Love Hurts

Reviews For Love Hurts

Whether guests are talking about relationships that left them dexastated, or family who let them down, the stories here are relatable and compelling. Bryan keeps the conversation moving, while giving his guests the space to tell their story.
i enjoy the stories on this podcast and its helped me getting through a recent breakup knowing that i'm not alone! my only qualm is that the host can be kind of a yes-man/people-pleaser in his interactions with his guests which gets kind of old if you listen to episodes back to back. but overall definitely worth a listen.
Bryan has a knack for bringing vulnerability out of people. These episodes are beautiful in their intimacy and realness. You leave each feeling a little more connected to the world.
My go-to podcast when I want to get away from current events and just hear an entertaining story. The audio quality is pro too so it’s a really easy listen. Highly recommend!
Love hurts but this podcast sure don't! Actually sometimes it makes me wince, BUT IN A GOOD WAY! These are great, vulnerable stories on the universally relatable topic of wanting love. Totally worth listening to. Give it a shot. RIGHT NOW!
This show is well produced and an easy listen. I have enjoyed all of the episodes so far. The topics are relatable and things we all go through but don’t always know how to talk about. The storytellers on the show do a great job at being vulnerable and sharing the message of love, what we do for love and how love has burned us. Keep making it happen Bryan!
Really sincere, if you like The Moth , you’ll like this.
A nice back and forth with the host and guest. I liked the intimacy - as if I was sitting right there in the room feeling the feels and laughing at the awkward, universal truths of how love hurts. I enjoyed this one with my morning cup of coffee but can imagine feeling equally good listening at night with glass of wine. Hurt (and it's ridiculousness) pairs well with most beverages and times of day, I'm inclined to think.
Just listened to the first episode and I’m hooked. Bryan is able to elicit deeper levels of stories from his guests with ease. Really great!
This show feels very real and relatable. Even though Episode 1 is about a breakup, I found myself smiling the whole time—there is humor and honesty and authenticity throughout. Really looking forward to more from Love Hurts.