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Without Sirius I have been missing all of these and couldn't buy on itunes like they could in England. Funny? of course, insightful? incredibly so.
Being an atheist in America, life can be filled with struggles to separate church and state! Religious radicals only want everyone to believe in their god and world view, leaving rational humans fighting for the right to just be. So, thank you for helping all of us nonbelievers have a voice. You are awesome on Steven Colbert every time and it’s more important than I think anyone even realizes to have intelligent voices of atheism in middle America. Thanks
Please make this happen.
Hilarious and i love hearing rickys POV on life. He articulates things i feel and think about very well. Also, fix your audio you bellend. You absolutely demolished my ears with that song-finished sound.
Thanks for being brave enough to make that Christmas song bit. I loved it. So funny and what's so cool is Ricky actually can sing 🎶. So the song came out professional sounding. Awesomeness.
He is still one of my absolute favorite comics. I listen to his podcast and old XFM broadcast literally every day!
These are absolute genius. Karl is by far my most favorite human being. Ever. Well done Rick and Steve on discovering him.
The first podcast I ever listened. It’s still so funny and there’s still nothing like it. There are other podcast equally as funny but I have never heard a human being say the things that come out of Karl Pilkinton’s mouth, never. And Steve and Ricky knew that, it’s amazing how funny this is.
12 minutes of content in the last 6 Months...He now abuses the medium he helped Pioneer. What are people giving positive reviews to, episodes of other projects five years old?
He has become the character from his show Extras, but only to the point where the character became a successful but self involved sell out. Maybe one day he'll have the same epiphany as his onscreen counterpart.
Love listening to the podcasts and the audiobooks!
Laugh out loud ridiculous funny.
Genius and my commute just got a lot better thanks to these two!
Who's Guinea Pig is it?
It's really funny. But I was wondering why it does not have English subtitles.
I can Bernie lean
Wife and I were just watching the tele, noticed that you hadn't released a new season yet for the Ricky gervais show... Is it because you hate us?
Love it! I need some more! Though I do miss Steve from these new English lessons...
I haven't laughed that hard in years. Those 2 are hilarious together. More please!
Not long enough, longer please.
And I hate that laugh. Sounds awful!
Can't wait to see more!
I need more English lessons!
I laughed out loud more then a few times! Cheers!
More informative than any American public school English class I've taken
I laughed so hard my jaws hurt! :)
Am i the only one that doesnt like ricky gervais for crying out loud? He creates good tv shows but he is not a very good comic he could be funny sometimes but he has no jokes
Gervais is just too pompous and full of himself. Not funny.
I needed a good laugh. It's nice to see Karl hasn't lost his charm.
English lesson!!!!
Oh my god the english lesson 1 was was literally the funniest thing ive seen this year. I was crying in laughter!
It just doesn't get any funnier than Ricky & Karl!
Too funny!!!! Can't wait for lesson two!
... I absolutely love this podcast! I could not stop laughing. Such a great duo.
It seems I can't get enough of this guy !
So funny
Love the podcast, everything you guys do is amazing!
I don't care what that no talent hack, Adam Corolla, says - Ricky is
but this Karl is just fascinating bwahahaha
Wish there were more
Kevin sent me, and I'm glad he did
Funny beyond belief. I cannot believe it's real. Pilkington is actually a genius. He is the Samuel Clements and Mark Twain of DIYers. Gervais is Geppetto to Pilkington's Pinocchio and Merchant is very tall.
Never will be
I don't know why this guy is supposed to be so popular, any more. Yeah, he starred in a couple of bad movies, he also sells out performance spaces doing very bad stand-up. His Golden Globes "work" is great, too, I know my review isn't going to take away his millions of dollars, and the fact he's probably going to make movies and TV shows for the rest of his life. But hopefully, anyone who reads the review will save some money, by just re-watching the original "office" instead of watching his new work, or listening to his podcast. Life's too short.
I just became a huge fan of Rick and the show An idiot aboard. This podcast just keeps me entertain till the next episode.