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All praise be to God! Pastor Wright is an amazing deliverer of the message. Highly recommend you add him to your weekly routine and continuously grow closer to our almighty father and savior.
Bryant delivers inspired sermons that don't sugarcoat the tough stuff. He also does not avoid the difficult subjects. His church has grown wildly for good reason


By Xemit
Baptist teaching at it's best. Also check out Dr. Charles Stanley.
Bryant Wright is an amazing pastor. Not only does he know the Bible extremely well, but he makes it interesting. He's funny and truly a man of God. The podcasts are wondeful, and I highly recommend them.
Bryant's messages are insightful and extremely helpful. Would highly recommend!
These messages are strong, relevant, and great place to reference when doing a personal inventory.
The words of Bryant ring true to all who listen. He has the ability to relate to all kinds of people. A definate must have as far as podcast are concerned. Take the time to hear what Bryant is saying.