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Words to live by
This Father-Son Interview and discussion served to deepen my respect for this man of God - and I already held him in extremely high regard!
I thank God for you, your faith, your love for God, and your love for all people!!! I thank you for the the time, energy, truths, and lessons that you prepare for us!! I started listening to you several years ago with my dear, sweet, God loving, mama!! She listened to you on Tv, read your letters, devotional magazines, and read some of your books. All of which she shared with me. We grew knowing about God and His Son Jesus. My parents had us in church and did what they could to keep our eyes focused on God. I, like many have fallen off the path, but God was always there to get me back on. He used you, your teachings, and my mama to do most of it!! Therefore, I have continued to listen to you on podcast mostly, read your letters, devotional magazine, and letters!! God has truly used you in my life. When I am praying about something, you always have something on it with God’s guidance. I lost my dad in 2009, my husband in 2010, and my mama last Thanksgiving . This has been devastating for me. I do not know what I would have done had it not been for you sharing your knowledge and faith about God’s love for me and that He has a plan for me!! I spend most of my days praying, in the word, listening to your podcast, or reading your devotional magazine etc. so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the very “Special messenger” of God’ word and love!!
I thank God every day that God has put you and your teaching in peoples lives. Our faith in God is much greater because of your helping us to understand his word.
I have been with Dr Stanley since 1975, if my memory serves me, however in any event he is the reason that I received Jesus,and I have been thankful ever since. His sermons seem to always be right on time for me, and I can’t wait to someday meet him in person in Heaven.
Thank You Dr. Stanley for saving my Christian life through your teachings/God Bless
I give Dr Stan,ey a 5 but this site a zero
Would be a five if I can actually use this . Never seems to work. Love Dr Stanley teachings
Thank you for your teaching Pastor Charles Stanley
Love Dr. Stanley. One of the best teachers of the word, break down everything so one can understand. Knows every inch of the Bible. Truly a Bible scholar. Thank you so much I am truly evaluating my life because of your teaching.
I love the way he teach the word of god. Great teacher, I give thanks for the live our Pastor Charles Stanley even do I live in California I consider him as my pastor Love you in the name of Jesus Christ Rene Cerda
I truly enjoy watching Dr. Charles Stanley teaching the word of God in a manner that is easy to understand.
Dr.Stanley has always been able to give a word that penetrates my heart. He always points his listeners to Christ! Bless you Man of God!
Dr. Stanley has helped me grow in Christ tremendously. I listen to him during my workouts and while I’m at work. I believe he fears Yahweh and truly believes what he preaches. Every messages he preaches he back it up with scriptures and he doesn’t make it complicated or confusing. I pray Yahweh continues to bless him and favors him all the days of his life. I love you Dr.Stanely, in Christ ❤️.
Dr Stanley is truly a man of God. I've listen to him for many years. He has God given wisdom and I look forward to hearing his inspiring messages. He teaches the Word of God!!! I would love to meet him someday. I pray that God grant him long life and good health in Jesus Name
I’m so grateful for Dr. Stanley’s teaching of God’s Word. His book, “The Gift of Forgiveness” explains God’s principles of forgiveness and helped me to forgive myself and others. This made such a difference in my life by bringing me closer to the Lord and experiencing His peace. When I feel anxious, I listen to Dr. Stanley and he is like a kind, wise grandfather imparting God’s truth and reassurance. God Bless, Dr. Stanley!
I have been watching Dr Charles Stanley for several years on television. If wasn’t for him and his ministry I’m not I would return to church several years ago. He speaks truth and is doing what God needs him to do.
Thank you for helping start my day
I’m 17 and I love how Charles Stanley let’s God move and speak through him his ministry is such a blessing I consider him one of the many role models I have in my life
Dr. Stanley has consistently challenged and comforted me through many years of turmoil in my career. I’m thankful for and FBA. Thank you for the inspiration and perspective upon the Christ. Jesus is Lord!
Best oonline pastor.has taught me much about the bible and has been an inspiration. Plus the good thing is he doesn’t sugarcoat the message to impress but teaches the true gospel.
