Community Christian Church

Reviews For Community Christian Church

Absolutely love David and the staff at CCC. Great way to hear the word.
I attend CCC now, but even before i attended i listened to and learned from the podcasts posted from CCC. The down-to-earth teachings relate so well to real life trials and triumphs of the present day christian in a problematic world. Thank you CCC for serving the community at large with biblical truths confirmed with Christ love.
This is a great resource to listen to some totally awesome sermons whenever you want. Dave, Nic, Joey and the rest of the speakers are DYNAMIC! I just listened to the sermon on divorce and learned a whole lot about this ultra sensitive issue. The birds eye view series that CCC is in now is a really great way to get an overview of the Bible as a whole. Definately check it out, as well as any other topic that looks interesting and I hope you learn something cool and new too!