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Very disappointed by the host. Everything comes back to her. She doesn’t let the guests speak or answer questions thoroughly. Maybe she would be best suited for a podcast that was about her and her experiences with guests that she can talk to. But this is Goop, it’s not about the host — it’s about the guest. When Elise was the host, I could not wait to hear an episode. She asked very deep thoughtful questions and seemed generally very interested in the subject and never made it about herself. I hope Cleo finds the right podcast for her but I don’t think Goop is the right fit for her style.
I found myself looking at the reviews for some reason and there are so many negative ones. I am surprised. I think it’s because when we dislike something we are more likely to say something than when we like it (I’m guilty of this) so because of that I just want to say how much I love Cleo! As I’m sure many many listeners do but like me aren’t thinking of reviews assuming everyone is enjoying it too. So to send good vibes 😊 - I’ve taken so many insights from her wisdom and written down phrases she’s said that have become mantras and part of my guiding system. She does seem to talk more than the guests which can make you feel like you are missing out on wisdom, that seems to be the bulk of the negative feedback, but I’ve fallen in love with her non the less. I didn't know her before she joined goop and I’m so glad I do now. I bought her books and though I wouldn’t call it poetry it’s sooo soothing and lovely and resonant. Thank you Thank you Thank you ✨ Cleo ✨ and obviously always have love for Gwyneth 🤍🩶🖤
I was really looking forward to hearing from Eliza Pressman but it seemed to me she got very little air time and was continually interrupted by Cleo Wade who would ask a question and never let her answer. I just ended it and I’m going to go look up Eliza and find out the 5 principles for myself. That was a frustrating listen. I was hoping to be educated not just listen to rambling.
Can you and your privileged self just go away. You have no voice for REAL people. It’s comical.
Thank you so much for this beautiful conversation with the phenomenal , multitalented Halle Berry. It was so refreshing to hear you both hold space and discuss midlife transitions, menopause, parenting and holistic wellness with such grace, intellect , authenticity , depth and transparency. This really resonated in such a profound and meaningful way. Again, thank you so much, this episode really made my day!!!
Can you stop saying LIKE. It turns an informational podcast into lunch in a middle school cafeteria. The constant LIKES make it unlistenable. You can’t possibly be a poet, author, visionary and speak this way. No!
Please get rid of Cleo Wade. The co-hosted episodes started going downhill since Elise Loehnen left, but especially since Cleo Wade took over. She seems incapable of having any substantive conversation. I can’t force myself to finish an episode if she’s the host—please, I’ve loved the podcast for years but please replace Cleo.
I used to listen to this podcast a lot but have to agree with the other reviewers about the new host. I’m sure she’s a lovely human but conducting interviews is not one of her strengths. As others mentioned, she spends a LOT of time talking about herself. I gave it another shot with the most recent ep about human design bc I was curious what that even means— but nope. They spent 19 minutes talking about their incredible friendship and how they had both followed their dreams. Awesome! Cool! But what is human design? That’s the title of the podcast and they didn’t so much as define it until 19 minutes in. Also I’ve heard at least twice the suggestion that this host introduced the world to poetry in some way. Once she mentioned that when her book came out there weren’t big poetry sections in bookstores (what?), and on this ep her friend mentioned that poetry wasn’t “cool” before her. I realize Goop is not the most literary brand, but these comments are so ignorant I don’t even know where to begin. GP should really just do the interviews.
I am a longtime listener and love when GP gives the interviews. She is brilliant, natural, warm, funny + reliably interesting. I have learned so much from the Goop podcast through the years. Thank you! What happened to Erika? Was it ever explained to listeners that she was leaving and/or being replaced? I missed it, if so, and I cannot stomach the newest host. She seems to always turn the convo back to herself? It is uncanny. Sadly, I no longer listen to any of her interviews because I’m consistently disappointed with her interview questions and style. Also, why is the sound quality mediocre for this podcast? I’d love to see that ameliorated. ( :
You are so conceited and disgusting. I can’t think of any movie you were in. Now Hollyweird is closed! Hahahaha!!
