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The people need more!!! We are clamoring for more high literary paranoia.
MSJ is one of a kind and the podcast is incredible.
Might be the single most informative podcast I’ve come across
I came for the JFK episodes, which are brilliant, and I'm now branching out into some of the other ones. Truly, MSJ has nailed the JFK story, partly because he provides a LOT of context about what led up to the assassination, as well as a pretty plausible take on what went down in Dallas. What I found fascinating was that I had heard many of the tidbits that go into the JFK story, but never before pulled together into a coherent whole. I especially appreciated the "where are they now" bits that connected with headlines that I recall from the 90's and early 2000's (for instance, Porter Goss' stint at the helm of the CIA until a planeload of drugs showed up in Mexico during the W Bush years). MSJ is also a brilliant mimic, and each of the JFK episodes starts with a simulated conversation or radio broadcast that is both hilarious and deeply disturbing.
I Loved this episode! You really hit the nail on the head with this episode! I am new to your podcast and I got to tell ya I am hooked! I hope you are able to do a updated version now that he is the President! Unfortunately We are in trouble and The United States soon will be a 3 rd world country with those idiots in charge!
A podcast so good once you finish an episode you will walk across town just so you can listen to another one.
MSJ is a compelling story teller and his passion pulls you in. As good a socialist pod as I’ve ever heard!
Deep insights on literature & the American empire. Great narrative tone with a lot of humor, intelligence & heart!
the host's forte is clearly literature and for that reason i find the podcast on the whole entertaining and informative. had to dock some stars primarily because ALL history content (esp sideline commentary/historical factoids mentioned in passing) should be held to the same standard of evidence as the rest of the show (or even the same standard that the host holds other writers to)! just binged listened to the bulk of available episodes, and found the host's personal blindspots (sometimes delivered in a manner bordering on arrogance) became increasingly evident to me. then i listened to the 5th in the JFK series which- when i checked the description out of disbelief and frustration that the podcast had taken such a questionable turn- found that the description said ep had been "deleted". why change the description and keep the episode up?? it'll end up in peoples queues regardless of the disclaimer. if you really want to keep the episode up, honest recourse would be to publish the BASIS for the episode being pulled in the description rather than write "deleted for inaccuracy" without actually deleting or detailing the nature of the inaccuracies. also minor point BUT: if you don't actually know how to pronounce a foreign name but still want to pay the respect of not butchering it in american english style, please just google it and listen to a native speaker pronouncing the name before saying it repeatedly in the accent you imagine it is pronounced in. annoying criticism on my part but at a certain point after hearing the jarring mispronunciation of a name in a language i speak... the comic over-pronunciation of non english terms and names ends up coming off as self-righteousness or a pseudointellectual tic that's a bit off putting as the host is clearly an intelligent guy in many other respects
Thank you MSJ for keeping the underworld alive, and for discussing and recommending great literature.
but i thank the CIA for the entertainment nevertheless.
I came from TrueAnon bc my man infected me with his love for Pynchon, however I do not have an MFA in Literature so the diatribes about American writers and obscure Latin phrases feel more circle-jerky than anything. He might benefit from a slightly dumber cohost to help keep the discussion on point, however I know that would be a disgustingly rational approach for him to take.
My goodness this man is well read and holds our greatest national treasure, Thomas Pynchon, in the most deservingly high esteem. Really enjoy narrative tone and sense of humor dude brings to material.


This affected my brain both clarifying and obscuring my hold on reality.


I’m even more mentally ill than before now
Great cast!
MSJ has got a lot of talents, and he puts em to good use in the podcast format. The episodes have legitimate relisten value and function as diet infotainment for the modern paranoid.
Let MSJ teach you the stuff they don’t want you to know. Can’t recommend highly enough. Drop out and tune in.
I've been trapped in a system of technological control mocked by the specters of 20th century history, and I can't find my way out
Highly recommended for folks who like niche podcasts. One of the best new podcasts I’ve found in a sea of garbage.
Hunter S. Thompson would never do something as lame as a podcast but if he did, this would be it. Come for the amazing analysis of Inherent Vice, stay for the stunning five-part series on the assassination of JFK.
Michael is a brilliant man who has a great perspective on history. He looks deeper into the story than what is the accepted narrative. He’s a bit negative, but I would be too if I knew all that he knows. I hope this podcast continues well into the future because I NEVER get bored of it.


Just checked out a couple episodes and really enjoyed them, Pynchon fans should definitely check this out
Love too get lost in this one