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Loved Jonathan Haidt. Then the host got to viruses: If there’s a belief that free expression should be defended, doesn’t it make sense that we at least study what harm vaccines might do? To defend vaccines and ostracize anyone who attempts to study vaccines and possible side effects, seems counterintuitive. I also had issues with how children should be desensitize to risk. What a bunch of hypocrites. Let kids walk to school already! Let them play. . . don’t follow them around like a stalker, and observe from afar. Don’t you see hiding behind a tree and watching your kids play is still colliding behavior.
I’m a 68 year old grandma and I use you as my therapist, my pain pill and my required daily belly laugh. I listen and re- listen while I sew, while I cook and while I try to workout at the gym. ( it’s harder at 68!). Please do not change and please ignore the Negative Nancys!! You rock!!!!
I never thought I could listen to a podcast for two hours, but I listen to this one all the time and I love it! It’s a good mix of chatting about the creative process of shows & writing while also talking about human nature. Love it!
Very entertaining podcast with great host. I have actually laughed out loud listening;)
Some of your guests have had really amazing accomplishments but we listeners barely hear about it due to you self u-turning all conversations (and most questions back to yourself.) Chill bud, let the people talk. We want to hear what your guests have to say... Monica and Kristen have the same speech inflections- quite strange... but overall - I enjoy the podcast.
Obsessed with this podcast. Love the open dialogue about mental health and really honest conversations about life. Refreshing to hear celebs answer interesting questions and have frank discussions.
Dax just can NOT disappoint. Please don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing. And Bell? Well, she’s a bonus! Moniqua Lovelypadmone is just a genuine Saint. I can see her halo glowing while I listen. 😇 The guests vary and all are top notch. Long story short- Thank You Arm Chair 😁
Love Dax’s honesty and his willingness to understand opposite points of view, it’s refreshing! Thanks for a great podcast!
When I first stared listening, I enjoyed most of the episodes. (Minus the fact Check jingles- LITERALLY NONE OF THEM ARE FUNNY OR CATCHY. So cringeworthy!!! 😖) As I kept listening to more and more episodes, I’ve learned that I can’t stand Dax. Love Monica. Love the guests. But Dax is the most self centered person I’ve never met. He ALWAYS brings the dialogue back to him, has SERIOUS comparison issues, and CONSTANTLY interrupts his guest to listen to himself talk more about himself even when it has NOTHING to do with what his guest is talking about. He can’t handle being wrong, which makes the fact checks dreadful. For someone so intelligent, it’s pathetic to see how inconsiderate he is as a podcast host. I don’t think I can tune in any longer....
I just came here to say THANK YOU because you have produced the perfect mix of knowledge, humility, and comedy. Every single episode leaves me reeling and is the the center of many conversations I have. So many of your guests surprise me and open my eyes to things I otherwise would never think of. Keep it up Dax & Monica!
Dax has a very lively personality and that keeps me interested for a bit but honestly most of the conversations they have are rather boring. He brings on people he is friends with and reminisces about his and their pasts. Meh.
This podcast is funny and has some great guests. Dax is insightful and I love that he talks to guests about the little known things about themselves. But 2 hours is really long for a podcast episode. I find myself being really picky about which guests I think will be most entertaining and worth investing the time into. I have other podcasts I listen to every week regardless of topic or guest because they are only an hour or so long. With 2 hours or close to two hours, I just don’t do that with this show as I need to mix it up on my hour plus commute so I don’t get bored.
I absolutely LOVE this podcast! I have an 1 and 20 min commute to work and I listen to this podcast each way every day. I so appreciate how Dax and Monica get everyone on their show to be so vulnerable and open. The only thing I think that could improve this show would be if Monica participated a little more. I relate to her the most I think and appreciate her input regularly. Thank you so much for making this podcast. Please come do a show in Nashville!! 🙏🏻👏🏻
I like the way you engage your guests! You seem to spend a lot of time going over the topic/material and therefore are able to carry on a good conversation, asking insightful questions. You are the best thing I’ve found all year. Thanks XO
... Dax is funny and warm and engages his guests well. Maybe he talks over them too much but nbd. The interviews are looooonnngggg so I bounce back and forth between them. PS Dax, it is so much worse for women. Amy’s right.
The amount of hand wringing going on about a few liberal arts colleges/ universities that have experienced blowback about “safe spaces”/ diversity run amok is truly remarkable. At least your guest J Haidt did mention the salient point that the vast number of institutions do not suffer from these problems; so the question remains why are we getting so worked up about this? My best guess is that Haidt, Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris would not be able to sell books or have podcasts absent these “terrible” problems. I must say, the only mainstream media covering this is Faux Snooze; why, Tucker Carlson wouldn’t have anything to talk about if it were not for this “issue.” You add this to the immigrant hordes coming in, and it seemingly makes up enough ridiculous crap to fill an hour of cable time. I feel like there are certain podcasts (Harris, Rogen and now apparently yours) that seem to dedicate an inordinate amount time to this “problem.” It reminds me of a bunch of old white men sitting around a coffee klatch bemoaning previous generations of folks who don’t hold their same views. Just an FYI- I’m an older white male from the Midwest and I can tell you, this is not a hot button issue being discussed- at least not in my neck of the woods! Btw, I have been an adjunct instructor at a major state university in a liberal arts graduate program for the past 15 years. Let’s not get ourselves so worked up about these so-called “problems.” There are a lot more important issues to devote time to.
Love how deep and real Dax is! He’s unafraid to be himself. He’s so open which in turn helps his guest open up. His energy comes through your ear phones. He leaves you wanting more! You learn something more about the guest than the usual BS people ask them. I absolutely love this podcast and recommend it to everyone I know! He’s a breath of fresh air when everyone is trying so hard to be someone else, he’s genuinely himself and helps bring that out in his guests!!
I, like others, have to pick and choose which episodes I listen to. Does he ever interview someone whose NOT his “friend?” It’s like as if this podcast is meant to boast about who he knows and how special he now sees himself to be. Dax can be funny, intelligent, and enlightening but sometimes he’s too much! He interrupts his guests all the time, constantly turns his guest’s stories to be all about him, and his love affair with Monica is a little creepy at times. Monica brings no added value to any of the conversations, why is she even there?


