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This is for my son Lil' Richard he like this can of music
@Large and Kinetic do an excellent job lining up great rhymes for every show, some stuff I think I would've otherwise never heard as well as tracks from some of my favorite artists. If you're looking for a good taste of the show try to find a episode without an interview (they take up too much of the episode and most of the artists they talk to sound too wasted to be participating in an interview.)
I love this show. Only "real hip hop" played on this podcast. I disagree with the previous poster. I don't think they talk too much. It adds a home feel to the show that I think is lacking in other podcasts. If u want just music, stop being cheap and buy it!!! Some people are never happy.(even when it's free). No complaints here. Keep up the good guys. You guys got it going on in Canada!!! Marcnmiami26.
These dudes from Canada bring some serious hip hop to the front and with substance. The only issue I have is, at times they talk too too much over the music. Face the fact that when you put it on iTunes, it's going to be played all over the world. We just want to hear hip hop, not what's going on with your friends and the cost of milk in Manitoba.
I really enjoy your show and I have been a fan for a good minute been trying to find the episode where you had median's "rise" and krs one's "kill a rapper" joint on there, that's my favorite episode but can't seem to find that one again:-(


As long as it keeps Hip Ho alive. Check out the Break Bread Music and New Power Players podcast. It's also free on iTunes!
Hey nice mix, man! Great music selection.