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Well I can't complain too much as long as Gareth Emery keeps making music but I miss the radio show.
Miss the weekly episodes so much!!
Man oh man, I miss Gareth Emery’s Electric for Life podcast. There are many great artists out there, but Gareth Emery is by far my favorite! He’s podcast was awesome and unique in every way!
We miss your weekly podcast! Gareth Emery FOR LIFE! Been listening for years! Very much missed.
I loved his weekly podcasts - I miss them
So, by far a great podcast.. each episode has not failed my ears. However, 115 Craig Connelly amazing podcast as well Christina Novelli were amazing sets... my ears and rhythm never get bored...
I just cannot get enough of Gareth Emery's music. He is simply the best! I just love EFL. Best new EDM tracks every week for free. Do not miss it!
This podcast is always in my rotation. A good variety of really good EDM served up every week. Upbeat and positive!
How to describe this podcast? Music perfection. The best one out there if you love EDM and want to hear only the best. You've saved my life more than once with EFL Gareth and I thank you to the utmost. I don't tweet but if I did I'd say every podcast is a hit, especially 112. I was down and out and it brought me life again. Thank you so much for doing this podcast. I listen religiously every week and all you asked was for a review and so you receive! Every EDM fan should listen!!
Love Gareth emery. Especially now sense I saw hem live at SCMF. Keep up the good man.
Love this podcast (5 stars) but in the past month does not download properly (thus only 1 star). Other friends who listen are also having issues downloading. Please fix your server.
I've been listening to this dude for over 10 years, and his mixes are top quality week in, and week out. He's easily one of the best DJs/Producers in the entire universe. If you enjoy listening to EDM, download this podcast immediately ..... and TURN IT UP !!!
I lvoe this station. Listen to the podcast multiple times during the day to crank out work, get ready to go out, and keep life upbeat. Thanks Man!


By TLink21
el lo mejor verga
Colossal podcast. Keeps you on edge throughout the hour and at the end he throws in an oldie but goldie.... To remind you of a hot track from the past ... Great job, you can tell that there is more heart in this production then in other ones. Gareth is on a roll .... And he is making a lot of people happy.
Atmospheric melodic trance at its best. Up there with Tiesto's ClubLife and Armin's State of Trance.
not enough of us out there..... keep laying the beats bro.... / sis
I can't get enough of this podcast. I either like listening in the car with the windows downs (recomended it with night driving) or going for a run.


Good God this is horrible. Went in with high hopes, but sadly couldn't make it more then 10 minutes into any episode. Sounds like you're in a shopping mall arcade in 1997. To each his own I suppose.


Cus Woah
Gareth Emery's podcasts continue to be the most anticipated ones in my podcast library. I am just thrilled when the new one downloads and I listen right away. You are so cheerful too and pick just what I like! Thanks Gareth!
youve been KILLING these podcast!! keep it up man!!
This is one of the best podcasts on iTunes better that Levels, Group Therapy Radio, A State of Trance, Aoki's House. Mix Mash, and Skink Radio. I listen to every episode! Such a good podcast. Best music, hardly any ever self promotion! And always plays the music I like!
One of the dopiest mixes I’ve heard in a while. With the saturation of typical EDM mixes out there Gareth Emery’s podcast offers something completely unique. New, unheard of tracks, fresh cuts, great mixes and club bangers all day! Subscribed! :)
Love your Podcast - can you please provide a 320kbps version of your Podcast? 128kbps is washed out. Thank you!
Love Gareth and this podcast. Gives me something to look forward to every Monday!
Been listening to Sir Emery since episode 50 and every episode brings a smile to my face. Every episode is just amazing. Love Emery, Love Garuda. Keep doing the great work you do so that we can feel the joy and light up.
Da best
Melhor podcast de todos!... Esqueça tiesto, esqueçam todos os outros caras, Gareth rules!!
Easily one of the top five trance radio shows, next to A State of Trance, Group Therapy, and the Global DJ Broadcast)
best podcast for one hour non stop music, thank Gaz you help me pass my day at work
He plays his style thats what makes him better than Tiesto!!!!!!! Saw Him 4 times in 7 Months!! I loved every event!!
Gareth makes just the right mix of different strains of EDM.
Love this guy. Been listening for about 6 months now and most of the podcasts are really great... especially the year end of 2012! Check it out.
Best podcast I've found. You bring the goods each week. Thanks!
Bring On As Much As You Can I can't wonder when we are going to meet You and I can teach each other some New tricks Your next stop - See you soon: Djm so ca
Amazing podcasts, best!!!~ Don't stop, keep it coming...
I am not kidding when I say that Ive heard this mix 5 times today. A true testament to the mastery that is GE...Bravo
These podcasts are what kick my week off to a good start. Used to have stressful weeks with work, school, girlfriend and trying to fit producing in there. Listening to these podcasts keeps me up to date on all the great tracks everyone is putting out and Gareth mixes with such a positive vibe. I've been listening to these since I saw him in Atlanta, GA a while back and my life hasn't been the same since. Thanks Gareth for taking the monotony out of my week and throwing in an hour or two of great, superbly mixed tracks. Your dedication inspires me.
The podcasts from Gareth Emery are great - just wish the dowloads had track breaks instead of one large chunk of music. Most other DJs started doing this hopefully Gareth soon does the same.
Such good music all the time. I look forward to each and everyone every week. Theres always new music in each podcast. Simply awesome.
I just love this DJ. Definitely my fave DJ at the moment, I also recommend checking out his albums, his music just sounds so clean yet so punchy. Great tunes, great DJ, PLUS it's a weekly podcast so plenty of music to check out.
An awesome blend of trance, house, dubstep, and more. Every episode is fantastic!
The only podcast I download. The best
Just the best
I love every song/lyric/beat. Everything is perfectly chosen and flows so well. Idc what I'm doing every podcast he has always gets me happy. #1 choice 🎧
Dude! Gareth Emery Podcast and Club Life make me wanna drive all day long! Even if I'm stuck in traffic, this stuff keeps me awake. Thanks!
One of the best out there never fails.