I found the commercial episode for your peptide serum very interesting. My one criticism is why didn’t you guys explain what a peptide is and how it works to make your skin more youthful? Like you guys didn’t explain anything from a scientific standpoint it was super annoying. Otherwise pretty thoughtful conversation.
But can you please improve the audio? It is so so so so so bad. But I would love to listen to this great content. Thank you thank you!
This podcast gets amazing guests but the scope of conversation is limited because of the hostess’ narrow minded focus on her own experiences and traumas. I was recommended the family constellations episode but was disappointed to hear the host repeatedly dragging the conversation back to the Holocaust. The guest tried multiple times to come back to the method and his work, but the hostess was unrelenting in her discussion of Germany and Auschwitz! I find this very disrespectful to other peoples and cultures who have also experienced war and genocide. We must do better.
You lost me with Rachel Cargle.
Recently came across the Goop Podcast and am really enjoying it. Especially appreciated the episode about alchemizing grief into purpose with Sade Lythcott. This was such a fascinating and beneficial podcast with so many amazing takeaways! Feel much more courageous and comfortable with the grief now. Can't wait to listen to more episodes! Thank you!
Authentic and informative - keep up the great work!
This podcast is brimming over with insights and illuminations that actually make our lives richer and more fulfilling. GP is always a joy to listen to and Goop is a glorious extension of everything that she embodies.
Hopefully new host was just nervous, but this was impossible to follow. She jumps all over the place and talks about her self incessantly in a way that makes it feel like she needs to prove she’s worthy. You are worthy- no need to prove! Hopefully she settles into it.
Love the show but in this episode, that i was so interested to hear, the sound quality is so poor its almost indecipherable, Gwens voice is clearer but katherines is fuzzy and the entire sound has an echo. So sad.
This podcast is nothing more than a product push and woke propaganda. She has her friends on the show and they aren’t worth listening too. Hard pass.
GP is probably a really nice human but this podcast, and goop in general, is loaded with and harmful misinformation that gives voice to dangerous practitioners who don’t believe in science and prey on women’s vulnerabilities.
why does this even exist? a lot of the advise given is just unhealthy.
The sound bath meditation with Ambi was such a welcome and needed break! I am an avid podcaster and sometimes forget the importance of not listening, talking or processing but just breathing and healing. I am saving this for future practices!
The ad break at the beginning of the recent sound bath relaxation was jarring and seemed like a mistake? Im okay with needing as messaging at beginning and end of podcasts, just not in the middle of a relaxation exercise. Thanks.
This podcast seems a bit…I can’t even describe. During the sound bath meditation there were ads in the middle of it… And the hosts don’t seem to be in touch with reality. A bit…..come se dice delusional.
GP’s voice is so soothing I feel like every podcast she hosts is a guided meditation
Was really disappointed that it was sponsored by a body contour product.
Honestly, your last episode on dating…the dating coach discuss “female having bodies” and “male having bodies”. Have you all gone off the deep end? Are you so woke that your mental and verbal straightjackets have forbidden you to say the words “men” and “women”? It is nauseating. Also, Erica is a turn off. She over shares and all roads lead to her own self-reference whatever the topic may be….especially in the Gabor Mate interview. No one cares, sorry Erica. They are not tuning in to hear all about you. Elise was a pro. Miss her.
Absolutely love the episode with Katy Perry. I love nothing more than real talk about getting through the delicate times of life. I also love melody Beady short podcast about codependency. We need so much more work around the subject. Myself having been to the 12 step program for codependency, without it, I would’ve not recovered to the degree I have today. At the end of the podcast, she talks about meditation. Meditation is a very thing that I specialize in with focus on calling chakra clearing and other spiritual work. I have always said that my spiritual practice is the one and only thing that truly moved the needle, along with every lifestyle and traditional help. I couldn’t agree more with Melody’s insight about meditation and less scrolling shellymarie_healer on TikTok & Instagram
This was one of my faves. Their chemistry was amazing and Katy has such a beautiful and open energy.
I loved this interview so much!! It was fun and empowering… I’ve learned so much from these ladies throughout the years💗
Excellent! Learned so much. Love this podcast.


