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Scott & Chris are just brilliant - I'm a loyal listener from the States for the last 5 years. Better than the dross on our local stations
I’ve listened to Scott for more than a decade and I can’t say enough about him. He’s the best. Hilarious and fun. Subscribe to this podcast if you want your life to improve.
I’ve been listening now for years , I pick horse poop to this show . Love it . I was gutted when they cut to four days but now totally happy as Chris is doing his thing on Friday . What a pair 💕💕💕💕
Scott Mills is a legend. I’m in the U.S. so can’t listen live to the show but have been a podcast subscriber for years. I can count on Scott and Chris to bring a smile to my face no matter how rough my day has been. And the new addition of the extra bits podcast on Fridays has been great; I love the behind-the-scenes look at the show. I hope this show and podcast last forever; I know it makes me and a lot of others very happy!!!
This is by far the most entertaining pod cast I’ve listened too. Scott and Chris are a good team and so funny. I have listened for years and have even gotten my kids hooked. 🇺🇸 🥔
... it’s joe
I really like the podcast. There’s lots of funny, crazy, and amazing things on this podcast. Since I live in Bremerton, Washington state having the podcast is nice because time difference where I live.
Have been listening for years from sunny California. Love Scott and Chris.
I absolutely enjoy listening to Scott and Chris. They've both got the best humour.
What a podcast! What a show! Listened for years, the chemistry between Scott and Chris is great as they bounce off each other, the way you feel like you are part of their inside jokes, it’s just perfect. Keep up the awesomeness and please don’t disappear another day of the week like Friday 😂😭🇺🇸
I love this podcast. I’ve been listening for 12 years. Scott is hilarious.
Scott and Chris are awesome, I can’t count the number of hours I’ve spent with this podcast. It never disappoints in delivering LOLs!
Love this podcast so much. I’ve been listening for almost a decade. I can’t get enough. Scott and Chris are so entertaining.
I have been a listener to Mills and Company for many many years back to Beccy and Chappers. Always a laugh and it keeps me up somewhat on UK celebs and such. The only thing I don't care for is the Bangers segment in each show. It can be a bit cringe especially when Chris has to beg the caller to choose his song, and there's the occasional bad sportsmanship. I have to hand it to the producers and the talent for always keeping things fresh. And it's great to hear the odd old clip on Bamboleo Wednesday. A horse for one bin??
I’ve been listening to the Scott Mill daily for around 8 years now. I always snot with laughter listening to it and often look like a fool on the New York subway. Keep up the good work! GO ON PIGS!! YAAASSS
So I’ve been a fan of Scott Mills and his companions (he really is like the Doctor Who of Radio 1 with all his different sidekicks throughout the years) since the early noughties. I listened to him while in the UK and when I moved back to California I still listened. He is THAT good. Super funny and Chris is fabulous as well. If you need something that will make your drive feel shorter and you need a laugh, then check this out. ❤️
I absolutely love this show. I honestly think Scott is the best radio DJ/presenter in the world. I first tuned in around Janurary of 2011 and havent missed a single episode since. I just wish i could listen live.
Longtime listener from the US and due to my schedule I had to switch from listening live to the podcast but I am not complaining. Great to still hear all the best bits of the show for laughs and a general good time. Keep up the amazing work boys!
I loved listening to Scott when I lived in London, now back in the US the best I can get is the podcast. I miss listening to Mills live, but at least I get the podcast! Thanks for the laughs and continued connection to the UK!
I randomly started listening to the Scott Mills Daily in 2009. It's one of the best and most underated shows ever! New material all of the time. Super hilarious. Chris Stark was the best addition to the show as well.
Scott Mills is hilarious! Brits have the best sense of humor. From an American perspective, Mills is extremely entertaining and is def worth downloading! You won't regret it!
One of the best podcasts out there!
I'm from the UK but live in the US now; love listening to this podcast on the way to work. Often talk about it with my British friends.


This is the best podcast/radio show I have come across.
Love it! Love their chemistry and sense of humour. Brian, from across the pond.
Great show! Brits have the best sense of humor, they always sound polite to a yank like me ;)
Best show on Radio 1. I download the podcasts on a weekly basis. I love it.
I love Scott and Beccy; go on pigs.
I'm an American who first heard this on SiriusXM in my car... every time I caught the show while I was driving I was thrilled. Now I can finally be sure to hear the show each day, and not have to sit through boring music to get to the good parts: the talking! The whole show is pure comedic gold. Love it!!
Funny stuff but the podcast plays the same material over and over. Anything remotely funny will be featured in at least half a dozen different episodes.
I listen every chance I get. I download the podcast..and play it in the early mornings while I am at work scanning our DIY store. My mum is from Lincolnshire, we lived in Essex as kids and I lived and raised my boys in Cheshire from 2000-2005. I live in PA USA and like any torn between the two.:-) Nice to hear you guys.. I laugh all the way through my morning task. thanks.. Tracy McNally
For one, this (along with doctor who) gave me a British accent, so thanks for that. Second, since I take the bus from home to school, there always this annoying radio show. Thanks to Scott and the gang I can drown it out with something entertaining. :)
Was lucky to dicover this bright gem of a podcast- wish I'd thought to keep the Born This Way songs. They were great!


By AGSlut
Scott, American radio is all junk, but your radio is amazing!!!!
Such an amazing show!!! Never gets boring
This is one of the best radio show made my day. :D
Like others have said already, American radio has nothing to offer to match up to the great Scott mills. Becky is the ultimate side-kick. Chappers was an amazing co-host but he has gone to other career aspirations an will be dearly missed by the fans. Scott mills show has been making me laugh for years. Witty writing and awsome producing had made the show top noch.
There's nothing on American radio as great they're all just crap and wish they were as great !!!!
Scott is the funniest Radio 1 DJ, even funnier than Moyles (whose started to grate on my nerves.) Scott has a great dynamic with Beccy, Chappers, and TOTDS. I'll definitely miss Chappers since he's left the show now. Miss you already Chops!
This is AMAZING. I listen to the actual radio program on the bbc iplayer everyday and then record the podcasts because Scott, Chappers and Becky HILARIOUS. Everyone should download and listen. It will DEFINITELY cheer you up
i agree with amywashere but i live in Illinois and all of these jokes are funnier than the ones here......good work
Scott Mill's Podcast is hands down the best of Radio One! You can't help but laugh out loud on the bus or train while listening to "Oh what's occurring" with Gemma from upstairs 'Panorama' style questions to the people of Great Britain, or the tragic messages left on "Flirt divert". The Lily Allen and Mariah Carey interviews are priceless :) Love you Scott!