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Reviews For Shifted Sound

Great sound, great selections, well-researched, Shelby Miller's Shifted Sound is a podcast I never tire of. Always informative.
Shifted Sound is the best podcast source for independent music out there today, hands down. Having paid his dues by helping to pioneer music podcasting Shelby Miller has established himself as a reliable authority on the subject. The show’s format works well giving the listener just enough of a taste of individual artists to let you know what they are about but leaving you with a craving for more. And just in case you forget something Shelby revisits previously covered artists each show as reminders; perfect for the absent-minded state of culture today. The occasional in-studio interviews and performances are icing on the cake. Check out the show!
Hands down most useful Podcast ever. Not only does it have great music but a great host. It's easily the best part of my week. With new music crossing every genre, anyone can listen and enjoy. After listening to this Podcast, I add new music to my already extensive collection. And that, is the hardest thing to do.
Outstanding job, Shelby. The music is great and the references are too. You can always find something that makes you feel good. For those of us who don't have much time to seek out and discover new music anymore, this is the ideal spot to find it. Way to go, brother.
this podcast is quite possibly the best podcast i've seen yet. If you like Indie rock you'll probably like this. The window in the right contains a picture or artwork from whoever is playing at the moment of the podcast. it has a link the artist's site making it incredibly easy to access and buy music from an artist if you like what you hear. Not to much talk its pretty much all music.
Man this podcast stinks. Noone in their right mind should ever listen to this ever. Not really. Great podcast, great music, great sound. What more can you ask for.
The music selections are excellent. The first three podcasts are especially good. It's such a convenient way to gain exposure to independant music labels and artists I wouldn't hear of otherwise. Great job!