Reviews For The Principles of War - Lessons from Military History on Strategy, Tactics and Leadership.

Outstanding work! I’m no longer in the military, but I’m still drawing lessons from your podcast that I can apply to my current job as a police officer in the US. We’re frequently outnumbered, and your analysis of the Japanese campaign (and the Allies overall unpreparedness) has really made me think. Thank you sir! Keep it up!
This series aims a brilliant outline of the principles of war and how they apply to a historical setting and what we may learn from it. Even if you are not a member of the defence forces this podcasts some very intriguing thoughts on leadership and the failures of leadership in developing plans of action. First rate all the way through with truly thorough knowledge by the presenter with obviously thorough and deep research. Looking forward to additional episodes and hope it is expanded to other campaigns.
Haven’t listened to many episodes so far, but it’s the kind of podcast about war that I want to listen to. It applies overarching principles to specific historical situations which, in my opinion, is the way to go about it. Cheers mate!
The opening for every episode explains that the podcast is intended as a teaching tool for junior officers and NCOs in the Australian military, but I must say: as an American non-combatant, I find the show an interesting glimpse into the thought process and mechanics behind military planning. In particular: I appreciate the host’s objective (and slightly bemused) take on the historical blunders of his own country’s military during the Malaya campaign, and how he highlights the social and egotistical obstacles to effective military planning (planning around the racist assumption that the Japanese would be unable to see at night due to the shape of their eyes for instance) as being equally important to the more by-the-book logistical quandaries of supply lines and allocation of resources. Good stuff for officers in training and military history buffs alike!
This podcast does an excellent job of explaining the principles of war by providing real-world examples from history. The series on the Malaya/Singapore campaign from WW2 was great and I would love to see more series on other historical battles.