By Fhsiu
Has on some awesome guest but that’s exactly why I’m listening to the podcast. I’m not tuning in to hear from Dax so it’d be much more enjoyable if he would keep to his question and just let the guest shine. It’s what separates a good host from great host. That being said I like his style of questions and makes his guest seem more down to earth then I previously thought which is what a good host is supposed to do. Now if he could just keep his input to a minimum it would be perfect.
Enjoy the show, listen when I like the guests. Liked the Conan O’Brien episode but when Dax cut him off to tell his own story about Dave Letterman I was absolutely cringing..
Super interesting podcast. Great interviewer.
The first thing I do in the morning is listen the this episode and it really gets my thoughts flowing. I am so happy after and full of things to tell my husband about. Such as how I learned this or had he thought of that, did he know this, etc. I love the stories Dax tells, but more importantly the questions he asks. Also, the length is necessary. I listen to old episodes again after the new one is over. Any other short podcasts now seem not worth my time because I don’t get the change to get involved or learn much of anything. I’m a forever fan of Dax and his ideas and will consume any podcasts/books he puts out in the future. I’m simply obsessed. Thank you- Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Did you guys know you’re in the Editor’s Choice list for the top podcasts of 2018? :) Congrats!
Only 2 people of color interviewed?? Really?? Yikes! Get some more diversity and maybe I’ll listen again. Bad look.
Voice laughing in the back is terrible , like a crowd of sheep’s


By kynich
Dax Shepherd is up there with some of my favorite comedians. Him and Monica had such a great dynamic together and you can really feel their emotional connection to each other when they talk! This is hands down my favorite podcast to listen to. Love it❤️❤️
I do like many of the guests on this show, but after listening to most episodes up to this point I have decided I can’t anymore. Dax is obnoxious and often rude, can’t concede when proven wrong, and honestly seems to have White Knight syndrome. Monica is dull. Neither are funny. Which is infuriating because you know that they are good on screen comics. Also Kristin’s interviews made me like seriously dislike Kristen Bell. They are so ridiculous and self righteous. No substance.
Dax, you’re my favorite human as long as you don’t tell my family. Otherwise, my 6th favorite. When I listen I feel like I’m hanging with my best friends and convinced I’m smarter since I started listening. The episodes with Dax’s mom & KB are my favorite with Ted Danson & Jason Bateman ranking up there. Monica, keep keeping Dax on track. You are a delight.
I always skip the beginning and end of this podcast because it’s nauseating to listen to Monica baby talking with Dax that is borderline flirting. It’s pretty gross.


So I heard Kristen Bell and Conan talk about this over on Conan needs a friend, and I thought, okay, this guy is funny, and married to one of my favorite actresses, and they seem like real people, let me give it a listen. It’s fantastic. Dax is super refreshing to listen to. I am an author, though only my friends and family know anything I’ve written, and I really enjoy listening to people who inspire and talk about making it through times that weren’t cookie cutter made in order to explore their creativity. Dax is honest about things he’s gone through, has guests on who are honest, plus, fun behind the scenes convos. As a mother, wife, and business owner, I struggle to find the time for my creative passions, and not only has this show been great to listen to as I get through some of the more mundane parts of life (driving, cleaning, picking up dog droppings) I have also found pieces of inspiration to write down in each episode I listen to. As someone who typically only listens to true crime and history podcasts, I’ve found my way into a celebrity/comedy podcast that I’ll look forward to each new episode of.


By jjlane
My new favorite interview podcast except for Live-too thirsty.
A lot of room for improvement. Dax shows that a lot of established hollywood actors are completely out of touch with the real word and completely full of themselves.
I just listened to the live Jason Ritter episode and was smiling and laughing through the entire thing. Now I’m listening to the fact check on that episode and you’re talking about Silver Lake Michigan. Now I’m Geeking Out because that’s where I’m from and live! This is a very entertaining podcast that I always relate to!


