Reviews For WEIRD HEAT

I get warm feelings listening to these nerds grapple with the realities of life. The Procrastination episode might require a monthly re-listening. Keep up the good words.
These two do a great job exploring whatever topic they take on and their conversation makes me reflect on my own life/perspectives. Bonus: I feel like this is a must listen for any creative person.
Grab a drink, kick back, and enjoy.
Not surprisingly great show by two of my favorite dudes. Insightful and funny, as you would expect.
An awesome podcast expressing ideas and concepts, produced by 2 of my favorite IGN content producers. Love every episode so far and can’t wait for more!!
The didn't even cry during episode 7, "Crying". Feel like I didn't get my money's worth. Otherwise, great show.
Really enjoy this podcast
The two hosts are extremely bigoted towards people that don’t think like them or have the same political views as them. If you aren’t like them they suggest in a extremely innocent way “we’ll... maybe... like don’t do that... I’m totally telling you how to live and what to think all cute and innocent like so it doesn’t sound fascist. Towards the end the Pride episode it was sad and ridiculous hearing the mental gymnastics they went through to why Gay Pride doesn’t count. People that live their lives through a constant state of virtue signaling is creepy to listen to.
Nice to hear these boys getting real about growing up and being a person in this wild world. Also has some jokes!
Brian and Max are where its at. Real hearts shared and artists life expounded upon
Every day I sit at a desk for 8+ hours and consume hours upon hours of podcasts. I listen to Brian and Max on almost all other podcasts. This one may be my favorite and I feel better after each one.


always a joy to listen to brian & max. keep em coming!
These 2 guys are so fun/honest/insightful about life. I can see myself in their past selves and the stories they tell, and it makes me feel better about my own life knowing these guys I respect and love listening to have been in the same place I am right now. This podcast is great, whether you're a fan of their other works or not.
I have been following these guys for about 7 years now. I enjoyed all of their previous work and now there’s this. I think it only works because they are best friends. If you tried this with anyone else it would need to be a much shorter format (i.e. We Have Concerns), but this show is much better with a long format. The Nostalgia discussion was what sold me on continuing to follow this show. You can pick up on any episode because they are all stand-alone. Give it a shot. I’m glad I did!
Whether you love Brian and Max from IGN, Comedy Button, or just randomly found this online, this series is absolutely worth listening too.
It good
I’ve listened to most of the IGN podcasts, and I love them all so when I heard about weird heat I thought about giving it a try. Being a creative person as well the first two episodes resonate with me so well that it just helped me focus on where I want to be creatively. I love both Brian and max for just being unique and real I’ll continue watching and listening. Thank you!
This podcast was not at all what I expected but it is definitely worth checking out. I expected another nerdy games/movie spinoff but what I got was a refreshingly honest, thought provoking discussion by two very likable guys. Also this dumb show made me cry at work 😡
I’m impressed, of course I follow you both on IGN where you offer comedic commentary and insight into games. So I was curious to learn about what you guys would discuss outside those parameters. Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised by the content of the first episode, congrats on tackling some heavy issues in such a relatable way. In a nod to the topic discussed, I’ll try not to raise my expectations on future episodes😝. But that’s hard to do now, I’ll definitely look forward to what you guys are doing with this project. Thanks for creating something like this, you both rock for being so candid. Subscribed!
Loved the first episode, it is so random and funny.
I did not expect to get as emotionally invested in a podcast as this but I appreciate the topic of optimism and the fact that it doesn’t have to be such a cookie cutter type action. I look forward to the growth of this podcast and can’t wait for the next one!
“The best day of my life is a weird combination of anger, love, and diarrhea...” love it! This is great, guys. I love your IGN podcasts and this is a chance to hear you talk about cool concepts even more in depth.
It’s really, really, really cool to hear these guys talk about different topics other than video games.
I’ve never had a podcast make me tear up, but this did that. As max and Brian are great on the ign podcasts, always cool and chill guys, it’s always obvious when they’re missing from beyond. They are funny and ridiculous on the comedy button. Here, they go into Real and interesting. Thanks for the great entertainment that makes you think. Keep up the great work in all you do.
Awesome work dudes! . Max and Brian, I enjoy you’re work on all the various projects you do . I love the comedy button and the stuff you guys put together for IGN and various things you lend you’re time to . It’s refreshing and awesome to hear this podcast take a little more of a serious tone. I like the input you two give and thanks for sharing lessons and experiences you have been through . Thank you for finding the time to keep doing all that you guys do... don’t know how you do it but keep it up!
