Crosswalk - Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities

Reviews For Crosswalk - Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities

I can't say enough good things about these messages. They have helped me through some tough times. Steve has a way of saying things so that they stick with you. He doesn't preach down to you, but talks to you like a good coach would. He pulls no punches. These are solid Biblical teachings that put Jesus where He should be...first.
Steve's teachings were instrumental in leading me to the Lord. He explains the Bible in context of the times and cultures, while keeping in mind the exact meanings of words and grammar in their original Hebrew and Greek. In my opinion, the Bible is too complex to understand without somebody like him to help explain it, and he does an excellent job. If you're searching - check into all the Calvary Chapel podcasts (even though Steve's my favorite) - they teach God's words, not religious dogma.
Pastor Steve's teachings are awesome. God speaks very clearly though him. Very informative studies, a must for all Bible students!!! Jesus is the only Way!!!! (John 14:6)