Father Mike's Podcast

Reviews For Father Mike's Podcast

Being the mother of young children listening to the homily in mass can be difficult. I love being able to listen to Fr. Mike's homily and get that chance to learn from the readings of the past Sunday. His homilies are always on point and helpful. So grateful for this helpful tool.
Father Walker brings the gospel to a level for all to understand. 1st rate!
Fr. Mike is very creative and uses excellent and often funny illustrations to get across the point of the Scriptures for each week. I love listening to his homilies. He makes it real and accessible. I understand the Word of God better because of his ministry. Definitely worth listening to!
I love this podcast. Father Walker does a great job preaching the word of God and I always enjoy hearing him preach. Even if you already go to mass on Sunday, this is still worth listening to.