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That music is really hard to play, good podcast.
Wynton is a true genius in music-in fact, the entire Marsalis family is! I don't think that there is a more talented family, then the Marsalis family! These podcasts are a real gem & a half!
The material on this podcast is not only amazing but is possibly historic. Considering the overall audio and video quality some of these podcasts will certainly be viewed by future generations. Think about how many of us happily watch the footage in the Ken Burns Jazz series. The podcasts of rehersals provide great insight into the mind and capabilities of Wynton Marsalis. Do not concern yourself with storage space. Download the entire library and be sure to run a backup. This is something for the ages.
This is better than an album, better than a concert recording because you get to see and hear both of them, but also watch rehearsals with Wynton Marsalis's quintet and septet. It is a priceless resource that educators, students and enthusiasts should know about. Thank you thank you thank you. I just hope it never stops.
Wynton gives out more free stuff on I Tunes than anybody. The music is fabulous and he is an incredible stage presence. If your just catching on to jazz this is where you wanna start.
Mr. Marsalis is one of the great artist of our time. This podcast gives you an added look into his mind and his music. It is well worth your time to subscribe. If you ever get a chance to see him in person - TAKE IT.