Magic Milkshake Machine

Reviews For Magic Milkshake Machine

Imagine listening to people talking and singing in a resteraunt while on acid. Honestly! On acid! Although I have heard the hosts calim they never touch drugs and hardly curse.
If only they would invent a utensil that would do the work of ALL OF THESE! They have, the Magic Milkshake Machine reminds me of a happy TV childhood while at the same time teaches me about my belief system, entertains me with live music, musical guests and theatrics and also allows me to join in on discovery. I love the commercials and the theme song is the best in podcasts.
no words can describe it. Just listen to it. its wortht your time.
I'm a long time listener of the Smart Wrestling Fan and a fan of the Trap Door, this show ties it all together. I've learned so much since episode Zero but couldn't tell you what it was. I also cannot stop singing the jingle!