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Love this podcast because I don’t care about any other comics but DC (only a lil TMNT and Hellboy)
These two guys are the absolute best when it comes to comics and maybe all podcasts. I smile the whole time I'm listening. You can tell these guys love what they read and love to share the RAGE! It's great to listen to something that's build on being positive instead of negative reviews. Can't wait for episode 500 and another 500 more. Keep up the great work.
I used to love this Podcast when I was in high school but in the years since then I have come to find that while the overall quality of the podcast is good, the two hosts can’t seem to apply critical thinking to the comics that they review. Every review and discussion is positive, it is as if DC Comics can’t do any wrong or someone is paying Sean and Jim to make it seem that way. If you believe that DC comics are infallible then this is the podcast for you but if you desire more critical thought than look somewhere else.
This is by far the best podcast on DC comics I have ever heard.Im a 48 year old reader who have read DC comics for 40 years.These guys go in depth on the books.The give a clear concise reason why they like or dislike something.Im hooked on the podcast it is all I listen to.I have started back reading comics because of these guys.
If you are looking for honest critical discussion on DC Comics this is NOT the podcast. The hosts are complete unapologetic gushing fanboys. They LOVE everything and never have a bad word to say about anything new from DC. And their obnoxious intro and constant giggling is a complete annoyance. Anything else can be a better listen and offer more interesting critical discussion than these two.
This is a very professional and intelligent podcast, and it feels weird to complain about this, but the hosts are too positive. They absolutely refuse to criticize a single aspect of anything they review. This leads me to believe they're not being entirely honest and/or are worried about upsetting their sponsors. That may not be true, but I grow tired of hearing them heap praise upon praise for every little thing DC does. I love DC as much as the next guy, but I've got to admit that not everything they do is perfect -- like these hosts would lead you to believe. One interesting episode was when they discussed Justice League War. The co-host started to almost criticize it, but then it really felt like the main host was shocked to hear anything negative on his show, and began pressuring the other guy to start singing praises for the movie. And sure enough, as the conversation went on, the co-host eventually shifted his view to to talk about how great the movie was. I shouldn't have been surprised, since this guy's main role on the show is to agree with everything the main host says with an enthusiastic "Oh God yeah!" and then repeat the process of pouring unending praise on these comics. On one hand, it is nice to see some positive reviews in an age of so much Internet negativity. But at the end of the day, not everything is perfect, and I want to listen to people who aren't afraid to say the occasional negative comment about something they love.
if you're a fan of DC comics, or just a fan of comics and are curious at all about what DC may be doing, this is the podcast for you. sean and jim know their stuff, and talk about everything with such passion for the product, that i've found myself checking out books that i had zero interest in previously. i'd definitely recommend this podcast to anyone out there interested in comics podcasts.
This is one of the best podcasts going right now!!
I listen to a lot of pocasts and this is one of my favorites. The show is very positive and upbeat with conversation about what Sean and Jim love about the comics they are reading. It is also a good way to learn about comics you may not be currently reading because of their in depth reviews. If you are a fan of DC Comics and looking for a good podcast give this one a shot its always fun and very obvious that the hosts have a genuine passion for the hobby.
I became ill last year and discovered this wonderful podcast. I enjoy thier passion and info on the few books I do not read. Sean and Jim are a joy to listen to and if you like comics, you will still like the books even more after listening to them
This podcast is great. I recently discovered it and instantly enjoyed that format. I have been enjoying Captain Atom and really enjoy the interviews with Freddie Williams II. Raging Bullets also turned me onto The Savage Hawkman because of their descriptions and opinions on the comic. Thanks for the great podcast.
These guys are amazing. In an age where it is en vogue to bash comics, these guys have an unadulterated love for them--and it shows in every word they speak. Oh, they're well-versed enough in comics to be able to see the weaknesses in a particular book, or the industry as a whole--but they have a passion for comics, and hearing a true fanboy's appreciation for the form is loads of fun. If you love comics, check these guys out. If you hate comics, give these guys a couple of hours to change your mind. They're up to the task!
Sean and Jim have created something special with their podcast in that it stays positive and they truly love what they do. It should be a must listen for anyone even remotely interested in DC Comics. You can jump in on the current episode or episode one and quickly feel like part of the Raging Bullets community, full of whatnots and maybe a whatish or two.
What? A podcast without overly critical fanboys talking about comics? That's right, these guys love comics and instead of bashing them put them over. It's not all fluff, but if they are critical it is fair and not mean spirited. Relax and listen to some intelligent banter about DC comics.
This podcast got me excited about comics again 15+ years after I stopped collecting. I look forward to each episode and enjoy their work immensly.
