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If you want to listen to two football “journalists” bash the perceived poor production values of Fox/TNT/NBC and praise/promote ESPN. This is the Pod for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kartik and The Gaffer are getting some sort of financial backing from ESPN. There are much better independent football podcasts out there.


By DelaK82
Love the pod keep it up boys
They need to condense the file size of the podcast. It shouldn’t be taking up that much storage on the phone. Also, one of the hosts is pretty condescending towards American soccer fans and US soccer in general.
Like the honesty
Young listener. Sophmore in college. Not sure how many of us are out there that listen but the show is fantastic. I started listening in June and havent missed an episode since. Always excited for the next episode on thursdays. Keep up the good work
Great talks, but don't really look forward to listening anymore. The terrible electronic feedback on the podcast is so irritating it just has made me lose interest. Really wish that it was more professional
I cut the cord years ago and have always struggled finding live games. This is a great pod with good information and interesting discussions. I'm not in media but find this pod to be a must listen.
Not having it
Been listening for about six weeks. Quality and depth of analysis is peerless. The Gaffer is entertaining and engaging. Kartik K. Is a humorless at best. Seems moderately crabby as his default setting, giving off a vibe as a blowhard know it all. Sounds like he thinks he's a big deal. Maybe a bran muffin and a cleanse might lighten this his load. Thankfully, the Gaffer makes up the deficit. Recommended listen.
First, you would think a podcast critiquing soccer coverage would have better audio quality themselves. Invest in professional microphones and get off the Skype. As far as the critiques themselves, not very informative or entertaining. I don’t recommend this podcast.
I haven’t been watching Fox, but I hear they’ve been terrible. This is just poor journalism. The gaffer isn’t as bad. He at least had some nuance to his views. Kartik however, sheesh.
Had great hopes for this podcast. Unfortunately, the hosts just talk about Fox Sports’ coverage of the World Cup ad nauseum. They spend virtually no time talking about the players, the strategy, or the games. I can’t think of anything less interesting than a couple guys who can’t get on the Fox coverage team bellyaching about how bad it is.
This has become one of my staple soccer podcasts because it provides the coverage of the game in the US which no one else does. The pod covers tv and streaming rights updates, a rundown of how the games are covered, as well as numerous other topics associated with watching the game.
Love watching football, but as a social media enthusiast I especially pay attention to pre and post match coverage. Having professional opinions to listen to and compare to my own opinions is a fun thing to have. It's a podcast unlike any other. Highly reccommend the pod to any football fan. Keep up the good work lads
Rather boring. All over the place coverage World? Should be MLS Talk.
I really like this podcast with the current format of weekend rapup and weekend preview. Not as funny as the Guardian, but just as entertaining.


By mesz
these guys are kinda brutal toward amersican MLS and broadcast, at least in the episode I watched... I wont be listening to these guys again... sorry...
Since the new format, you have lost a listener. I really enjoyed it but have since quit listening
Show is turning more into an analysis of soccer media, but not losing game or team coverage, which I appreciate since they are giving expanded coverage to leagues besides EPL.
Decent EPL podcast, when the conversation turns to Bayern/Dortmund/Bundesliga the analysis (and player pronunciations) quickly becomes cringeworthy.
Love the bantz, it's really the best bantz, I mean, I know bantz, and let me tell you, I give great bantz, these guys though, the bantz, it's phenomenal, best bantz in town. Terrific!
This pod has morphed into a top blabber-fest dedicated to the game we love like opiates and the games we care about most. Kartik Krishnaiyer is always solid & well-prepared, Nipun Chopra moves things along smartly & engagingly. Give it a listen. You're powerless over soccer, your colleagues and SO will never get into soccer as deeply as you, so let these fellow-travelers be your surrogates*. *virtual only, no house calls
This show is for serious fans of soccer (fans of this show will probably reject the American term for the sport) that enjoy discussing formations, possible player selections, credible trades and overall health of the Barclay's Premier League. Not for you if you are a primary fan of La Liga, Bundesliga or soccer outside of the UK. You will hear more talk of the Championship League than La Liga. It can be dry so please take it into account.
The host is boring, and shouldn’t be called “world soccer talk” but really called ENGLISH league talk
The analysis is arguably more astute than in prior seasons with him leading the way, but host Richard Farley is nearly unlistenable as he lacks any sense of humor and sometimes steers the show away from being entertaining. Kartik and Laurence are 10s even in the face of the most boring American pundit around. The production quality has also been lacking in numerous episodes this season as editing mistakes and poor cuts throw the listener off. And who added elevator piano music to the theme?
The new hosts are so boring and Nate Abuerra is an idiot
You guys are doing a good job. I enjoy the shows on my daily commute. Thanks Uday
My review is strongly influenced by the fact that I grew up in Europe where the content of most soccer shows is very high since they seek to satisfy an audience with a more complete understanding of the sport. This podcast tends to analyze situations in a very basic manner often oversimplifying complicated issues by attributing a single or few causes to certain events that cannot be explained in such simple terms.