Dr. Charles Stanley has been such an inspiration and a guide for me throughout my life. I love his sermons and how he can correlate biblical principles, and scriptures with everyday life.
The Bible is for our instruction to guide us through this life and God uses men to help us draw closer to him. Thank Jehova for imparting Holy Spirit on this Bible teacher. How many times I have been encouraged, disciplined and guided by God’s word through the vessel, Dr. Stanley. This podcast is much needed spiritual food that you will hunger for. Teach and preach Dr. Stanley.
God blessed me when he gave me Dr. Charles Stanley! Teaches from the Bible!
I have been listening to Dr Stanley for over 20 years and all I can say is he is the example and model of truth and wisdom as a pastor. He sticks to the Word of God and that is what matters for everything else will pass away. My life is not the same beach use of the power of the Holy Spirit that flows through him; a willing vessel. My prayers are always with and for him/Intouch Ministry.
I sent this to Charles Stanley I am a cradle Catholic, was married 50 years and she passed from 5 years battling cancer. A couple of years later I met another lady and we married. She is Christian and we share the same core values. Recently her father passed away and her mom is dealing with that passing of her husband. She is also very Christian. The issue that my wife and I are having is with the grandkids. After her husband passed away the mother stayed at our house while her apartment was being painted and new furniture put in place of the old . That was a joint effort of the parents 3 grown kids. All the while the grandkids were wanting the grandma to live in another place! So for the 3 weeks the mother was living in our house she literly bounced back and was happy with joy in her heart. She is Brazilain and speaks no English, and I thought I was going to just be the “Mommy Sitter”! Was I ever in for a surprise! She wanted to watch Jimmy Swaggart, so I turned on the TV and went about my business on the computer in another part of the house. It was lunch and in she comes with a lunch! Began folding the laundry, checked the mail. I never expected to be served! At the end of the 3 weeks the refurbished apartment was done. We went to Walmart and did some clothes shopping where she chose her clothes. I was in the military and never had much to do with my parents. This was my 2nd chance to honor a mother! This mom finds it hard to stay alone, unfortunately the housing authority doesn’t allow others to stay other than to visit. When she speaks this to the grandkids, they are up in arms, railing against the elder parents decision to keep her in this apartment. The mom loves the apartment and the amenities this housing authority provides. Our question we present to the grandkids is : Where can you find an apartment for $120.00 a month in the Boston Ma area? That is her rent - utilities included! Still the grandkids complain to the point they don’t talk to my wife or me. This has been ongoing for some time - Then one Sunday morning I was getting ready for the 7:30 Mass and turned on the TV and this minister was chatting about that Holy Spirit in a very calm presentation- unlike most preachers who almost pass out in an ending sentence. Time went on and another Sunday, Charles Stanley was talking about Happiness and Joy. That is when I went searching for his Podcasts and found! He makes such good sense and his presentation is the best and any one listening looks forward to the results. So time to go workout and listen to a Podcast or 3🙏 Blessings to you who read this and to Charlie, David & Ladir Griffith
This podcast is excellent and filled with truth. Pastor Stanley always says what I need to hear. He follows the word true and simple. I am so thankful I can hear him preach while I ride to work on the subway in New York City. Thank you. Please continue to make these ❤️💕
I agree my soul would have been lost . God lead me to him and used Charles to clean me out of a whole lot of sin. Thank you Charles Stanley for living in Gods truth🤗
I have been watching Charles Stanley TV broadcasts for several months. His messages speak to my heart in just the right way giving me guidance and reassurance that God is talking to me. I have set my DVR to record his shows so that none are missed...and I look so forward to watching him when there are no distractions. The peace and joy fills my heart and I feel so blessed by his powerful and touching God filled sermons❤️ God Bless you, Charles Stanley and thank you for your wonderful ministry.
Dr.Charles Stanley messages helped me to draw closer to God by meditating upon the word of God and spending time in prayer. Now My children are also listening and taking notes. This will help them to grow strong in the Lord
Pastor Charles Stanley is one of the greatest teachers that I have ever encountered. His teachings are so clear that even a child can understand it. I have truly been blessed by his ministry.
