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Best news podcast for updates from across the globe. The editors’ cheeky zingers at the end of segments crack me up
This podcast was once one of my favorites. It now is becoming so biased politically, with obvious left leanings. I enjoy listening to news from around the world but cringe now when they report on USA politics, especially their contempt for President Trump. It makes me wonder if their reporting about other countries politics is also leaning too far over to the left. Get back to the middle and you will get 5 stars from me again.
Bitter-sweet fact that I have to listen to unbiased American political news via Britain news. No fighting and trash taking about the parties is so refreshing.
Changing the words to Baby it’s cold outside. How stupid over the top PC can you get! My god have we lost all Common sense? I do love the BBC. But you cover every story from the Left Wing like how good and great they are. But you vilify every story about anyone on the right as ignorant horrible nasty Nazi white religious nuts.
If the journalists on this podcast did not speak from a personal bias, the title would not be “the Argument.” They offer us a good example of how we can speak to one another with civility and intelligence, in spite of differences in our political world views.
I love BBC because I get to hear news from across the world and also a condensed version of the nonsense President 45 is doing on a daily basis. You actually present facts instead of silly headlines, especially about that fool in the White House.
I prefer facts not biases. I get that people don’t like trump but don’t tell me what he essentially is saying. Just tell me the news and his tweet and I’ll make the judgements. Most reporters feel unbiased though so still deserves 5 stars.


By jj237?
The Iraqi independent reporter had a wonderful voice and was very factual to the point.
My favorite podcast. Worldwide perspective. Non-profit based news organization. An excellent summary of today’s news with depth and breadth in 20-30 minutes.
I had to stop listening, 75 percent of the stories were climate change. There is more important news in the world they just ignore.
This is an outstanding summary, roughly 25 minutes twice a day, of news from around the world—and I do mean around the world. You’ll get US politics but unlike NPR it’s not obsessive-compulsive about US American news. Instead you get a lot from Africa, South Asia, Latin America and elsewhere. I really appreciate it and find it invaluable—a great way to start the day, end it, or while doing chores in between. Yes, it’s not perfect and yes it reflects UK interests and biases but there’s nothing else remotely as good out there.
Great podcast. However, Many people listen to it while they’re driving. Some of the ambient sounds like police sirens can be very disorienting and distracting. Just a suggestion.
I listen religiously to this podcast, because most news outlets here barely mention world news outside the US. And if you aren’t convinced, please review the one star conspiracy-laden reviews and you will see why the BBC global news podcast focuses on reporting facts. Thank you all!
Generally unbiased and objective. Appreciate their reporting on US and national events. Unbiased. Great in depth reporting.
One of Rothschild media
I look forward to every podcast. The BBC in general reports the news, tells short stories and makes US News look like a bunch of whining toddlers. It’s sad because I’m an American. All BBC Podcasts, News, Documentaries and even music are a must listen.
If every media outlet reported like this, the world would be a better place. It sets the bar high, and it is yet to be beat by anything we have in the United States.
The cast do a great job if presenting world news with a focus on the facts. My only qualm about it is the background noise in many of the segments. They sound like poorly added sound effects that are too loud and unnecessary that detract from the content rather than add which I presume to be the intention.
Provides much good information but science information often oversimplified and misleading. Too much speculation and poor analysis sometimes bordering on propaganda. Worth a listen with skeptical mind.
I listen to the podcast daily and it’s shocking how biased the coverage is. The BBC regularly used partisan interviewees without identifying their bias. They regularly push a left wing agenda. When covering any subject it’s always from an extreme left perspective. The rabid anti-semitism is typically British but none the less disgusting.
Unbiased and comprehensive news cast.... love this podcast!!!
I used to enjoy the unbiased reporting but lately each reporters bias has become more obvious.
They bemoan the rise of the far-right, yet praise Trump & his ilk when it comes to Venezuela & Iran
The BBC is my favorite news channel by far because its reporting is top quality, unbiased, and informative. Not a day goes by without listening to the latest episode of this podcast.