By quiks24
Loved this episode and the ease of the conversation. Kim was open and honest and we got more out of her then the last season of her show


We should not be supporting pedophilia. Was a gwenyth fan and still am but cannot support her giving Kim any sort of platform to take zero accountability.


Love the podcast and listen all the time. - the guest audio was echoing on this episode. Just an FYI 💛
I loved this and applaud you for not letting anyone put you in a box of who you can and cannot have on the podcast. Love it or hate it you are both amazing business women and mothers and if people can’t figure this out that’s just sad. You are both inspiring to me in different ways and I’m here for all of it.


Cannot listen anymore ! she is the worst ! Sorry not sorry
You really dug deep in the trash for this interview. I will never listen to your podcast again. 🤮
Listen. I tried. This Kim K episode was the last straw. These are not interesting or smart conversations. Nothing backed by science, research, or common sense. No hard hitting questions or deep thinking. Pour your moon juice down the drain and listen to a different podcast with people worthy of a platform.
If you feel like listening to the two most affected and boring individuals on the planet take a listen. #StopMakingTooStupidPeopleFamous.
G - You’re everything I aspire to be - intelligent (your vocabulary!!), thoughtful, financially independent, an activist in your own way, a perfect balance of beauty, brains & style, not to mention a great actor…and then you have Courtney on your podcast. Okay - I get it. You want to talk business. Then, Kim. Fine. I know it’s important to network. But, “the feminism of Kim Kardashian?” A woman who is fake, in every way imaginable, to get the gaze of a man, money & fame, is NOT a feminist. She’s a business woman. Women are slapped with the expectation of holding up the world while having to do it in a pretty way. But then there’s Kim, telling us that we should be passing the bar looking “flawless” & sexualized. Our young girls are getting the message that they have to be everything to everyone without the entire staff and resources of the Kardashian empire. Please rethink your idolization of her and have more conversations with your daughter about the difference between a feminist and “just doing what you want to do,” what the true intention behind that could be and really taking a closer look at what Kim SAYS and what she actually DOES. What is the objective of the women’s movement? Is it to get money or is there some social responsibility to other girls coming up? I could definitely teach a college level class on her but it would be in the impact of celebrities on feminism, modern girls and business models. Definitely worth taking time to examine but absolutely not admire.
Disappointed that goop would interview that trash, Kim Kardashian. What woman with half a brain would want to listen to what she has to say? Unrelatable, vapid nonsense. The fact that so many in this country think of that family as America’s royalty just shows what a garbage heap the U.S. is turning into.
I absolutely believe the power of listening, contemplating and moving into action. There is nothing frivolous here @gooppodcast and with every episode I learn something new or am reminded of something I know and then take the opportunity to lean into the new idea. GP is a wonderful listener and avatar. Share with your friends, they will be. Grateful. Mark
Gwenyth need to hire someone to manage the sound balancing of the mics. The guest is barely audible and then she sounds like she’s SCREAMING. I couldn’t even finish the episode.
Every single episode has led me down a rabbit hole of deeper learning and I’m so grateful to have a simple resource for growth and development that I can listen to on the go. If everyone sought to better themselves in the simple ways this podcast suggests, what a wonderful world it would be.
A fan of the pod since the early days, but what happened? Erica and the important work she does certainly belongs in the goop community, her perspective is interesting, and life story is inspiring. But is hosting the podcast the right job for her? She lacks even a trace of charisma in her delivery, her questions are clinical and non-conversational, she over-intellectualizes her words and verbiage to “impress” guests, and more. I’m honestly shocked she’s still at it, because it does not seem like she wants to be there or enjoying these conversations. Erica hosting has made this podcast unlistenable. Erica is brilliant at many things, but hosting is not one of them. I hate to bash such an inspiring and powerful woman, and that is not my intention. She’s the right woman in the wrong job. Erica fell in love with goop through the newsletter, maybe GP can pass that mantle on to Erica? And someone better can host the pod.
I was reminded of GP’s white privilege when she endorsed a land developer for mayor of LA who donates to antiabortion groups. She’s supporting a billionaire who votes against women instead of Karen Bass. Don’t take advice from her or anyone who continues to work for her. Trumper in disguise.


By jes565
I always look forward to Goop podcast.