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I couldn't be more happy to hear what this guy has to say. Very helpful and informative. I look forward to the next one more then any other WoW podcast. Seriously! Thanks Joey, you da man!
I can't wait for future episodes. Has the info all of us under 60s have been craving. The podcast is entertaining, great music, intros etc. All around quite excellent. Thanks for the hard work and please keep it up.
Another great WoW podcast that I like a bit more then most. Only downfall is the lack of new shows. Joey Lapetina has a great voice and he knows his stuff! I'm looking forward to more from him!
Joey has done a tremendous job in this podcast, it is incredibly imformative and great to listen to! 6/5
This show is great for new WoW players. It's even great for people like myself who have been playing for awhile. Lots of information about grouping and what your role is. This teaches you how NOT to be a noob! :D Great Show! Keep it up!!!!!
I really feel like this podcast is great, I only wish he was not gone for so long. The website rocks also. Joey is very entertaining and infomrative, A VERY HARD combination. Great music selection too. Keep doing it, and good luck with the end-game raiding.
This is an must-hear podcast for anyone but the most seasoned veterans of the game. Joey, please give us more content!


By Meatsac
Dude!!! Make more shows! These casts are fantastic!
Need I say more? The guy is one of the few people that do well in a monologue format. He makes it interesting, entertaining, and gives all the nitty-gritty you need to start off with a class. I wouldn't be surprised to see him go into motivational speaking in his career.
Wonderful podcast that should be required listening for all new WoW players. This podcast turned me away from being a craptacular warrior. Thank you Epic guides podcast!
thank you someone who loves WoW has power! itsa bout time Wow went itunes ty all for this you guys now your sutff and share it which is great and will help alot of new players and veterans keep it up guys u gotta lot to cover!
Need to know basic and advanced info on the WOW classes? What to do and what not to do? How to use the many spells and abilities in your class? How to get though an Instance as smoothly as you can. You need this PodCast. Funny, entertaining, super informative from a guy with passion for the game. Thanks for taking the time to put this out there Joey. Awesome!
An absolute must listen for those interested in MMORPGs, especially World of Warcraft, this podcast begins by examining the three primary types of roles and debunks myths about what you should and should not do to operate efficiently as a team. Insightful and concise, I wish this were required listening. Thank you for the beautifully executed podcast.
It's already been said several times, but it's definitely worth repeating: this is one of the most interesting and informative MMORPG centered podcasts around. I'd give it the nod over "The Instance" podcast in terms of how informative the show is, although "The Instance" might be slightly more entertaining (your mileage may vary, try to catch them both if you can, both are great). As mentioned in Joey's first show, the guide portion of the show currently focuses on World of Warcraft, but the philosophies presented are more widely applicable; running a Tank in WoW is not all that different than running one in City of Heroes, for example. To see some great visuals to go along with Joey's descriptions, check out: http://epicguides.net/thegroup.html
If you are looking to impove your game Joey knows his stuff. He has the best podcast to improve your skills in WoW out of all of the podcast, There are other good podcast out there but nobody is better as far as I am concerned when it comes to how to play your character. Content; A+ Quality: A+ Personality: A+ Thanks for the great show Joey. Scott
This is what I've been looking for. I primarily solo in WOW, but I'm starting to work with more pickup groups, etc. As a tank, every seems to think I know exactly what to do. I know what I think a tank is supposed to do, but Joey clarified many things for me. His descriptions are easy to visualize and understand. Tonight I learned all the things I could do with the /who command. I hope he does Macros soon!
Seriously. Joey has summed up in just 3 podcasts what every player needs to know to perform well in a group. This is the kind of basic, but essential information that sets the good players apart from the bad. You need to check this out! Please keep it coming Joey!
unlike a lot of the Warcraft based podcasts this guys is not an idiot that ums and ahs through the entire show. Joey delivers the information in a straightforward yet entertaining way. Keep up the good work.
Great podcast, informative, instructive - right to the point with not a lot of fluff. I like his real life philosophy/comment section, where he takes a minute to talk about the game and life, and how they are related. First three podcasts were fantastic, with great tutorials on how to be a good tank, healer or DPS player. I anxiously await further episodes. I believe he is currently (4/06) on brief hiatus as he gets out of military, so don't let a lack of recent episodes make you believe that he's lost interest and stopped. He'll be back. Check his website/forum for more details.


By Burk
Brand New and already one of my top 3 favorite podcasts. To the point, well planned out, easy to listen to. Always good to see more quality podcasts for WoW, I love to see the community grow outside of the game. Excelent work Joey.
This may be the most informative WoW podcast I have heard! If you haven't yet heard an episode yet, I highly suggest that you do. It provides humor, and info on the most popular MMO today (and my personal favorite game)!