As an American I’m bombarded with news based solely on the United States. Therefore I appreciate the international focus of the BBC. All news media should take notes on the BBC. The world is more than the US.
Thank Satan for vaccines and the wonderful sins they empower me to enjoy. USA! USA!
I have been listening to this mind-blowing podcast and l am at a loss for words to describe the usefulness and effectiveness of this podcast in updating people about the world news. I wish to extend my gratitude to all of your indefatigable and worthy efforts to keep this great program going.
A news source I can trust. Just the facts of the stories from around the world.
I have been listening to this podcast for years and I love it. All the commentators are great, but I was wondering if there was any way to get Neil Nunez on. He has a wonderful voice.
Really enjoy the podcast but I need more Jackie Leonard! Seems like she only hosts once every couple of days anymore and that is a tragedy. No offense to Andrew Peach or Emilio San Pedro or Nick Miles or any of the other regular hosts but they just don’t stack up. I say all Jackie all the time. Or better yet, give her her own podcast- I’ll tune in! Say it with me now: “What do we want?” “More Jackie!” “When do we want it?!” “Now!!”
I can’t seem to delete older episodes. It is likely my incompetence, but it would be valuable to delete podcasts after a month, if not sooner. (Doesn’t apply to all podcasts/other podcasts(which may be infrequent). Thanks.
Title says it all. This is my daily dose of an objective, unbiased report of global daily newsworthy events. Also just started listening to “The World This Week” for a weekly summary of the same.
Listen everyday to get unbiased clear cut news! Something that is difficult to get nowadays! Love this podcast.
Lazy and appalling reporting on status of Mueller report, characterizing the Democratic House commitment to doing oversight - which is their constitutional duty - as being purely politically motivated without including the context of the current situation I.e. the Mueller report has not been released, we have only seen the Barr report written by a partisan Trump appointee who is acting outside established process. whose report has already lost its shaky credibility due to a dodgy process - holding back the Mueller team’s ‘public friendly’ summaries in favor of using his own 4 page summary, in addition to members of the Mueller investigation team telling the press the Barr report does not represent the report findings. Be better BBC - you sound like Fox News. I used to consider BBC a trusted news source. No longer...Unsubscribing today!
The news is great, but if lose connectivity or have to stop for any reason, it starts over. Keep trying to fast forward to where last heard. Mostly, it won’t let you do that either. This beyond frustrating.
...Edward Murrow read the news. He didn’t pummel you with his, or his employers personal political agenda. He just the news. Those were better times! Every single day BBC reminds its listeners it has devolved into a pig named Squealer.
The BBC couldn’t be anymore if they fell over. It’s very obvious they don’t care about the public they push lies and manipulation with every breath.
The BBC is my most trusted source of info. Living overseas I don’t get the passive news stories that I would back home so I’m happy to have the World Service to help bring me the most important stories from around the world.
Awesome podcast Daily trying to cover world news seeking a delicatebalance between serious and light hearted stories. Great blended listening experience. Love it!
It's good. It was great before addition of adverts.
I mostly watch news from BBC because it’s not like CNN or FOX News Channel that they tell you what they want you to hear and not telling the real story of what’s going on in the United States and around the globe.
Updated frequently, so you always get the latest news. The content seems to be a mix of original pieces and stories from BBC World Service shows like The Newsroom, OS, Newshour, Newsday and others. It’s 90 percent hard news, though there’s usually one or two short culture stories for good measure. It’s great.
BBC has a reputation of delivering the most important news points of the morning and afternoon through a multi-perspective worldview. Even in a tiny hour-long window, they continue to uphold their reputation through a podcasting medium. I wish it was a little bit longer, but they deliver two podcasts a day which is more than most news podcasts do. I commend these journalists for their work and besides a possible extension, I hope they don’t change any aspect of this already wonderfully informative podcast!
I like my news simple and short ! Just like this
Too bad. I was hoping to get clear information that fully presented world news. It is heavily directed to the USA and blatantly radically left leaning. Don’t bother.