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I wanted a holistic health podcast, not your twisted religious and political views. You say you believe in God and you've been hit by lightning 5 times. Maybe He's trying to tell you something!
I've been listening to Rayna's podcast since January 2007 and even purchased her books. But now, the podcasts are moving away from health and holistic healing practices to political and religious rants. This morning, I began listening to a Christmas podcast only to hear her tell any of us who are aetheist or non-christian to get out. That's right, she told us to get out and go live someplace else. She suggested we "find a country" to match our belief system, since only Christians have a right to live in the USA. If you think about Native American culture before Christians came here and converted them to Christianity, then wouldn't this request also mean anyone who has Native American ancestry? And isn't Rayna part Native American? I am unsubscribing to this podcast today. It has become mean-spirited, offensive and divisive. The podcast title no longer fits the content; a health podcast should offer ways to become well and happy. And wasn't this originally categorized under health?
I loved the podcast then went to see her. She only wanted payment in cash and promised to follow up in 3 mos. She never returned emails or calls. Some of the info is good, some is over the top. Be careful about taking it too seriously.
ok... does this guy know anything about the human anatomy? holistic medicine kills ! but let me tell you if you are here for a good laugh its the right place to be!
Great podcast - love Rayna's topics! Yes, think she should do as many podcasts as she can during the week, even if they are shorter. I look forward to checking each day to see what she is discussing. She has a warm heart and very knowledgable. A great listen in the car on the road...
This is such an informative podcast. I appreciate you putting this up here at no cost, it really is a way to open people's eyes without having them worry about getting "scammed." Your information is (unfortunately) revolutionary and I am excited about learning more. I look forward to changing my life and diet safely and effectively, and cannot wait for your book to arrive! Thanks!
Rayna G is by far one of the most learned people on holisitc health this country has. Her voice resonates from her soul, and her information on all things connected to the body, mind, and spirit is coming from genious.I've purchased her book, "Forget The Cures, Find The Cause," and have purchased a dozen as Christmas presents for my friends and family. I am a devoted listener and wish she was on everyday.