The What in the Ham Sandwich?! Show

Reviews For The What in the Ham Sandwich?! Show

FOUND Y’ALL. Started listening in 09 with the “Tonex cussing”, but I fell off. I am encouraged to how many episodes y’all produced YALL HAD A CALL IN NUMBER TOO 😡😡😡🤬 Respect to Cook & Sean Slaughter for building a lane and holding it down, can’t wait to catch up on these episodes
They really provide a very unique perspective and their humor is greatly appreciated.
This is a great show. It's filled with intellect, wit, good music and most importantly biblical truth. Keep it up guys
Too Funny! The message and topic is on point and practical no dolphin talking and the mixes in between each set are fiya! Keep doing what you all do!
Keep it moving
great show! if you are looking for laughs and some solid answers about life and cultute check this out. the music will make your head spin!!! God bless you all... keep it up
Keep comin with y'all real talk
Uneducated white folks talking about religion are not near as funny as uneducated black folks talking about religion. Know wat im sayin...
This show is of the shablinky!
This show has everything I could ever want. The host are real and tell it like it is. Topics are much needed and though plenty of laughs, they are serious. What in the...!!! Hamsandwich show??? If ya don't listen, ya should. It would be the 11th commandment.
This show has found the perfect balance between Bible truth and humor! Congrats on this awesome show and I pray you are encouraged to do many, many more shows forever or until Christ cracks the sky.
Love the show and the artist interview with CMO..... I cant wait for the album....... U guys r Crazy!!!!!!!!
This show is IT ! I love it, keep glorifying God to the highest.
This show is sooooo funny!!! If you are not subscribed, wait no longer. SUBSCRIBE NOW!!! You will be informed, edified, and entertained! Love this show!!!! It's hilarious!!!!! Plus It has some great music!! Keep up the great work guys!!!! ReeeebookAdddiddaasss!!!!!
I love this show, it is entertaining, inspiring and mad funny! I wish these brothers had a morning show on an FM station they could easily rock it by keeping it positive, uplifting and with a banging message. Sean Slaughter and Cook Dog keep on doing it big for the Kingdom!!
I commend you guys for doing this show. I love it!!!!! You tell the TRUTH, its FUNNY, and BEST of ALL you are MEN of GOD so your topics and conduct reflect that. The music is off the chain. We need more chrisitan shows, well...more ethnic Christian shows and the Lord has provided that so......Praise Em' !!!


That whats up.. deze dudes is mad funny... yall keep doin ya thang yo.... Praise God fuh dese dudes keepin it trill.....


Hey what happened to this ive been waiting for another show to hear them say "What in the HAM sandwich!!!" hahahahha