I really wanted to give this podcast a higher rating but I can't for one simple reason, I have never listened to an entire episode all the way through. These guys deliver a fantastic product due to thier overwelmingly awesome knowledge of not just the industry, but the localized mythos of the DC universe as well. They are also very great when it comes to delivery. Both hosts are very well spoken and professional, neither of them get choked up or lace each scentence with an "uh" or "uhm" like so many other poorly-spoken fanboys who produce DIY podcasts out of their basements. However, the average episode lasts for 2 and a half to 3 hours long. I (as well as many other fanboys) do not have the mind-focus abilities to stay interested that long (even when the subject is something I love). The level of indepthness is quite extreme and sometimes borders the realm of boring. It would be fantastic if they could limit each episode to 45 min- 1 hour. Also, how about a few nods to the Vertigo stuff every once-in-a-while. I know DC has several imprints, but I think Vertigo has cleary earned a spot to stand beside the DCU rather than behind it.
Everything you need to know in the DC Universe. Thanks guys for your hard work and hours of entertainment.
Never a dull moment in this podcast and guys are likeable. A must listen to if your a new listener or an old hand at comics!
I heard about this podcast through the Comic Geek Speak podcast. Jim and Sean are very huge fans of the DC Universe and it shows in their reviews and analysis of the books. This is a great podcast if you're looking to dip into the DCU, or already are a fan, and just have fun listening to these guys talk about DC comics. Not a whole lot of negativity in their podcast. They just review books, talk about upcoming events, and interview creators. It's a nice rest at times when you listen to a lot of comic podcasts and it's filled with a lot of "I hate this and that" but yet these people still read the books? Jim and Sean love the DCU and they express it in this podcast. Enjoy.
Raging Bullets is a great podcast. I'm atempting to get back into comics after 15 years and find the host and guest generally interesting. They do not deviate from the topic on hand which makes the broadcast very valuable.
These guys are great! I've actually started reading several comics and gotten really into DC in general on their recomendations. they're very informative and not overly critical. Plus, I can listen with my 5 year old. If you have even a passing interest in DC comics, this show is the best of the lot!
If you love Dc comics this podcast is a most. Great hosts great quality great time.
I'm tired of listening to some of the other podcasts that claim to love the artform but do nothing except criticize and spew venom! RB's Sean and Jim are positive even when one or both of them doesn't like a title, they'll state why but then go on to point out the good points. Some may think they're to silly and laugh at their own jokes but I just think it sounds like two guys who are really good friends and like to bust each others chops but share passion for comics and know what they are talking about. Highly recommended!!
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I found Raging Bullets to be informative, especially to a first time listener like myself. Many of the topics were familiar, but some of the information was unknown. So if you are looking for an interesting podcast about DC Comics and the ideas within it, I suggest listening to an episode. Ep 171 is over 3 hours long, and it doesn't get uninteresting, so don't worry about the time. Lastly, I found the hosts to be informative in a way that didn't sound cocky or trying too hard. It's basically a conversation about comics, and it sounds good to me. I recommend for you to download if you're a fan of DC Comics and are looking for a podcast that's informative and interesting to listen to.
Jim and Sean are very relaxing to listen to, they are always very positive about what they discuss and VERY thorough. Despite the title of their podcast, they are not full of bitter nerd-rage. In fact, I suggest they rename their podcast to something more approriate like "Snuggling Pile of Happy Kittens". They're not very critical, but there are lots of other podcasts that will dissect things for you. This is a podcast to get the low-down on what's going on with DC in a very happy and laid-back manner. Great work, guys!
A great in depth look into DC's books each episode but bring your patience. The host finds himself hilarious and is CONSTANTLY laughing at his own jokes, much to the detriment of his show and his co-host's opinions. If you can get past all the laughing and obvious scripted dialogue in his reviews you'll enjoy this podcast.
If your a fan of DC Comics THIS is the podcast you want to hear. It's great to hear 2 guys who know these characters in and out discussing the current state of the DC universe. OK so the episodes are a bit lengthy, but I usually listen break it up into 2 or 3 segments and it makes the workday go by quickly. Great Job Guys!
I only read DC and I love listening to what these guys have to say. The timestamps make it easy to skip directly to the discussions on books I read. Great show!
Sean and Jim are the most passionate, dedicated fans of DC I have the good fortune of knowing. If you're tired of the negativity that pervades a lot of comics forums, blogs and other shows, Sean and Jim are the tonic for you. They read just about everything DC puts out and, rather than just react to what they read off the cuff, take METICULOUS time to note all the nuances of a book and then share those details with us all to agree, or disagree with. While you may not always see the bright side of what DC is doing, Sean and Jim will; and I'm forever envious of their ability to enjoy so much of what they read. As if that weren't enough, they are fun, polite and very attentive guys who work hard at building the community. I'm proud to call them friends, and proud to be a listener.
