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I'm really excited, Yay I clicked troughthem and seem to be great!. :) ( ☺Have some cookies☺ ) ! mmm well I haven't listen to the songs, but just in case, hey do you think you can put some Vocaloid songs.. ONEGAI! ok. ○^_^○ 谢谢!
A lovely podcast LOL its so Funny please upload more
you should check out bleach and full metal alchemist both r very good but also gin tama is a good manga me and my friends love that one its very funny but thats just me and my friends, any way check out thoughs few anime
This is one of the most entertaining podcasts I've found on any subject. The host is so open and warm on those things that she loves, be they Japanese music artists or video games, that it's hard not to share her enthusiasm. Please record more!
this is the coolest podcast ever! i love it!!!
A great podcast, the podcaster is very funny and sweet great music download this podcast
This is a excellent podcast for any otaku...Valentine brings short manga, movie, and video game reviews...which are right on target! I really enjoy the music played during the show. She sure knows how to pick good Japanese music! Can't wait for more from the Gaijin CultureCast!!!!!