Reviews For Puckertime

Come back.
A great show from the west coast. I especially get a kick out of hearing Sto Sr explain the way things were growing up in Pittsburgh
I started listening when Jr came out of the closet (haha) but recently been listening to all the older podcasts. I truely can't stop listening! It's like we're growing up with little Sto and relating with the frustrations of being a parent with Sr. They truely put the FUN in functional alcoholism! Billy bob neck interviews are the absolute best!
This is honestly one of the most compelling podcasts I've ever listened to. If you don't listen to this, you're really missing out on a gem of a show.
Sto n' Sto always have interesting things to say about a wide variety of issues. It's a really unique show because there aren't many parent/child teams that bring such a cool dynamic. Also, how many podcast hosts have actually banged the cohost's mom? Great for everyone, but especially those who have a lot of family members in the military. The interviews are always fun too. Great show
great show
This show is the bee's knees! One of the greatest comedy shows around. I'm no expert, but I did burn down a holiday inn express last night.
Puckertime is one of the most interesting podcasts out there. The father-son angle gives the show an unexpected edge, be it in the funny/serious/thought-provoking department. Excellent sound quality and an uninhibited atmosphere make for a great underground addition to your podcast subscriptions. This isn't your typical shock talk show; it's rougher and rawer than sponsored "professional" shows. Sto and Sto love what they do, which makes if even more fun, so subscribe to Puckertime to share in on it.
The only way I could possible describe this podcast is... STRAIGHT MONEY!!!


These guys are funny as hell, and really sick. I can't wait to hear what they will say next. Subscribe sit back and get ready to be entertained.


Its the best represntation of 2 different, yet similar, perspecrives on modern (and other) life. Its a zen blend of comedy, politics, life, wisdom, and experience. Its definetly worth a listen :}
they do it right, great dynamic between this father and son team. if you aren't listening you are seriously missing out.
Fantastic! Keep up the good work!!