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I have three gripes with this podcast - first and foremost, the sound quality is terrible. This would have been par for the course in 2011, but podcasting has come a long way, and it doesn’t have to sound like you’re listening in on a long distance telephone call with a bad connection anymore. Second, the interviewer is CONSTANTLY interrupting his guests (maybe due to a lag?). Over and over, the guest will be mid sentence and dropping some good info, and then they’ll get interrupted, awkward pause, and then (from the guest) “go ahead...” No! Finish what you’re saying, please! Lastly (and related to point 2... the host really sticks to his pre chosen questions - there’s not a lot of true conversation, and it can make it feel forced. Hate to leave a rough review, and I like the guests and topics chosen, but the execution needs work.
Good and informative podcast but the audio quality sounds like it was recorded on a cheap 1978 cassette recorder. Please upgrade the audio so the guests can be heard.
I’ve listened to these podcasts since nearly the beginning, and they get better each episode. There are occasional glitches, and the sound quality is sometimes off, but the quality of guests, the topics, and the well structured interaction between host and guests, more than makes up for it. Back episodes can be purchased and listened to through a website, for an extremely reasonable one time fee, and it’s very much worth of to go back and listen to the early episodes.
Great guests and topics - ability to send in questions (can hear answers later if unable to listen live) Enough details for all levels of anglers.
I'm happy to see a podcast version of this show as I get the most time to listen to the show when I'm driving to the river or sitting on a plane. Either way, the streaming version doesn't work due to network unreliability on my drive or flights. This version helps me get the most out of the show when I can't listen live.....which I'm rarely able to do. Keep up the great work! Please upload more shows for those of us who travel and need a fly fishing fix! Thanks for all that you. Excellent production!
I'm new to fly fishing. Found your show. I have enjoyed it. Wish I could get back episodes .
The information seems alright, but the presentation is god awful
Good source of fly fishing infomation. Always learn something useful. Only wish that the sound quality was better.
Great podcast. I've been listening for well over a year, and always enjoy the guests. The interviews on this podcast are more in depth than any other fly fishing podcast out there. I usually listen while at the vice, tying for flies for the fly box.
I listen to the Ask About Fly Fishing (AAFF), Orvis and Itinerant Angler Podcasts. I like them all, but AAFF is far and away the best. Here's why I think so. AAFF podcasts are longer... Usually, by the end of the podcast I feel "almost" like I sat in on a conversation with someone who really knows what they're talking about. And, that person was given the time and asked the questions which provided the opportunity for a full conversation. Whether or not I'm new to a podcast subject the interviewer always gets to a place where I'm really listening closely. Guests... It's almost a who's who in the fly fishing world. Love it. I attend the Fly Fishing Show in CA every year and when I see some of these people (guests from the show) I seem to be able to get into interesting conversations with without much trouble at all. Questions.... taking questions from the audience seems to break up the monotony a bit and the interviewer does a good job of picking questions more / most? listeners would like to ask. Little competition... although I like the Orvis podcast it seems to be a work in progress.. Tom spends a lot of time on beginner stuff. This is so boring and frankly by the end of some podcasts I feel like I've wasted my time. I like the format of the Itinerant Angler. It's a very different podcast from AAFF and the interviewer is capable, but some of the shows are really just plugs for friends - almost no content at all.
This is a revision to previous review, and a response to the "painter". The message is excellent and very entertaining now that I listen online and would recommend the show online only. The podcast is still extremely poor as far as sound. Now to get back to the "painter" whom pretends to be an angler, I am not your "Buddy" and rest assured you will never "fish" with me. So instead of mouthing off at my or anybody else's opinion. How about finish painting, finish listening to you podcasts, finish watching "The Movie", and ask you wife if it's ok for you to take off your skirt and come out to play. Or just stay home and tell everyone you a fly angler with no passion. Have a good day Mr. Painter. Very poor quality sound, I would love to listen, but if the sound quality is this poor, then the content of the message must be poor also. If the sound quality is corrected I will listen and revise this review. Thanks for the effort but I take angling seriously and wish people that wish to speak of angling would to the same. To bad the first impression of this pod cast is amateurish.
I think that this is a spectacular podcast. To address a view other reviews: The sound may be off in a couple shows but I have not found it to be that bothersome. For some reason I lost all of my back, previously released shows but after looking at my iTunes account on my computer I see that I can recover them there if needed. To the yahoo who takes his/her fishing so seriously that sound glitches have put him off the show: take a breath buddy and lighten up. I pray that I never have to fish with you because you would end up killing me. I have painted 8 rooms in my house listening to 95% of all of these shows. I thank you for them as does my wife. On top of everything else it is priced very competitively.
I listen to the show, but I wish I could still get the back shows on iTunes.
Always a good and in-depth listen. Great to have so many different (and sometimes conflicting) experts and opinions to explain how they have found success or productive techniques. The carping (sorry) about the quality by some others here is nitpicking - it's fine in the older episodes and excellent now. And speaking of older episodes... I would LOVE to be able to download (via itunes or off the AAFF site) all of the episodes. I can't sit by a PC long enough to listen to them online. There is SO much great information in these discussions that I would hate to think we've lost the ability to take the older ones with us on the drive to the next water. Please? Thanks again, and best of luck with the show.
Learn alot. Sound better now, but slow to load latest episodes on to ITunes.
Enjoyed several episodes learning about new fishing opportunities and techniques. This is an update from my previous comments about the contests not being real. I just recieved emails from Roger Maves about getting me the prize awarded from Craig Matthews episode. Thank you, Roger!
These guys have many great interviews. There is just about a podcast for everything you need to know. Good job gents!
Detailed and very informative I learn a lot whenever I listen


By fish102
sounds like its recorded over a CB.
Great podcast but terrible sound quality
I have listened to all of the podcasts on flyfishing available and this is the best long one (Orvis has the best short one, IMHO). I have been listening and learning from AAFF for over a year now and find these to be excellent. As was mentioned in an earlier review, sometimes the sound quality hasn't been very good (e.g. the host was sometimes much louder than the guest) but it has improved since the beginning. I get the most out of the more general podcasts; the only ones I don't listen to are those for specific rivers and places. Keep up the good work.
What a wonderful resource this is. I am so impressed with the quality of guests, among whom are some of the real luminaries of our sport. Thank you so much for making this available.
This is simply a great podcast. Its length allows the show to get extremely in-depth with each topic. It's great to have the opportunity to submit questions before the show and have them answered by the experts.
I never fail to learn from each show.
Roger, you do great work. I travel internationally quite often and this podcast has quickly become one of the highlights of my week. It's long enough to be very educational but entertaining and never boring. Most of the guests are extremely knowledgable about thier chosen area and they are very entertaining to listen to . I can honestly say that my fly fishing skills, my knowledge of destinations, fish species and equipment has increased significantly. Some of the podcasts address subjects that do not appeal to me but even those are always entertaining. Your podcast with Brad Befus has convinced me to chase carp. I find that I keep many of the podcasts on my ipod so that I can use them as ready reference materials whenever the need or curiosity arises. Thanks and keep it going.
I really enjoy listening to the recorded show and try to listen live on the net when I can. You guys go good work. I really enjoy the depth that you can go into due to the extended length of the show. Thanks for many ejoyable hours listening to AAFF while driving to fishing destinations!
I've enjoyed listening to the podcasts, you've had some great guests. The sound quality could be better at times...