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I really hope that Brent, or one of the great podcasters in the Virginworld stable, take this podcast and bring it back to life. I truly miss the way the weekly MMORPG news was presented in this podcast. I know there are other podcast out there that reports the news, but they are not as well done.


I found out about this podcast through How I WoW and I have to say this is a very interesting and informative podcast that gets me thinking about other MMOs other than WoW. Recommended to any MMORPG gamer looking for a gaming news podcast :) !!! P.S. well voiced by Brent
I really enjoy this podcast and I listen to a LOT of podcasts on gaming. One of the things I enjoy about this, is the host appreciates many MMO's and doesnt focus on a single one. You can also learn a few things from a developers perspective which is something not many gamers consider when playing MMO's. I find the podcast both enlightening and entertaining. I just wish it was more frequent, and longer.
To the point, informative, and enjoyable. I'm a WoW player curious about what else is out there in the MMO world, and this podcast is a great way to discover new games and find out what's going on in the industry. Thank you Brent!
I love listening to this podcast whenever it updates, it's always very informative and brings me a whole bunch of interesting little tidbits from the most popular games to lesser known MMOs. I only wish he did more shows.
this would be a great podcast...if he actually spoke into the mic on a regular basis!
Brent gives the gaming news with his own brand of humor. A nice voice, great sound quality, and a thoughtful look at the trends and current activities in the gaming world.
Virgin Worlds is an excellent podcast that provides their listeners with up-to-date industry information in a timely manner. Great job!
Brent is a fantastic podcast veteran and really shows it in in this podcast. I love tuning in while walking to class to get updated on all things MMO. Can't wait to hear more from this guy (check out his new video podcast...Brent's Other Podcast!)
I really enjoy this podcast. I don't hear it very often anymore. They don't come out weekly anymore. Brent! Where are you?
This was a great podcast at first but it went down hill when he started making Mini podcasts . If your going to listen to this "podcast" fast forward the first 10 min to get past all the Crap before the content.
Brent gives up the goods on MMOs every week. His show is always informative and professionally produced, yet he doesn't hesitate to give you his view of the news - while keeping opinion separate from the news itself. If you're into MMOs there's no excuse for you not to listen to this podcast. It's the best of its kind anywhere on the net.
I was caught by suprise to see video clips of virgin worlds covering Austin GDC 2008, thanks alot guys, good job daren, on the video, hope more of it comes. This reminds me of the seinfeld comericial :) i was expecting some big fan fair and some drum rolls for the introduction to video :).. I am in new york and i cannot see pax in seattle or Gdc austin so its great that Brent and the mmo roving reporters lol have at it covering the news documentary style... thanks again guys .. keep up the good job DARSUS VIN LVL 80 PALADIN Q1 (yes i said eq1)
Podfade. Probably for the best, as he is a bit of a jerk anyhow.
not for me, if you like all those lame sony games i guess this is for you.
If you want MMO news, this podcast has it ALL. This podcast keeps me updated weekly with all the MMO news on all the great games and even all the crappy games I don't care about.


