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Reviews For Be Positive Stay Positive Podcast

You’re amazing. Please keep doing what you’re doing!


I’m over the top about this podcast. Everyone should listen...Even just one episode.
Your positivity and helpful words are awesome. Love your podcast!!!!
Such a positive encouraging podcast. A lot of helpful wisdom being shared here! Glad to have stumbled upon this podcast.


Love your podcast!
I have been listening to podcasts for many years but I have never been so inspired by a single podcast. The host speaks as if he's talking directly to me. The variety of topics and the insight is mind blowing. Since I've started listening to the be positive podcast, my life has changed for the better. I am now aware of and control my thoughts. I know now how they determine my mindset for each day. I wish this was a daily podcast but 3 times a week really helps. Thank you Nat for inspiring everyone to be happy, positive and lead a more productive life and I hope you continue to enlighten us with your words.
This podcast is, I’m sure, of great help to many. It is down to Earth and extremely useful. I think that the words are beneficial regardless of where someone lives or what their circumstances are.
Being positive is a definite struggle at times for me. This is something I’ve been trying to change in 2019. Keeping positive media outlets such as podcasts on hand has been KEY! Thanks for providing support to me on my journey to a happier lifestyle! I definitely recommended this podcast to help shift your perspective!
Such an inspiration Nat. Thank you it was what I needed and I will Stay Positive.
Nats always positive attitude is contagious. If you need a pick me up watch his podcast. It will change your day for the better. Keep it going my friend.
Just wanted to say thank you Nat for making a difference in my life. You’ve made me stop and think about what I think about! It’s easy to let the negative take over, we’re surrounded by it every day. As much faith as it have, sometimes I still get weighed down. Now I stop and think. Do it want to be happy or miserable? And of course the answer is happy. God Bless you.
Thank you for sharing your positive outlook. Look forward to more content
Great podcast
I’ve been listening to your podcasts for about few days now. You might think no one is listening to your but trust me you’re making somebody’s day better.