talks about how they don't like what the wrestlers wear ("his shirt was distracting" "i don't get why he wears that shirt") go watch a fashion show or the Kardashians if it bothers you that much
In a world flooded by horrendous wrestling podcasts this is one of the absolute worst.


By Badr95
Hilarious, intelligent, and perceptive.
Don Tony is a racist pig who does not deserve anyone's time. This show was good but don Tony has evolved into a douche bag trump lover.
Beenn listening since 2011, still my favorite podcast when it comes to pro wrestling. Sometimes go off topic on stuff I might not be interested in and sometimes past stories get brought up too much, besides those few small issues I have, I still think its one of the best out there.