Through the words of the lord we all shall find light
Dr. Stanley has been doing a wonderful work for our Heavenly Father. My search for truth and my request to God for knowing it has brought me to Dr. Stanley’s message more than any other source. Why? Because Dr. Stanley preaches from God’s word specifically.
This touched me so deeply. I can close my eyes and see my Mother the encourager. My aunt told me after my mother passed, that my mom was good as gold. She was so right. I hope my daughters see me and will think of me in the same fashion. I certainly had the most wonderful role model. God bless you Dr Stanley for this beautiful message.
This is a man of God. He truly has a love and desire for his Great Creator, the Lord God. His blessings and rewards will be great because his love for us comes from his love of Jesus. God keep you Mr. Stanley
I have been listening to Charles Stanley for about 40 years. It is wonderful to have access to his sermons via Podcast.
I gave my life to the Lord about 28 years ago. I was lost in this world and I’m t caused to loose my first marriage. I could not deal with life until I went to a rehab in Ventura California that’s when I met my mentor. He lifted me out of garbage and cleaned me up. That’s when he told me that he had a very special friend, that person was Jesus Christ. Now I serve a great person and that’s my Lord an Savior. I give all praises to Him. Amen. 🙏🏻😇
I love the Lord cause he heard my cry!!! Dr Charles Stanley been around since I was a teenager. My Father always would listen to you in his study and write down notes of what you said....Now that I’ve been learning of Lord Jesus and his Word for over 30 years....I too have been doing the same thing as my father 😉 I have journals of my studying with u either by watching you or reading one of many books you have written......Thank you Dr Charles Stanley for making it so easily and simple to understand the word of God. I listen to you every night and your word of wisdom comfort me. Thank you Lord for a great shepherd I mostly appreciate, You are kind, concerning, loving, knowledgeable, you have measurable wisdom and most of all YOU love me..... I love you Dr Charles Stanley because you taught me to love my fellow friends and family no matter what....and to leave all consequences to God....I thank God for you and your ministry and your Caring and Sharing...May God continue to prepare you daily to teach his words and may Gods Love Keep you in perfect peace.....Amen
He chatters on quite a bit and says "listen" alot but he's a competent pastor. I disagree with some things he says but all in all is often hard to keep up as he's speed talking as much as he can fit into a sermon. Half the time I feel like it all went over my head cuz he squirrel talked through the whole message without a second to breathe. Not a bad guy, just not a favorite.
I am so blessed by his ministry which is a point where it is hard for me to put it in pen . See you in heaven . Our father loves us very much . May god use you more and more !!!!!!!!!!
I enjoy listening and watching Charles Stanley out of all the preachers I enjoy him the most he hits home and his words make you think and realize the true words he speaks.Charles Stanley teaches the Bible and is faithful in bringing us to to know God and our Savior Jesus Christ he doesn’t sugar coat nothing he teaches with his heart he wants to save us and show us the path we need to follow he shows us the truth and teaching us the true way to live he isn’t a hypocrite like other preachers he doesn’t scam you for money he teaches us the word of God. I listen to him and watch him on Sundays he is inspirational and opens your heart and mind to god and Jesus.
I have learned and grown so much in my Christian life thanks to Dr Stanley.
Dr. Charles Stanley is a good instructor love his teaching's. Even though I've only seen 2 video's so far but I've seen him on tv before & loved those sermon's as well. Cannot wait to watch new sermons of him! Rating him a 5.
If I was alone and wondering what to do the perspective direction you focus me and keep me focus. I lose direction but your direction in reading scripture keeps me focused. Thank you Dr. Charles Stanley and In Touch for bringing this app for keeping me focused on the word of God.
God bless you and every body who helps you to make all these sermons available to every one for free! I listen to them day and night!
Pastor Stanley has been a type of "on-air" mentor of mine for decades now. Get this videocast!! I have learned SO much! Charles is totally unique and he has guided me to deep communion with the LORD on a variety of levels. Thank You LORD for InTouch Ministries! Ted from Chicago.
Me and my son Christian was able to meet Dr Stanley on Mothers Day. It was such a blessing to meet him 30 years after watching him. He is a true Man of God.