The House Down Cherry Tree Lane

Reviews For The House Down Cherry Tree Lane

Where do I start? The potential for a great ghost story is there. Editing, proof reading and a female narrarator are all musts before my rating could increase. I cannot listen to a story with such grammatical errors and no inflection of voices so you know which character is speaking. Sorry:(
The author has written an amazing story and I hope she continues to write many, many more stories like this. Her talent is beyond words. The story keeps you glued to the very end. Charecters are real and believable and likeable. The reader has done a great job. I highly recommend this book to all!
I tried, but I couldn't get past the hackneyed and belabored style, it really is quite tedious. The descriptions of the characters are ridiculous. Also, having a male narrate a woman's voice is bizarre. I don't want to discourage this writer, I hope she continues to write and hones her skills. This just really can't be her opus.
I loved this. Although at times it was slightly confusing, it still was a lot of fun. Evil spirits, Brittish ghosts, what more could one ask for?! It truly is wonderful and should be looked at, keep an open mind while listening, and you should enjoy!!


I listened the this entire book and it was bad. First of all the book is written form a woman's point of view, and the narrator is a man. That makes it wierd. The author kept making the same gramatical errors over and over agin and using the same terms like "crap" to describe everything. The worst was when it switched from romantic ghost story to religious themed, complete with long bible quotes.
I've listened to a ton of podcast novels, and this is by far one of the lowest on my list. Besides a not so great story, the performance is not that great. There are 4 sisters living in a house, and when they are having a conversation, you can't tell who is who because the reader doesn't change his voice at all. Once the "romance" of this story kicked in, I became totally disinterested. If you want some good creepy stuff, check out Crescent, One Among the Sleepless, and Hall of Mirrors. This should be skipped.
This is a poorly written, poorly read, simply awful podbook. As was written before, the dialogue is ridiculous. There are many grammatical errors which grated on my nerves, not to mention the overuse of phrases such as "craphead" and "peeved off," which didn't help. Jeffrey Kafer's monotone reading made it impossible to know what the characters where feeling until he read their mood at the end of a sentence. His "southern" accent for one character was surpassed in lack of accuracy only by the supposed British accent used for David. All in all this was a complete waste of time. I only finished it because I wanted to know the ending. When the "twist" at the end was revealed, however, I sincerely wished I had stopped when I began grimacing at the second chapter.
The plot and mystery of the story are great; it's really the only reason I was able to finish listening to the book. BUT... The like-ability of characters quickly fades due to the horrible dialogue. While the characters are developed to seem though they are poor to middle class, the dialogue sounds as if they have come straight out of the OC; after the first few chapters it becomes very annoying. Overall, the plot is intriguing and definitely interesting. But it's seriously crippled by the dialogue.
This was my first podiobook, and it didn't diappoint. It is so well written. The descriptions of the house make you feel like you are there. I will listen to this book over and over again.
A spooky ghost story with a twist of romance and a sprinkle of horror. Be sure to stick with it to the end, because the final chapter doesn't disappoint. Enjoy! (A note for sensitive listeners: If this were a movie, it would probably be rated PG-13 for adult subject matter, a little mild violence, and mild swearing. No explicit bedroom scenes.)
I love this book! The volume is a bit low sometimes, but I have a long commute in the morning and this is a great way to pass the time. Much easier than books on tape! Keep up the good work!