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I used to subscribe, but now I just come back every so often to see if anyone interesting has been on. With the exception of Kristen Bell, Seth Rogan and a few others, most of the guests are B-list celebrities you may have seen in one or two things, not unlike Dax. The show itself is pretty good until Dax brings up that he’s dyslexic, an addict, had step dads, and drones on and on with his sob stories. We all have baggage, man. If he were to reveal that once in an appropriate context it could be powerful, but for some reason he feels the need to burden every guest with his “trauma” , which means the listeners have to endure it every episode. I think he’s trying to be relatable, but it’s just so unnecessary.
I absolutely love this podcast. My #1!!
I love started listening in November and have completely caught up. Can’t wait for more.
You had me hooked when you said epistemological.
Dax is a good interviewer, enjoyable entertainment.
it's great!
Dax is absolutely brilliant. I never knew he was so well read . He’s always been funny and I like his movies. Even the ones that flopped, but I was so shocked and pleasantly surprised to hear him. He’s extremely intelligent, engaging, and hilarious . I drive locally in Austin Texas and I spend at least 6 hours a day on these podcasts . I tell everyone I know about his PCast .


I’ll give you $20
Overall great podcast. I have noticed when there is a woman as a guest, the conversation usually goes deeper and becomes much more multi-faceted. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman and it instantly becomes more relatable/interesting, but I’ve just found those episodes grab my attention more. Dax has a great ability to connect with people, regardless of gender, so it’s refreshing to hear a man and woman have a platonic, colorful conversation about life together, and be on the same “team”.
I occasionally enjoy the podcast despite Dax’s interruptions. There have been a couple episodes that I couldn’t bear to listen to, because it seemed like the guest was not willing to fight through Dax’s desire to dominate the conversation. The Nick Kroll and the David Sedaris episodes spring to mind as particularly annoying examples. The contrast is made all the more striking when listening to Conan O’Brien’s podcast, which often features similar guests. Conan allows his guests to breath and actually gets interesting stories as a result.
He has great guests and there is so much opportunity for great convo but it should really be called “The Dax talks to people about Dax” podcast. He talks over everyone, he asks questions and then takes over the convo to talk about himself again. He tells the guests’ stories while they are sitting there. He even addressed the issue in the episode with Chris Hardwick and says he working on it. But he doesn’t seem to be working too hard. I stopped listening bc I see a name of a guest I get excited about and then I listen to the podcast and just get angry that it’s all about Dax and not the guest.
I’m a huge fan of Manzoukas and have listened to every episode of How Did This Get Made. After listening to your show, I officially know twice as much about him. Thank you for the amazing, relaxed interview. He was more willing to go for it because of your style, and when you did redirect, it was totally on point. I don’t know a ton about your show yet but I’m officially subscribed and looking forward to diving in! Maybe someday I’ll win the second Monica “Superfan” contest (loved hearing her geek out on Jason... I’d like to think I’d handle meeting him with more restraint, but SOME people, you know :) She seems pretty great. You are pretty great. Ok, great.
Insightful, deep podcast. No matter who’s on the episode I learn something about my life or myself by the end of the conversation. That’s what they are, for the record, conversations, not interviews. As such, I would like to be the first to say I wholeheartedly disagree with most reviewers. You are absolutely NOT interrupting the guests. You are contributing to a two-way discussion. (Three-way if you include Monica) At least that’s the way I see it. I love you, Dax! These talks are a wonderful example of why! Thank you so much for starting these dialogues.
I love the show a lot. Monica’s laugh should be edited more. It’s awful
I tune into this podcast TO HEAR YOU TALK. When you go off on a tangent it’s one of my favorite parts. Please keep talking and talking and talking. I love your guests and I also love hearing you and Monica. Honestly I wish Monica talked even more. Great podcast overall!
Monday mornings have changed forever! I picked it up when it started as a podcast to throw in my mix. It was new, so I thought it was worth a shot. I’ve been listening every week since. I love making the time to listen to Armchair Expert. It opens my eyes and world to so many other things going on outside of my normal life in New England. I love listening to Dax & Monica’s view on things and also the guest of the week and how they view things. Plus I laugh and smile so much while listening! I recommend the podcast to all my friends and fam! Love you guys!! I love the new commercial with Dax & Monica for CA!!! I had a total fan girl moment when it came on!!
I know it’s ridiculous to be surprised that celebrities are humans like the rest of us, but can I just say how excited I was to hear that Kristen Bell buys garland at Michaels? I mean - does she just walk right in there like a regular person? And does she use the 40% off coupon, too? I need more details of her life here and at places like Trader Joe’s. Love it! Seriously, though... it’s refreshing to hear Dax ask questions about real life, deep things and not just the guest promoting their newest project. I only listened to a few episodes so far (Conan, Sarah Silverman, Chris Hardwick, and Kristen), but can’t wait to hear more. Dax’s vulnerability to talk about his painful childhood (I had no idea and had to pull over the car when he revealed this to Sarah) and everyday struggles is humbling and yet inspirational. I agree that Dax could try and let the guest talk a little more, but I’m sorry the other reviewers were so rude about it. Remember guys... Dax is famous, but still a human. He probably pumps his own gas and buys toilet paper like the rest of us. Right, Dax? 😁
I just started listening and I have to say I didn’t start at the beginning but today I listened to your first episode with, as you call her Bell, and she is my spirit animal! I love you also but when she was talking about self esteem and not being a victim I kinda teared up. You go girl! And Dax, you do you, boo boo!! I’ll keep listening. Just a mom and wife from the upper left.
This is my favorite podcast! I look forward to the next episode every week! It’s real and deep and thoughtful but also scratches my pop culture itch.
Love the podcast. Always end up laughing and even when I disagree, it’s causing me to think of a different perspective. I have also become a huge Monica fan. I think she should be a guest one episode! I love the discourse between her and Dax. I think having the two of them there balances out their viewpoints so it never feels OVERLY indulgent in one way. Obviously there will be flaws because humans are flawed but I think it’s a great podcast and I seriously look forward to it every week. Come do a live show in DC!!!
Great podcast; good mix of interesting Hollywood stories and expert opinions. Dax strikes a unique balance between unapologetic and thoughtful as well optimistic and realistic. Monica complements well as a fact checker/devils advocate to Dax, and provides insight as a younger generation actress trying to build a career in Hollywood.
Started listening to this podcast in the beginning and recently unsubscribed. There are glimmers of greatness but they’re becoming few and far between. Dax is a very self-indulgent host who spends more time name-dropping celebrities than listening to the guests. Feels more like a painful struggle to stay relevant more than an earnest look into the guests’ lives.
At first I enjoyed the podcast, but the more you listen you realize he tries to turn every interview, every story into something about him and how he experienced something worse or better. Just way too into himself to care what anyone else says, and it shows by how he is constantly interrupting guests to talk about himself. I finally unsubscribed, and don’t recommend even getting started.
I am absolutely loving every part of this podcast! I have binged almost all these episodes. Love y’all, keep up the great work! Armchairie fo life Aubrey
The podcast started out good and I still listen to it, but it can be annoying sometimes. I don’t see the point in Fact Check since they only discuss two facts and that part of the show is 30 minutes. I would suggest Conan Needs a Friend over this.
This is my favorite podcast right now. It’s got equal parts introspection and cynicism. So far my favorite guests have been Kristen bell and Portugal.the man. Thanks for the Brain food!
Dax is amazing with whoever he is interviewing. Jason, you are insanely off the charts!! And you’re single??!
Really love the podcast, I’d love it if you interviewed Will Forte or Kristen Schaal
My favorite podcast. I listen and re-listen to almost every single one. I learn something new and a lot of the time empowered after listening. I can’t find a better pod cast. But it is hard to not listen to you and still think of Zach Braff face. Just to similar lol
In 2019, you’ve interviewed 1 woman and 10 men. I’ve lost interest...
Avid listener who would prefer if Dax kept some of his personal anecdotes to himself. Many of them are repetitive to people who listen on a regular basis. After listening multiple times to the same stories about Dax, they start to lose their value. I love that the podcasts are generally long but would love to hear more from the interviewee as they do get cut off and sidetracked quite frequently.
Dudes a tool. All he does it talk about himself
Monica!!! Did you say “addict” is pronounced, “attic?” 🤣🤣 I’m dying. #FactCheck Please clarify. I love y’all.
Great show! I love that the episodes are long and involved and often really funny. It’s a great way to see the personal side of their guests.
Thanks for taking the time to share these conversations. I specifically like how Dax's questions investigate the personalities of his guests from a place of appreciation. It's refreshing that skepticism is also present in the conversations. Future guests I'd like to hear on: Nathan Finochio, Steven Pinker and Marisa Peer.
I love hearing Dax talk and the way he does his interviews ! It’s always an exciting episode and I find my self listening through every podcast without skipping through. I love Monica and her little bits especially fact check. I love the experts on experts as well. So much to love. I’m an official armchair fan. ❤️
I only gave a 4 because I don’t want it to go to Mr. Shepard’s head 😂🤪 I actually really enjoy this podcast. I think the realness of the questions and answers are refreshing. We all need to hear these things. Not a star who is jaded and into making people feel that they are less than. Thanks!
The only thing I love more than Dax’s interviews is Monica! These are so great.
OBSESSED! I just started listening about 2 months ago and I’ve almost listened to every episode. I love everything that I learn and am surprised that even when I don’t know who the guest is, I am still moved by the episode. Come back to Chicago, Monica and Dax!
When I first started listening to this podcast I would have given this two stars. Dax’s interviews have improved since as he is listening to his guests more and asking them more thoughtful questions. It’s not just banter between celebrities anymore.


