Reviews For EconTalk

My favorite podcast. Consistently excellent.
Russ, EconTalk is my favorite podcast. I look forward to it each Monday. The Andrew McAffe episode is one of the best. Optimistic but not Pollyanna. Thanks for your great work.
Andrew McAfee, today’s EconTalk guest is right. This podcast was an absolute blast.
Interview with Tyler Cowen a recent high point
360 degree discussion and questions. Worth the time.
Russ is the gold standard interviewer. His guests cover lots of interesting topics and perspectives. Russ’ civility toward those with whom he disagrees, and his willingness to learn from them, is an example we all should try to emulate. This podcast has definitely made me smarter and I look forward to every weekly episode.


By couldbe
hough I enjoy listening to most of the shows, This one with George Will has been very enjoyable and informative and will be listened to again soon when I’m able to take notes. I will be buying the Conservative Sensibility and Madison’s Metronome. Thank you, Russ, for making EconTalk one of my must listen podcasts.
That was among the best if not the best Econtalk episode I’ve heard. Though I have some disagreements with the certainty stuff, the idea of people’s discomfort with a leader who doesn’t pretend to know everything was enlightening.
I learn so much from Russ Roberts and his guests. Always interesting and informative. On many occasions I have bought the book that is the subject of the interview. I am reading “Range” by David Epstein and highly recommend. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “In the First Circle” was life changing. Thank you, Dr. Roberts!
Best podcast period.
No one has taught me more about economics and expanded my thinking more than Russ Roberts.
Quality guests with a host who has cogent talking points.
Probably the only podcast that is very engaging, deals with a range of topics and educational at the same time. Can’t recommend enough!!
I’ve been listening to EconTalk for years. Informative interviews. One of the few places you can hear people thoughtfully disagree without any yelling. If you’re only subscribing to a single podcasts, this should be it.
It’s easy to take something new and positive away from each of the discussions. Privileged to have extraordinary people share their insights and time, particularly in the present day information environment that surrounds us.
I always learn something when I listen to one of Russ Roberts’ podcasts. Thanks, Russ!
Best David Epstein interview by far on his new book, Range.
Your talk with David Epstein about mastery and specialization is my new favorite episode! Keep up the good work, I love the macro and micro viewpoints you weave us through every episode. Seeing the big picture connected to all the little pictures helps me understand Economics. I’m your “average reader,” 31 years old in bottom level management at my first “real career” at a large, competitive corporation. I like being in charge of my small little world and being measured against my peers. I’m one year away from finishing my bachelors degree in Economics, I plan to get an MBA focusing on data analytics. My career gives me tuition reimbursement and I’m fortunate to work in a job I can apply my analytical mental skill sets at the same time. Once I finish my degree and pay off my house I plan to retire and run a small business, hopefully before I’m 60! Your talks are the perfect length for my workout and I look forward to them every week, keep up the great work!
Russ’s podcast is an oasis of thoughtful substance in a media wasteland. His guests are knowledgable, the subjects fascinating, and the discussion both elevated and accessible. When Russ has a point of view on a subject, he is transparent about it, humble, and ready to learn about a different perspective (which he conscientiously invites from guests). When a friend turned me on to the show, I thought, oh great, a libertarian economist what could be more boring. I couldn’t have been more wrong. EconTalk has broadened my knowledge and perspectives in surprising ways.
Wide range of topics, solid production quality, not politicized in any way.
I've been a regular listener since 2013. EconTalk is one of my favorite podcasts. The discussions are engaging and thought-provoking. It's also a great place to learn about new books and hear from the authors. Russ is a great interviewer and open to changing his viewpoint when confronted with new information.
This is one of my mainstay podcasts every week, as Russ has an in-depth civilized discussion with someone whose work is interesting. Often it is an economist, but often it is a researcher in some other field
This is by far my favorite podcast. ❤️ thanks for all the thoughtful discussions and inspiration! Your podcast gave me more language to talk about issues that I care about ! :)
One the best podcasts for regular doses of intellectually stimulating discussions. Great curation of guests and Russ does a phenomenal job of teasing out the key point s that the guest is trying to make in their work. Please continue the amazing work Russ!
Best podcast of all times.
Informative and interesting pod on many topics in a easy-to-listen-to format.
I’ve learned a lot from this podcast.
Great source of information, love it.
I have been listening to econtalk for over a decade (I know, it’s insane). It is an incredible podcast. Russ interviews guests with a huge variety of backgrounds and viewpoints, asks probing questions, and provides an incredible resource for additional learning. I enjoy some topics (finance, history) more than others (food), but I always enjoy the discussion.
