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Reviews For Brilliant Perspectives

Thank you for allowing the Father’s heart to shine through you.
I’m so grateful for this podcast. Thank you for your generosity!!
You are the most comforting and gentle person I have listened to. I pray for your health and your ongoing ministry!
Thank you so much - this podcast is such a blessing and helps me through every day. God bless.
The Brilliant Perspectives podcast helped energize and keep me aligned in 2018 when I started my business! Graham’s practical yet radical Biblical tips on mindset, attitude, and behavior have encouraged me to step out in bold and courageous ways. We are now looking at our first six figure year in our business, and we expect to keep growing leaps every year! Thank you, to Graham and his team, for putting such wonderful tools and resources out here to change people’s lives! Your boldness and courage to live in the prophetic has changed worlds, Graham!
I have been listening to Graham Cooke regularly this past year and subscribe to Brilliant TV.I first became familiar with his teachings roughly 7 years ago when someone had me listen to a prophetic soaking. This started rocking my spiritual journey world and I haven’t looked back. I can literally say of all the teachers, pastors and books I’ve read that besides the Bible, Graham’s teachings have transformed my understanding of Father’s heart and His intensions for my life more than any other human being. A must have in my short podcast lineup que.
Mr Cooke has transformed my paradigm of how Christ see’s me, and how to abide in my relationship with him. Thank you Graham for your teaching and mentorship. Praise the Lord🙏🏻
I am so grateful for the life giving truths Graham Cooke has shared from the Living Word. Truly transformational 🙌🏽
I trust the Cooke!
Such a powerful revelation. Thanks for bringing this heavenly revelation to us.
I can’t say enough about this healing, spot on, prophetic educational ministry and how it’s benefitted my inner life. Every podcast message truly reveals the heart of the Father and is SO important in the shift from the legalism to the true nature of the kind of relationship God wants to have with us. Listen and benefit in untold ways - comfort and wisdom abounds here!
Thank you for describing the heart of the Father consistently throughout your ministry as I found that this is the only Podcast that I can get spiritually fed from since it is centered on the heart of God. Thank you for addressing the “I must earn” false doctrine. You said at one point “God will allow by his wisdom what he could easily prevent power” and that has eased my mind more than once throughout life. I think about it all the time. Thank you for also consistently touching on the fact that the love of the Father is not based on us but based on His character and His choice to love us. I feel inspired to make change when I think about how much I am loved by God. Thank you for communicating to us what he is communicating to you. You have inspired me to believe.
I want to thank Graham and the team for being a constant source of refreshment to me and my walk in all seasons, helping me to find the point of connection with the Father.
Graham has such a simple way of encroaching and lifting your perspective with his teachings! I love the nuggets of wisdom and life wrapped up in each episode, they lift my day completely and shift my perspective back on the Kingdom. Thank you Graham!!
Praise God for Graham and all the Lord is doing to share His heart with us! Thank you.
These podcasts really are brilliant! Love Mr Cooke’s teaching and way of conveying God’s truth to us in light of who are are in Christ. Shared with my son and he was excited about our new found Graham Cooke’s way of showing us Jesus! God bless you, Graham.
I love this podcast! First of all, Graham has a voice and accent that is soothing. If I can’t sleep at night I’ll listen to the podcast and peace is always the result. This podcast always reminds me of my identity in Christ.


I have loved listening to Graham since I discovered him 7 years ago. This podcast is one of my favorites because it’s never too long and always on point. It’s a great way to introduce friends to Graham’s anointed teaching as well. Thanks so much for doing this!
I tend to have small breaks throughout my day when I like to do a small meditation or listen to a bite-size sermon to keep my perspective aligned with God and this podcast fits the bill. I always come away uplifted and at rest!
Been very helpful.
I’m having a quiet cup of coffee with Graham Cooke just the three of us it’s a comforting time together
This podcast always leaves me so uplifted. I feel so loved and at peace by the end of each podcast. Thank you for sharing the Father’s heart!
I struggled quite a bit with anxiety. A friend of mine recommended I listened to this podcast. It has changed my life. I love listening to the truth about God. There’s no reason for me to be anxious and I am so grateful that I get to listen to this man speak
Keep doing what you’re doing through Jesus! Listening to your podcast has brought me great peace. God Bless and thank you!