Repetitive interview style.
I love this podcast. Dax and Monica are so real and personable. Dax has an open mind and says what he thinks while also considering what the person being interviewed says and even sometimes allows his opinion to be altered!


I absolutely love this podcast! It’s one of my favorites! Dax & Monica have turned me on to so many interesting people and perspectives. Specifically Sam Harris and his podcast...which has been transformative for me. I’m officially an “arm chairy”. Keep it up, guys!! 😊😊😊
I’m so glad I stumbled across Dax’s podcast!! He is a wonderful interviewer and I like how he interjects to help hear the conversation in a more vulnerable direction when interviewees are putting up a defense. As a social worker, it’s so refreshing to hear open and raw conversation like these. And Dax is so genuine, curious and humble in his approach to getting to know his guests. Keep it comin!
I disagree with most of the comments. While Dax does talk a lot, it’s very interesting and insightful. And funny too. It’s his Podcast, I came here for him and guests are a bonus. Love it all!
Every time Dax attempts to sing a song, my dogs all freeze and tilt their heads. He even got some barks during the Dr. Phil fact check. Love the podcast, you should interview some teachers on experts.
Anyone can start a podcast. Not Everyone can sustain it. Rogan learned what works. But this dude just talks and talks and talks about himself. No matter the point you’re at in the podcast, you’ll find him speaking about himself. Blah blah blah.