Excited to see two of my favorite gaming people branch off to do a new show! Curious to hear their perspectives on becoming a bit more creative person regardless of your natural personality. Bonus points for mentioning a Stoic philosopher in the first episode :D
Been listening to you guys for years and absolutely love the genuine nature of your friendship and stories. Listen to the first episode while lifting and gotta say I went from laughing to thinking hard about what you guys were talking about. And finally crying towards the end yet felt absolutely at peace. Keep doing what you are doing it is great. Peace and love
And also for support. Cannot wait for more episodes.
CONGRATS BRIAN!!!! I've grown up with you guys and its cool to see you guys grow too. Really happy for you Brian. I think your mom is right dude. In a way you've already parented thousands you've never even met. Much love for you Max thank you for talking about your problems publicly I relate a lot and and its inspiring to see your success in life.
The point of this podcast is for max and brain to have a reason to complete their passion projects but in the first episode alone they managed to talk about their views on optimism and what it makes them feel, how they feel inspired by it and in turn inspiring me to complete a work of my own. This has so many things going for it to start off as good podcast those being two good friends who can sit down and talk about anything for however long they want, beautifully told stories of their life and everything they plan to do with their given topic of the episode. If you ever listened to any of their podcasts in the past listen till the very end of this new path in their life and I guarantee you it’s worth it.
Thanks for sharing about your life and for normalizing mental health and loss ✊🏼
This is a show from two people who I’ve never met but have helped me get though some tough times without even knowing it. They may babble and get off topic every 13 seconds but their takes on serious (and not so serious) topics is worth every second of blathering. Oh an they are pretty funny too!
This incredible duo is one of the best of all time. I’m always amaze by everything they say and do.
I've been watching or listening to Brian and Max for several years now and I enjoy everything they produce. From The Comedy Button, to Beyond, to Up At Noon, their honesty and friendship always makes me feel better. Even when they're talking about heavy or sad topics their candor and positivity never falters. Their content helped, and is currently still helping, get me over the 2016 election. So even though I wasn't sure what to expect when I watched the announcement video, I was willing to give this duo a chance to convince me. So far they have. Their new show is the perfect blend of comedy, honesty, and positivity I've come to expect from these guys. The first episode was fantastic, an easy listen, but the concept of the Weird Heat is what excites me for the future. I can't wait to see what content these two create. Keep it up... BEYOND! BRRRRRRRAAAPPPPPP! BRRRRRRRAAAPPPPPP
Creative, thoughtful and articulate. Thanks for the having the courage to create this podcast and be open about who you are and your experiences.
These two are such a good team when they are joking around and the first episode was more serious which turned out to be so fascinating to listen to. Definitely the start of something special.
As an adult child myself, this is the best show there is.
I’ve been listening to these two for years. Seeing them do something new is pretty amazing. Loved the first episode and can’t wait for more.
The Weird Hat side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be very uplifting and fun
Much different than their other shows and that’s a good thing! Keep up the great work guys!
I can’t wait to see what these two do. I will also be buying plenty of shirts if they keep making them as good as the current batch.
Max and Brian are super funny and talented. It totally makes sense for them to have their own podcast. Definitely worth a listen.
Max and Brian are tapping into some very awesome uncharted territory here. This looks to be a great avenue for the infinite intricacies of creativity, life, and thought to come and swap recipes. I’m so thrilled to see where this goes. I’ve listened to a lot of podcast material and this is the first one that hit home in such a real no BS kind of way.
This show manages to be insightful, humorous and touching at the same time. Two best friends sharing the best of each other. It’s just great. As long time fans of their other work and styles, this is just what any fan or newcomer alike would want.
you made me feel some real feels, Brian. can’t wait for more
Listening to the conversations between Max and Brian is enjoyable, even with topics about depression and the hell we go through. Its fascinating to hear their different viewpoints on life, and I would highly recommend.
Great stuff! Keep it up!
Yo this podcast has such a good conversation about normal everyday stuff and deals with topics that most of us deal with on a regular. I like how Brian and Max weave their topic and creativity together and, somehow, make it cohesive. Nice 1st episode keep up the good work!
Brian and Max are two of the funniest, most positive and most creative people in the video game industry. Max is a great artist, writer and host. Brian is a talented comedian, personality and musician. They’re hilarious, thought provoking, inspirational dudes.