Whenever I am getting overwhelmed by the evil and crazy world we live in, I turn on Graham Cooke and let his voice speak the Word of God and Holy Spirit into my eyes! Life is always better after I listen to this great humble man of God!
This is one of my favorite podcast! I love his word and your voice is so soothing! It’s so encouraging what you say! Thank you for sharing with all of us!
I was hoping Graham Cooke would come out with a podcast. Now my wish/prayer has come true! There is something about listening to Graham that really transforms your thinking. It’s helped me get unstuck from some hard inner hurdles I’ve had to face. I am now far more confident to lean in to God and pursue my dreams. God continue to bless you and your ministry!
I’ve listened to every episode, some of them many times. Graham’s soaking words are the best. Absolutely amazing. I love how He summarizes and explains scripture in new ways in his meditations. The only thing I would change would be to get more.
I’ve been listening to this podcast on repeat as I work, for the past several months. Graham Cooke expounds God’s Love unlike anyone I’ve heard. It’s life force!
Favorite!! Beautiful tool to grow as a believer!
Renew your mind, transform your thoughts, get an upgrade all together when you listen to these.
Graham paints a picture, for me, of the Heavenly Participants that has been forever changed. I’ll leave the canvass clean for him to do the same for you! Thanks Graham!!
My relationship with others, my posture towards God and the lens in which I view situations has totally shifted. Kingdom perspective is all right here. Graham is a gentle leader, using his gifts to bless others.
This podcast is helping me so much. Also, glad it’s only 12-15 min usually because I can work it into my life easier.
Wow. Wish i could listen 24/7! Great at any point in your transformational journey! Graham RELENTLESSLY 😉 reveals and upholds the incomprehensibly beautiful nature of our personal, loving, wise, and JOYFUL Father God. You will not be sorry you listened! 😃
My heart is stirred by the message of Graham Cooke. He’s been touched by Heaven and graciously shares from this experience. Oh that we might all seek to know who we are because of what Jesus has done for us...that we would see ourselves as God sees us! Living in the freedom God intended for His people. Thank you for sharing God’s heart and yours!!!
Beautiful messages and simple to put into practice. Sometimes hard to hear truth but his comforting tone makes it easy to receive.
I was so excited to see a podcast! I love listening to Graham Cooke, and now these short podcasts are perfect for a morning listen, drive across town, or right before bed! Graham’s words and messages are just like a big hug from Abba!
I’m so blessed by the truth and perspective that Grahm brings to my mind and spirit. Thank you!
This podcast has literally changed my life! I have discovered God’s love for me to the deepest level and how I should love others with that same love.
Through his (Graham’s) teachings I have been led through so many trials and obstacles- and currently going through some however the teachings are so profound and the a Holy Spirit guides and directs us through the lessons spoken to us by Graham so you never miss a thing! It’s lovely! Thank you Graham- you are a blessing !!!
Listening to Graham Cooke is like hearing the love of our Heavenly Father in an everyday voice. I lost my earthly father. I miss him and feel the void in my life. God shows me His love through His Word, and at times through godly men who radiate His love. Graham Cooke is one of these rare people that allow the Father to use him to speak in His love, Truth, wholeness and healing through the Word of God.
Love this podcast, so much great free teaching available by Graham!! Love it!!
I listen to these messages over and over and they are helping me combat dark environments at my work and old thinking habits that are dead. Thank you Graham!! These talks are perfect for redirecting my thinking to The Truth that sets me free again and again! Xoxo Amber ~
I have loved graham cooke so excited to have found this!
This is, without a doubt, my favorite new podcast. I have genuinely listened to each brief episode about 4 times, hearing something new every time. While the episodes seem short, they are sturdy and filled to the brim with significant, life-altering good news. This is a podcast of Graham being Graham, flowing with the most delightful snippets of wisdom you’ve ever heard! Extremely thankful for this podcast!!
Graham, I don’t know if you will ever read this, but the teachings God has giving you have saved my life and my marriage. My husband had a rough childhood, and it created many issues in his life. But the past two years he has been on learning those things and learning how to receive a new lens. Now we have hope for a comeback from his visit with depression, and looking forward to Abba’s vision for the rest of our lives!
I really appreciate Graham and his perspectives, very enlightening. However, with only playing brief clips then pitching how to buy full sermons lit feels a bit like a sales pitch for his paid services.