I’ve been listening to EconTalk for about a year and can say that it is the most intellectually stimulating hour of my week. Russ Roberts is legitimately interested in learning from others, challenging their assumptions and beliefs and also challenging his own. This way of intellectual curiosity is very refreshing and convicts me of clinging to some things that I just ‘know’, but really might not be so. In the last month, I’ve listened to an episode about the Economy 3.0 and another about Gratitude that show the breadth of the conversation. Both were awesome and fascinating and showed opportunities for better lives, but in completely different ways. I’m so thankful for this podcast and the opportunity that it gives me to expand my horizons.
Russ Roberts asked the probing questions, but more importantly, he listens to the answers given. He is very thoughtful, and thought provoking.
Russ Roberts is, in all seriousness, a personal hero of mine. His intellectual curiosity and ability to engage, analyze, and interact with ideas and viewpoints different from his own is both a powerful lesson clear thinking as well as needed example of level-headed dialogue that our society needs to instill as an essential value. I have been a huge fan of this podcast since its early days, and continue to enjoy and learn from each episode. A tremendous thanks to Russ for the immense work that has gone into this endeavor - on behalf of a huge number of friends and colleagues, your work has changed our minds, opened us to new ideas, and inspired us for years! Thank you.
Mr. Roberts, your podcasts on In the First Circle are among the best podcasts I've heard. Thank you for getting me to read Solzhenitsyn and for your wonderful podcast. Please find an excuse to bring back that Russian history professor for more podcasts. -- Matt Esq.
My mid-20’s son introduced me to the EconTalk podcast and I listen to it on the way to work each week. Russ Roberts is a charming and entertaining interviewer and I walk away feeling a wonderful depth of knowledge about the topic of the week. I guess this makes me an Econ geek even if it was just a minor for me in college, Rnglish major.
Russ does a nice job selecting books and subjects. The topics are varied and always interesting. I’ve had to relisten to a number of them to try to follow the discussion.
Econtalk is my one of my top three podcasts but this speculative generalization about human behavior was awful.
I first learned of Russ Roberts in 2011 at a Motley Fool event, where he was the keynote speaker. He fundamentally changed my thinking on economics and the world. I started listening to his podcast every week, then I started back through the archives in 2006, now I've listened to them all, and a handful more than once. He chooses wide-ranging and brilliant guests. He is the rare commentator and host who recognizes his biases and is genuinely seeking to understand different points of view. For me, EconTalk has been life-changing.
This is one of the best podcasts out there, hard stop. If you like Sam Harris or Jordan Peterson interviews, you will love this podcast. Roberts has a much more consistent pipeline of ultra-relevant, sometimes-eclectic expert commentary on the full spectrum of modern issues. Liberals, conservatives, and libertarians alike will find this podcast fascinating.
One of the best podcasts I have ever listened to and with archives dating back to 2006 there is always an interesting episode. Truly great guests and thought provoking topics make this a regular in my podcast rotation
I enjoy your show and especially hearing the guests. Sorry to say your recent monologue was a snore. Wait a bit and listen to it yourself and I think you’ll find it helpful in guiding future episodes where a guest isn’t booked.
Russ Roberts is a brilliant interviewer and produces an amazingly intelligent podcast. Admittedly some episodes are ordinary and some reflect his personal biases, but some are so good and so insightful that they are among the best talks you can ever hear anywhere!!
Russ is an unabashed free marketeer but is always fair and polite to his wide variety of guests. This is my favorite podcast.
Russ Roberts' EconTalk is a gem of a podcast! His discussion with his guests brings out challenging ideas beyond the field of economics, venturing into the social sciences and morality with logic and always supported by scholarship. Listening to EconTalk has helped me become a better thinker and exposed me to new concepts as well as new approaches to established ideas. I thoroughly enjoy Roberts as a host, he has a fatherly wisdom that comes with age and experience, and I am delighted that he shares his insights and interesting guests on this podcast! EconTalk deserves all the stars.
Host Russ Roberts does an excellent job of selecting and interviewing a variety of interesting guests. A great listen, even if you don’t know much about economics.
Great episode. The arguments were interesting and they encouraged me to examine my own views.
I didn’t think I would like this podcast expecting sunk macro/micro opportunity cost... Roberts should rename the show best/consistently interesting/rarely only about EConTalk!
So listen. That's all.
This is for sure my favorite podcast. I love the variety of the guests and that it is just over my head but not so far over that I can’t understand the arguments. I sometimes look up the books talked about and read them. I’m a mom that primarily listens when folding laundry or cleaning. I don’t think I am the target audience but I sure do feel smart when I recap the episodes for my husband (who isn’t a listener yet, but I’m sure he will be someday).