As one of the American kids who has grown up playing competitive soccer since I was young, Jason Davis is a very welcomed voice as a non anglo apologist who understands our market and passion as US Soccer fans and MLS fans. I have listened to many UK based podcasts, and once I was turned on to Soccer Morning and The Best Soccer Show they are now the only podcasts I listen to. Thanks for being authentic and giving fans like me a quality show and a voice that echoes our passion and interests in the global footballing world.
Soccer morning in particular is amazing!
Led by Soccer Morning, this is a solid network where you can hear a diverse set of hosts speaking with both domestic and international guests. The topics range from EPL tactics to more nuanced discussions of US lower league policies.
Jason Davis gets five stars by himself. Great interviews, commentary and good sound quality. Nate Abaurrea should buy some decent mics. On top of that, Nate has the most annoying intonation. He seems like he is only focused on how to sound more annoying from sentence to sentence. Could you separate the two podcasts so that Soccer Morning is not dragged into abyss by the worst presentation and sound quality of World Soccer Talk Radio.
Listening to Total Soccer Show and now this. These guys break it down pretty well with what's going in the football/soccer world today, highly recommend these guys. They get down to business.
Great soccer discussion & interviews w people in the know. All while coming from an American perspective. Jason knows what he is saying & being an American I can tell you... this is rare!
Awful recording quality. "Choppy," "Skype-y," and muffled audio. These guys sound like college kids learning to broadcast on a lonely Friday night.
The weekend shows are fabulous with Nick and the Chardonnay-drinking gang. The nightly ones that Nate started up about a month ago are phenomenal. His passion makes me a Liverrrrrrrrrpoooool fan. I've been listening to pods for years and I've narrowed it down to Nick's and Nate's shows. Job well done, lads.
Great podcast for diehard soccer fans who want to know all things soccer. Definitely recommend.
Between the weekend recaps of the EPL and England's domestic cups to the M-F daily show I really enjoy this podcast. The host are good the people who come on are good. And Jason Davis by the way keeps you informed on everything soccer.
Nick Abaurrea makes this tough to listen to. Thinks he's the funniest in the room because he's the loudest.
I’ve enjoyed this podcast for a few years, It’s never been the most technical or insightful of football podcasts, but entertaining nonetheless. The Morning Show addition recently has been really disappointing, horrible hosts/guests and overall very hokey feel. What makes american football commentary so bad in my opinion. Can’t pronounce any names, very little knowledge in players and tactics to contribute, lots of filler and non-sense. Thank god you have held on to the weekend review, I would have unsubscribed if that was dropped.
I think everyone on the show has a lot of good insight and knowledge of the Premiere league and even beyond to the depths of European football at large...however the creepy British guy who likes to whisper into the mic and the obnoxious American guy who NEVER STOPS TALKING are just too grating to the ear. Sometimes I think they're just trying to outdo each other with obscure EPL happenings from the past and it comes off really poorly over air. Particularly the American-accented guys. YOU ARE TRYING WAY TOO HARD. I stopped listening back in 2012 and recently tried to listen again...I just can't. It's terrible. I don't question the analysis/knowledge, but the delivery is awful. Unsubscribed for good this time.
Nate abuerrea is too loud and obnoxious. Makes it difficult to listen to an otherwise solid cast.
This insanely witty charmer of a show is by far one of the best podcasts out there! This show is bursting at the seems with footy news and they give us everything, the truth, the beloved wild rumors, the good, the bad, and the ugly. They do so in a concise manner that is fluid and captivating for the novice listeners as well as the diehards and religious. Give it a listen and I guarantee you will tune in again.
I could listen to these guys talk football all day long. My only gripe is they don't do more! Once a week just isn't enough for me! Whether you're a veteran supporter of the sport or a rookie trying to learn it. This podcast is one you shouldn't miss.
I loved the old podcast. With Lawrence, Kartik, Christian, Matt Duncan, and Richard Farley there was very intelligent converstaion,analysis, tactical breakdown, etc. The new podcast is too cliched, biased, and lacks any depth. I guess WST is trying to reach a new audience.
Used to love the old podcast, Lawrence was a great host that kept the conversation going in a great way, allowing for actual analysis and intelligent conversation, along with great banter. The new host simply makes everything confrontational, this new style is aimed to irritate and get reaction, there is no real analysis, the panelists simply aim to make fun of others and diss teams they do not support. There is really nothing objective and the quality is incredibly low. Really sad to say this as I had hoped they would listen to the people and see that the new format is horrible. Would give it a 0 rating if I could.
This podcast is a must liten for fans of the Premier League. I don't have time to watch all the matches, so the podcast allows me to keep up with what is happening, and there are always a lot of laughs, too.
Used to love the fun relaxed nature of this podcast and its host (and now we go to White Hart Lane! Not literally...) but the new host has ruined the podcast. Each contribution he makes appears to be an attempt to out #hottake his last, and since he's the host it's difficult for the analysts to pull the conversation out of the gutter. The relaxed banter I enjoyed so much is gone and it's been replaced by shouting and condescension. I'll check back in to see if the host changes but until it does I won't be listening.