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Reviews For Canine Campus

I wish they would resume their podcast. My dog and I love it.
Good advice never grows old. This podcast has changed my relationship with my Aussiemix; we are now best friends. Thank you
I am a professional trainer of 25 years, and this one is a keeper. Great information, pleasant to listen to, I really enjoyed it.
Easy to learn and apply with your own pups. I would find it easier to use if each episode were labeled with subject of the lesson. Hope she puts out more on homes with 4+ dogs!
this podcast rarely, if ever, has guest experts appear and speak for themselves. rather, Deven Gaston explains everything herself, summarizing experts and their studies second-hand and includes her own advice as well. She does provide some useful information. However, some of her accounts of other experts or studies are not accurate in important details. If this matters to you, beware.
I love this podcast so much! I have listened to all of them by now and really hoping that they will start posting more!
I love the way Deven explains dogs. You had me at "spider". I find it addicting to listen to her. Someone I would want to be friends with and someone who is earnestly excited to teach others how to love their dogs even more! More please. Thank You! Sasha (female human, 31) & Twila (female German Shepherd/Black Lab mix, 7 weeks 3 days)
I love this podcast! I'm working on many of the techniques discussed in the podcasts with my dog, and it is incredible how easily he picks up on each lesson! The positive reinforcement training taught by Canine Campus is an enlightened way of not only teaching your dog, but creating a good, healthy relationship with your dog. Training this way takes away all of the baggage that would come with the old way of "training" a dog. Canine Campus makes training your dog fun and easy!!!!
This is a wonderful, entertaining podcast about dogs and training and related issues. Deven has a voice that works on radio. Definitely better than some of the other dog podcasts.
Force-free trainers around the world rejoice! There is a podcast for you now too. I love listening to this podcast as a trainer myself, they cite wonderful resources and books along with giving practical, positive advice for solving common issues. I recommend this to my clients and trainer friends. :)
Loved these so much I went back & listened to them all. Very good advice that is useful, implementable and effective. Hoping for a couple more in the future.
This is the best dog training and tips podcast I have found. I listen to it on my way home from work and then try new techniques with my dog when I get home. This podcast has taught me so much about dog behavior and made training and living with my dog much easier. I hope they continue to post new podcasts often.
Some of the best discussions of dog behavior I have encountered. Better than some seminars I've paid to attend. While the discussion is at a fairly high level, terms are always explained in a way a novice can understand. Canine Campus will keep you on the cutting edge of applying behavioral research to living and working with your dogs and training practice.
Love, love, love this podcast!!! I'm hoping to get a puppy soon and this podcast has helped me develop a training plan. This podcast is a must for dog owners!
I am listening to this series for the SECOND TIME! It is that good. The trainer is entertaining, funny and informative. She gives excellent, concrete training advice that I have used. Many of my questions about the training of my dog were answered in this podcast. Other things of interest, like great toy tips, are also included. This podcast, hands down, is one of the most useful dog related podcast I have downloaded -- and I subscribe to quite a few.
If I could give this podcast more than five stars, I would. This is the best dog training podcast out there. Excellent positive reinforcement training information given in down to earth, sometimes humorous but always understandable language. If you have or are getting a puppy soon, the puppy socialization podcast is a MUST listen but they are ALL very well done.. Can't wait for the next podcast.
Witty and helpful - keep up the good work!
I love your program. I am practicing with my Boxer Puppy.