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Good to see you, Guido! Always enjoyed your podcast and missed having it in my lineup. Looking forward to hearing from Boston again!
Just wish it was more often but he sound prettybusy kind of guy.
FIrst off I want to say that I hope that everything is OK. Second COME BACK!!!! This podcast is great. Guido's take on knitting is very refreshing. His writing and speaking style are great. It is like listening to an old friend. Thanks goodness I have a few more to go before I get to the last new episode.
Miss ya, Guido. Come back. Great episodes, great topics, great interviews, great humor.
Male knitters are so rare and wonderful to listen to. Guido adds his own little quirky insight to the knitting world. He travels to local yarn stores and events in the Boston area, sharing interviews he gathers along the way. He has a catchy theme song that I often have playing through my head. He’s become very busy in his personal life recently so the podcasts appear less frequently, but they still amuse me and I love when he refers to his “Pumpkin” (aka Guido’s wife).
Guido, So glad to have found your podcast and have featured you in my new series of Podcast Reviews for 2009 on my blog. I hope to hear more from you and keep up the great work.
This is the first time I have written a podcast review. This is a great yarn crafting podcast in a sea of knitting podsters. Give Stein a listen and help him get the "monkey off his back."
I have listened to the last 5 or 10 podcasts, and really like the interviews. Each person is so unique. Keep up the good work!!
I really enjoy this podcast. Guido is fun to listen to, down to earth, very entertaining. My only quibble is that I could do without the music -- because I'd rather listen to Guido talk!
This is a great show. You never know what you will get but you know it's going to be funny and entertaining. Thanks Guido!
Guido Stein has one of the best knitting podcast out there. His voice is perfect for this media. A podcast that is entertaining, informative, and down right hilarious at times. This is one not to miss!


By kaystar
To use a word Guido uses a lot--this podcast is awesome. He's honest, genuine and an incredible advocate/P.R. man for knitters everywhere! Yay! Guido Stein
Great voice, easy to knit to. The music isn't terrible. Keep up the great work!
Guido "2Skeins" always makes me laugh. I truly enjoy his shows and how he shares his experiences with such heartfelt passion. Definitely a show that should be on your playlist!
I like this podcast a lot! This is a real guy, with real knitting stories, just what I'm looking for. He has a nice voice and speaks from his own experience and opinions. Dig it!! If you like knitting podcasts, you'll like this. He's great!
This is some wild and crazy stuff... who would think that such a show could ever exist? Guido, that's who!! Fun for all, even if you don't knit... Enjoy!!