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They should change the name to reflect the fact that this has become the climate change podcast that sometimes reports other news. Every episode. It is so pervasive it smacks of propaganda.
Canada paid Covax for doses. Vaccine hesitantly exists in both wealthy and poor countries. Covax fell apart when The Serum Institute of India fell apart, and a waste of vaccines in both rich and poor countries. Let’s not just blame rich countries….
So you put on a leftist activist who is mad at Facebook for Not Enough CENSORSHIP??? And you make her out like a hero?? CBS 60 minutes is in favor of communist style censorship? Who runs 60 minutes now. Joseph Goebbels? Shame on you 60 minutes. This is the USA with our Bill of Rights. Have you forgotten that. Freedom of Speech.


Have been following the BBC since very young. I grew up with the BBC as an expat. Nothing is perfect but appreciate the knowledge that is brought to interviewing and reporting. In listening to dozens of news agencies around the world BBC is at the top.
I'm not talking about the coverage of what's going on in Afghanistan. I'm talking about the coverage of how Americans feel about the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Everyone interviewed on this podcast has been against it. Why not interview some people who are in favor of the withdrawal? Do you have some agenda you're trying to push? It certainly seems that way based on the coverage you've done so far.
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Love this podcast! Keeps me informed of what is going on around the world.
The bullying style of the interviewer was arrogant and dismissive. Who the heck is he to presume he knows better than his subject who had to struggle to give reasoned answers. This is not reporting it is tyrannical distortion that is a major turn off.
This news is much better and relatively unbiased when compared to other sources. It is, however, obviously biased in the climate change, migrant, and UK COVID response debates. Even though the BBC World Service are linked to the government, they make no real effort to investigate and communicate the very difficult choices policy makers have to make. To these reporters, cutting carbon, letting in floods of migrants, and continuing endless lockdowns have no drawbacks. I expect more from Britons. Oh and as a neutral, American listener, their UK political analyst is so slanted against their Conservative Party and anything related to Brexit that it’s difficult for even me to listen to his contributions. There is nothing about the lack of any real policy coming from Labor, just free coverage of their hollow criticisms of those trying to govern in difficult times. Still, I listen to every episode because of the state of ‘news’ coverage in the US.
Cuba is carrying the us flag and rioting because they want to END COMMUNISM. You do realize that some people can translate what their shouting .... right? Cuba has nothing to do with the vaccine or wanting big pharma- they want freedom and to be out of communism rule. Stop blatantly lying!!!!
Willfully spreading fake news, BBC and its so called journalists have been unscrupulously making up extremely biased reports with no evidence but pure allegations. While receiving state support on funding, the company shamelessly claims they’re supported by advertisements to pretend their independence from the authority. Now here’s my question: where’s your integrity as a journalist agency?
I switched to this podcast because I wanted a world view on current events. I love this podcast.
Too long for a morning podcast and the final one or two issues are basically fun, quirky stories and not necessary. Quicker summary would be nice.
Since the apple update the podcast is not downloading new episodes.
Great unbiased news podcast that helps me stayed informed on world news instead of just America. Recently stopped updating on apple podcasts, please fix this!!
No episode today May 18.
It disappeared and I’m missing it.
Best news podcast for summary updates world wide. The editors’ subtle cheeky zingers crack me up. Reviewer comments are just as entertaining with the types who yell at the TV and those who think reality has an agenda
Bitter-sweet fact that I have to listen to unbiased American political news via Britain news. No fighting and trash taking about the parties is so refreshing. Two stars off for not researching (super easy by just listening to JRE) or simply spreading anti Joe Rogan propaganda.
I have been listening to them daily however their opinion is very biased. Instead of focussing on real news they love to paint a sorry state of other countries especially India. They love to blame governments of other countries and portray a negative image. I wish instead they could focus on real news and stop their biased opinions.
Getting the global news helps put things in perspective. Fair and impartial; doesn't get into local or national spats, just puts the info out there.
Must-need for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date
I love listening to the Global News podcast. It’s one of the things that I look forward to in the day. I enjoy the unbiased news that is delivered & the special stories that make it relevant & powerful. It always has a positive story at the end to bring you & it helps to brighten my outlook! Keep up the good work!
Thank you. It’s so refreshing to hear news that seems unbiased and truthful, I’m from England but live in California. I trust your information and love the consistency, clarity and conciseness.
Just the good music of old time radio news. Fast paced sometimes interesting and always good background.
Was my trusty source for an English perspective and some good international news... but unfortunately, all bbc podcasts stopped working recently. Please fix this issue.
Best news podcast around.
I like that there’s an update later in the day. As much news as you could possibly want.
Wish they’d do only one per day. But other than that it’s great
I’m not sure what happened but BBC has shifted towards being more right wing. They have repeatedly let lies from the right stand without correcting them. They air right wing talking points and fail to point out the falsehoods. This is around the American news and if they are doing that with the American news why should we trust what they are saying about other countries.
Same play book as CNN, but with cooler accents. Good to stay up-to-date on the daily agenda. Stay fearful
I haven’t missed an episode since October 15 2020 this show is SO GOOD
Perfect length, content, and no bias. And truly international. Highly recommend.
Everyday I jump in shower after work and listen to the early episode and wash dishes to the evening episode reliable news and objective.
This is my go to every day.
You will be missed.
Thank you for the BBC news world service, you put a reasonable balance with a wonderfully calming cast of what’s going on worldwide. You help make sense of it all. America greatly needs news media outlets like yours, who can help us make sense of it all.
Used to absolutely love the podcast, however, within the last few months the US coverage has become utterly biased. What happened???
Man, times are crazy in the U.S. these days. It’s great to hear a rational foreign perspective.
Just listened to the Happy News Podcast. It truly made me happy. Thank you very much!
This is the best news summary of its kind. I listen every morning that the report is available for perspective lacking in other news sources. The reporters’ voices are pleasant and well modulated, which is important. And of course sponsorship is vital to producing the show. But first having to listen to a high, moronic female American voice is like having a bucket of ice water laced with artificial color and flavor dumped over the brain. Surely there are better ads to visit upon us American listeners we begin our day.
The best international outlet covering almost all important issues on a daily basis is this Podcast without any exaggeration. I have nothing to say here but expressing my deepest gratitude to your staff. By the way, (BBC News Hour) is another great and complementary Podcast to this one. Thank you dears all! Aziz
BBC World News podcast is what I start my day with every day!
So I’v been a long time listener of the BBC World News and I’ve noticed what I perceive to be an imbalance on how the United States political theater is being covered. I’m not sure where this issue lies; is it with the editor or with the journalist in who they seek out to interview. The current president missteps appear to be pounced upon and his personal life laid out for all to pick through but when it comes to the new President Elect; his pass, his state of mind and his past policies are simply overlooked as though to give him a pass. This platform has been one of my personal go to for news but if the organization is going the way of Fox and CNN you will become just become another echo chamber. We the listener want and desire objectivity and facts not one directional opinions.
this is the best news podcast out there.
I listen to this most days and appreciate the range of different topics they always cover. Everything from conflicts in the world, politics, and even art or music.
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I listen to this podcast because it is one of the best that reports world news. It does a good job with hitting most regions in the world and interviewing representatives in each area. However when it comes to US politics, Russian news or Brexit (when it was an issue) it is shamefully subjective with its analysis and interviewing questions. I would like to think of the BBC as maintaining the standard of objective news coverage, yet as of now it seems not to be as professional as it could.