By bah888
Perfect length. One can watch it going to and from work like Dax stated. The personal details, oversharing, and sometimes funny stories is what allows me to stay engaged in the podcasts. It can be a good mix of facts and personal subjective stories as well. It’s also reassuring that regards where one is in life we all can struggle with negative core beliefs and shame.
I just started listening to your podcast. I love it in a lot of ways. Awesome guests, real questions and good funny conversation. Good messages too! My one criticism whether you take it or not is you need to listen to your guests more and stop talking so much. I think you loose a lot of potentially good stories and deeper insight into guests because you tend to cut them off too quick for your own personal anecdotes. Save those for if there is an opportunity and if not then do a Dax interview and get it out after. Lol. Sorry I know you are going to hate reading this but I had to say something. All in all solid podcast, good work!
I love your pod cast, you ask all the questions I want to hear! It’s informative and playful which I really enjoy! In regards to changing the name to Dax’s Army you can sell merch like army jackets with patches that can be collectible and fairly inexpensive. Men and women can wear camo and other cool things! Levi overalls and your army could cover them in patches. So many fun branding ideas with a cooler name. I am kinda a branding know it all I’m the founder of Juicy Couture so I had to pass on my ideas. Maybe that’s all a TMI but every time you say Chairies (sp) I think you can do better Thanks for a great Pod! Pamela Skaist Levy
Dax is fun, full of heart, and inspiring. He’s witty and actually a really great interviewer. His own “story” and addict tendencies do get repetitive though, nice when he sticks to the guests story. He is natural and comfortable with his guests. Not sure if this is just the live shows that seem more prominent, but Monica’s laugh is distracting and for lack of a better word, annoying. Will keep listening though and recommend.
Love the positive sincerity of this podcast. I find it hard to read or hear anything positive without wading through a lot of toxic stories. It makes my commute tolerable and lots of times makes it enjoyable. Appreciate your efforts to put positive message.
Parenthood was one of my all time favorite tv shows so I had to give this podcast a try. I’m so happy I did! I’m loving it! Part therapy, part potty humor, part insight on humanity and of course you can’t forget the fact checking... awesome podcast!
Was rocky at first with interviewing skills but now I hear the improvement and look forward to listening every week!
Stop interrupting your guests. It’s rude. Let them talk! Typical man needing to dominate a conversation.
I have listened to your podcast from from your first episode. Much of the podcast is entertaining, and the actual experts are interesting, well-informed, and I am glad they are getting the benefit of your celebrity platform. I do wish we could hear more from them and less of you, especially as they are more informed and more adept at navigating the issues and far more articulate. I have not been offended by anything said by your guests, including and especially Sam Harris, the warning was misplaced, as you have made comments far more divisive and less thoughtful about issues, religion, in particular. It is interesting to me that you point out how divisive we are as liberals and insist that faith, any kind, any belief in any God, is a myth, alienating people with any belief differing from you, or those searching, or those that are even agnostic. You are an actor, director, writer, parent, child, and husband, but not a philosopher or religious scholar. I have an advanced degree and do not believe that I have the right to impose my views on those around me. If you have the open mind that you claim to have, please learn along with us, from said experts, please let us listen to them, and please be more inclusive. Part of the reason I am a liberal is that I believe we should live and let live and learn other perspectives, and not judge others for their beliefs, or label those beliefs as myths. I wish you every success and hope we can all grow together, learning from one another.
Ok here goes my opinion — Dax has great insight, questions, humor. Most of the time. That is when he’s not compelled to talk about himself. I really enjoy this podcast when it’s about the guest. And the length, love it, can’t get enough when it’s good stuff. Monica, sorry but I don’t get it. The growly pronunciation, the (lack of a better word) uninteresting contribution, ugh I hate to say it, don’t get her role.
When I found this podcast a few months ago, and saw it was 2 hrs long I wondered how the heck I’d ever be able to listen but thought, I’ll give it a try... since then I have gone back and found plenty of time to binge listen to most of them in the background while working at home, driving, etc. great guests and Dax is really good at interviewing and and asking unexpected questions. And also knows a lot about a wide range of subjects that make us think. You definitely get into knowing the guest in more personal ways because of that. Love this podcast— thanks Dax and Monica for bringing yourselves to us!


I had no idea that I would love this podcast so much. It’s full of love, honesty, laughter(“Does anyone remember laughter”), incredible stories of river rafting, serious talk of life and divorce, how us kids deal with divorce. And most importantly, facts and the checking of facts! Thanks Monica😁 PS: the other day my 14yr old son asked me if I had heard of the song “A little bit of Monica in my life” lol
Dax is a very funny guy. His strength is finding the balance between humor and substance, and he does it seamlessly. And I loooove his words— his descriptors as he tells stories have me hanging on every word. You make me want to start writing again, Dax! Keep doing everything you’re doing.