Marvel's Wolverine: The Lost Trail

Reviews For Marvel's Wolverine: The Lost Trail

It got better. I’m super excited about what’s to come next for Logan
The acting is absolutely amazing and the story is so well written it's incredible!
Awesome job !!
The first season is the long night
This series was absolutely awesome. Just great loved every episode like it was a movie. I have a simple question will there be a season 2???????????????????
While podcasts have changed over the years becoming much more professional & less cringeworthy, there are still quite a few that catch you off guard. However, this one is neither cringeworthy nor awful to listen to. It’s amazing how good the acting and the sound effects are - the story is incredible. Although it doesn’t go with the overall cannon, it is still very good.
This series is my favorite series of a lot of podcasts The end was so great make another season please!!!!!
Listened to a few episodes waiting for this podcast to get interesting. Wouldn’t recommend this unless you’re really bored.
I’m listening with my trucks premium sound system and the ambience/background noise drowns out the characters and this combined with the accents makes it nearly impossible to follow. I have to turn it way up to hear conversation and blow my eardrums when the action starts. Good story though!
Esto está robando mis datos
Great show but season 1 has been removed from the app.
I don’t write podcast reviews often, but this was especially great. The sound was high quality, story interesting - and all for free. Absolutely recommend this. Some negative reviews say it’s “too woke” but I can’t even guess what they’re referring to.


By J_Kousa
This podcast literally burns my phone. It drains my battery and makes it overheat but I absolutely love it 😆
Sooooo good. Better than I thought it would be, by a lot. Almost as good as Midst, and impeccable story and sound immersion.
Been reading wolvie comics since day one, so this falls in line with the random 2-3 issue run stories. BUT...season two...the dialects are not respected. The gambit on the cartoon sounds more cajun. And...i know its stock music was used but no one could find authentic music for bourbon st.
I’m late to the game but this show is fantastic. Gripping and well produced. I’m hooked.
Great limited-series podcast. Season 1 is more like a detective story with clever dialogs and sound effects. The final reveal of ok, but could have been better Season 2 is more in line with Marvel’s universe and has more action, but less suspense. There is also one episode missing for some reason.
Truck driver here. This show keeps me engaged and entertained. Leads me to internet surfing Marvel villains and other characters. Thank you!
Really enjoyed both seasons. Armitage has the voice of wolverine and pretty sure he would make a fantastic Wolverine onscreen *cough cough feige * season 2 ended on a cliff hanger so PLEASE a ring it back!


By crowan2
I need a season 3 and they need to do more!!!
Detailed and nuanced. Really good material. Where’s season 2, ep 7??
Hope they continue making more
Plz make a season 3
I enjoyed it, but my gosh, Marcus has to be the most annoying side character in a podcast story ever. Would be 5 stars if that dumb kid wasn’t in it.
One of the best fictional podcasts out there. Hope they make a season 3!
Amazing We need more like these we’ll pay for more
The story arc from both seasons are amazing with it's amazing voice actors and amazing story it's truly lives up to the expectation from Marvel and hoping the seasons do continue with more Wolverine


After season 1: Good storytelling. Just wanted some “berserker” moments all throughout.
Percy is an incredible author and these actors are on point!
I love the story telling in these podcast, I wish there was and endless treasure trove of these I could binge listen to. I hope they make an Ironman version which explores technology which adds new takes on how the super villains attempt to over throw there hero counter parts.
I love Marvel Comics and all things X-Men, so finding this was like finding a drug. Great voice acting, superb story. WE NEED ANOTHER SEASON!!!!
Really enjoyed this, wish there was news of what’s happening if there’s more to come or did it stop?
What a great find! Binged it all, and every episode is Amazingly good, Thank you!
Why aren’t most adult fiction podcasts this good? There are so many elements of this podcast that are so well done...from the sound design, to the voice actors, to the pacing of the storyline. I listened to the first season in two days. As an X-Men enthusiast, I was reticent to listen to this podcast fearing that they would screw up the aura, vibe and mystique of Wolverine but they did a good job keeping him true. Overall, a fantastic podcast.
awesome 5 time listening too it it never gets old
There aren’t sheriffs in Alaska. It throws me right out of the story every time the term sheriff is used.
Love the Marvel podcasts!! Full cast, sound effects, and great storytelling! Please continue making more!!


By Tkmille
I really home y’all make more of these. They are great for traveling.
where is season 3 dammit


By Kabael
Very fun side stories, and well-executed. Perfect for a long drive.
It was amazing but it was only 2 seasons but other than that it was the best podcast I have ever listened to.
I love both seasons my favorite episode is season 2 episode 2. I just love the way how they put the puzzle together.
I grew up with the X-men cartoon and have liked the good live action movies but the best part of this series is the audio story quality, use of the medium. This isn't an audiobook with a couple narrators, this is a scripted show with dialogue, foreground, background. It is a full audio play.
Yet another excellent audio drama from Marvel
Brilliant podcast! First season was much better than the second. Hopefully they’re working on a 3rd.
I love this podcast since I’m a marvel fan, but they did wolverine justice in this podcast I’ve been binging it for almost a year now! Great show
I was skeptical at first, but this turned out to be amazing!
This a dark and gritty story that truly embodies the best characteristics of the Wolverine.
The first season was freaking great. The second one was way too preachy and woke AF. LGBTQ (focus on the T part) and anti-Semitic rhetoric. 5 stars for season 1 1 star for season 2 3 stars overall.