By Crolk
one of the best MMO shows out there .. a most to anyone that like MMOs and wanna be up to date with the news
Not only has Brent created an exceptionally clean news podcast for the MMO community he has assembled a fantastic collective of shows that offers enough variety there is something there for every serious MMO player. Keep up the great work Brent!!
Lets face it, usually Podcasts are poor quality and inconsitent exercises in audio blogging. Brent puts the news first, gets himself out of the way, and the commentary is always balanced. I've been listening for about a year and it keeps getting better. If you like MMO's then this is the only podcast you need to subscribe to.
Has done a ton for the podcasting and MMO community - great show with great content - thanks!
Ahhhhhh Yeah baby.....Ahhhh yeah
I appreciate the concise tight format that presents me with a snapshot of the industry. There are not enough hours to devote to all of the online games but I love hearing about what is being offered to the online community.
This is the most boring gaming podcast ever, Boring voice, Boring stories, Boring everything. Which is a shame cause i havent found another podcast that gives news on all MMOs.
All I can say is this is in my top 5 podcasts. It gives me all you need to know in the MMO world.
VirginWorld's podcast continue's to be the a greaat example on how to do a podcast right-Brent is honest and imformative on things MMO.i started listening at #50 and actually went back to listen to all the previous podcasts.
Been listening to Virgin Worlds for a long time. This is by far one of the most proffesional MMO podcast out there. Brent does a great job giving us the best news out there.
This is the best mmo and gaming podcast I have heard yet. Brent is the Dan Rather of mmo podcasting. He covers the mmo world with a professionalism and passion and takes the topic seriously without being too dry. Highly recomended.
Brent has consistently provided the most professional independent online video game news source for a couple of years now. He has since parlayed his news preminence into a huge collection of podcasts that cover not only computer games themselves but give an insight into the subculture of gaming. Don't look any further then Virgin Worlds if you are interested in computer games and want to know what the current gaming news is.
I have listened to this podcast for a very long time but never took the time to review it. Keep up the good work Brent, loving the podcast. :)
Virgin Worlds is the best MMO News podcast. Great sound quality. Very professional.
When you listen to this podcast and collective, you always get what you want and more out of it. Brent has done great getting this community started and its the best way to get your gaming news and a few laughs.
This podcast will get you intrested in many different MMOs. Top notch podcasting and is a great example on how to do a podcast becasue it is that good.
brent RULEZ!
Brent continues to put out the best podcast that focuses on all mmo's out and coming out. His excellent speaking voice coupled with audio quality that far surpasses most podcasts is only one of the thing that keeps me coming back for more. For quality and consistency you can't do better than Brent's VirginWorlds podcast.
I have been listening for quite some time now. This is essential if you are into MMOs at all. As a former radio broadcaster and current MMO player, Thanks for doing a great job.
Brent does a fabulous job covering many of the current events in the MMO Gaming community. If you want to know about the current state of MMORPGs then this is the Podcast for you. Keep up the great work!
Brent maintains a professional manner unlike many other gaming pod casts. His language is clean, and he avoids going on tears about things. An A class source of news in the MMO world, rarely if ever confusing rumor and news. The sound quality is high overall, and his voice is pleseant to listen to.

By Pleih
Brent, I have to say... I love your voice and I love your Podcast.
This podcast is extremely informative on news in the world of MMO's. This is a MUST listen for any MMO fan!
This show is very well produced. Brent hosts a very informative show on the news and events around the MMO gaming world. Very professional. I was inspired to create my own Podcast that tries to live up to the very high standards established here.
if you like mmo's this is the cast for you. brent doesnt shill for one game like most podcasts, this show is a pretty fair down the middle look at the the games that are, and the games that will be. keep up the great work.
This is the flagship podcast of the Virgin Worlds Podcast collective. Very informative and straight to the point, weekly MMORPG news podcast.
Out of all the podcasts that cover MMORPG games this one is my most favorite. It's the most polished professional one available (no cussing and is respectful) and there is enough variety between all the current games (it caters to a large crowd). Listen to one and you'll be hooked!
I look forward to every podcast. Excellent information and commentary on current and upcoming MMORPGs. I enjoy the easy pace and straight forward approach to current topics. Also, the guests are always interesting. The website is a wonderful starting place for anyone who wants more info on MMORPGs.
Brent really knows what he is talking about as far as gaming. As the MOG guys put it, he is the smart kid in class you steal your answers from.
It doesnt matter if you just play WoW, or have played um all. Virginworlds gives you hard facts and inteligent opinion on not just the games but the genre, people, and trends that effect our game time.
When there is no new VirginWorlds to listen to, I am very sad. Good thing Brent is very consistent. Excellent podcast, even though I am not subscribbed to an MMO right now.
Brent's podcast is probably one of the most polished and informative I have ever listened to. Of all my podcast subscriptions it is this one that I look forward to the most every week. Brent gives you a perfect mix of the news and his opinions and does it in a way that makes you care about what he is saying. His sense of humor and musical selections round out the podcast perfectly, making Virgin Worlds a pleasure to listen to. Keep up the good work, Brent!
If MMO news and information is what you need this should be your first stop. Brent is well informed, thoughtful and fair in his thoughts and opinions and hasn't steered me wrong yet. He offers a great deal of information on a variety of games and other issues in the MMO world and his is the first podcast I listen to. I'd give 6 stars if I could.