This is a very good show. Close to 5 stars for me but one of the hosts tends to laugh at his own jokes alot and it can drive me nuts occassionally. Good info, very thoughtful and the hosts sound like great friends which is always nice. Give it a listen if you enjoy comics but it is an ABOSLUTE MUST if you are a DC fan.
...... AND they love KRYPTO!!!!
I found the show about a month ago and cannot stop listening. They really enjoys the comics and it is infectious. Fun, funny and informative. Thanks Sean and Jim.
These guys are very knowledgable, fun, and passionate about comics. Great for those just getting in, as well as long time fans. The bad is that the podcast just sounds too scripted. You can tell that when they go into analysis of the comics that they are just reading it off a paper. To me, that bugs. It might not bug you that much. Also, they never seem to NOT like a book they talk about. Not that they should rag on any books, but each one gets such high praises that it just makes the great ones seem less special to me. Its just more useful to me to know the good and bad of a comic, so that its fair and balanced (sorry for the fox news quote) Otherwise, good stuff
These guys are wonderful - long drawn out hours of comic book goodness - they have gotten me through many hours of Graduate school homework and I feel like they are good friends of mine. Some day I will meet them at a convention and thank them for all the entertainment and thought provoking discussion.
Great podcast for knowing whats going on in the DCU HORRIBLE if you want to know what is good or bad they love everything that DC puts out to the point of insanity nothing they could print these guys wouldn't like. HOWEVER if you want to know the scope on the latest happenings of the DCU they are fantastic and deliver spoilers and news and theories with great fun and enthusiasm. (SHORT VERSION: THE BEST FOR WHATS HAPPENING IN THE DCU. THE WORST FOR KNOWING WHAT IS GOOD OR BAD)
I've fairly recently begun listening to this podcst on a regular basis, and it's become one of my favorites. The guys know their stuff--and most importantly, ENJOY talking about it! With lengthy episodes topping out above two hours, it's great fun to just start the show and spend a good chunk of the day listening to them talk comics, whether I've read the comics or not. Certainly helps pass the day at work!
Sean and Jim do a great job of communicating their passion and enthusiasm for comics and all things DC. I look forward to each weekly podcast and enjoy the spectrum of DC titles that they cover. Anyone interested in comics (and DC Comics in particular) would be doing themselves a disservice if they missed out on this one!
An amazing weekly production. More content and length of episode than podcasts with 6-7 members on the broadcast. This is a top of the podcast pull list for me whenever it comes out. Always very entertaining and thoughtful.
this is a great show! long informative and fun episodes every week. the first podcast i listen to every week new ones come out. my only gripe is that i wish they would stop laughing, their laughs are like nails on a chalk board. but other then that i love these guys.
listening to this podcast will make you want to buy more comics. Sean and Jim of Raging Bullets provide a great podcast that covers everything DC. Is it a long podcast? Yes. Is it worth yet? You betcha. They go indepth about current issues and its refreshing to hear Sean's DC history knowledge and as a new DC comics fan, I can relate to Jim as well. The interviews are great, their excitement is contagious (beware...you want to increase your reading list). Thank you guys for putting togehter a great podcast I have enjoyed over the past year. Keep up the great work!!!! Long live the WHAT NOT!
fifteen minutes in and they still havent stopped talking about their sponsors.
the host laughs non stop. It's a really annoying laugh. It's like Joker gassed him when he was ten or something. AHhehehohohohohohehehehehehohohohohohehehe!!!!
The Raging Bullets podcast is by far my favorite comics-oriented podcast. The hosts have excellent chemistry and always leave you hungry for the next episode. They don't hold back and they speak their minds. In the beginning, Jim was the DC novice, and it's been great hearing him become more and more of a DC fan. Defintely top of my stack.
These guys have so much enthusiasm and content. This is required if you're a DC fan.
This is the best podcast out there when it comes to Comics put out by DC Comics, Jim and Sean show their true love for all things DC comics, as they cover story lines and whats going on and give their take on it, you will find that you say What not alot after thanks to Jim. Warning though listing to this podcast will lead you to buying alot more DC comics than you are now, thanks to these guys really getting you excited over what is happing over at DC comics ( they do need to talk more about Blue Beetle though!)
Absolutely Fantastic. Their discussions are always lively, entertaining and thought provoking. Their enthusiasm is infectious and they make so many great recommendations.If you are a DC fan then you should be listening to this podcast.
Sean and Jim do great, in-depth reviews and discussions of DC Comics storylines, titles, collections, graphic novels, and anything related to DC Comics and their characters, old and new: movies, tv shows, cartoons, and the like. If that sounds like your cup o' tea, check it out!