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Would be better without the extreme left wing drivel. Refusal to call things “crazy” because it’s “able-ist”… so cringy. Came here to escape everyday politics and SJW woke Marxist garbage but the creators of this podcast are clearly members of BLM and ANTIFA. I don’t remember Tanis being this bad.
Loved this Tanis side trip! Season one was phenomenal! I also enjoyed the second season and the incorporation of YouTube. A lot of creepy fun. Definitely recommend.
Even though the connection of one disappearance from one season to the next is slender at best (the tone change feels strange), I still love Nic and MK, and the different movie concepts are brought to dramatic life in the signature style of PRA—thank you for great content!
Out of all the PRA stories, I'd say "The Last Movie" was my second favourite until the newest season came out. I could not stop listening! They outdid themselves with season 2. Major creep-factor, very compelling. You won't be disappointed.
I love minnow beats whale podcasts, this is no exception. First season is very much like Tanis in tone. Second season is not so much. It has some great new characters that’s interactions with MK and Nic are great. To every review that says second season is lousy, I couldn’t disagree more. I listened to this is a day, it’s so great.
This show takes decent concepts and just uses them again and again and again until you start to hate them. Pretty interesting story idea that could be told in about 45 minutes to an hour, let’s spread it over 6 episodes. Told from the perspective of millennials, let’s spend half of each episode playing on the gag that everything over 10 years old is ancient. Pretty haunting segue song, let’s play it every 30 seconds to fill time. Touch on today’s obsession to not “trigger” people with words like (gasp) crazy, let’s say rowdy instead about every 3 minutes and remind the audience why we’re doing it. Deadpan delivery for suspense, let’s speak every line like the entire cast is just as bored as the listener. Ending, we don’t need no stinking conclusion, that’ll be edgy! Who allowed this to be released on the world?!?
4 stars cause S01 was so good. Was S02 handed off to someone’s nephews? Nothing like S01.
The style of this narrative driven show was phenomenal! The acting sets the tone really well! And coming here from Tanis really helps making me care about these characters! S+
I loved season one of this podcast. Season 2, not so much.
“...we use ‘rowdy’ because the word ‘crazy’ is ableist...”. Why can’t I just be entertained without constantly having this nonsense thrown in my face????
Never dissatisfied with anything Nick Silver puts his work into. Great show.
The first season of The Last Movie was a fun little side journey from Tanis. It made for a good “one and done”. But now, having stretched the veneer even thinner through a second season which “loosely” ties into Season One and even more “loosely” ties back to Tanis, the fabric of this story is in tatters. Season one gets a relatively solid 3.5 especially if you’ve followed Tanis. But the combination of the show now being hosted by “Fred & Daphne” copies from the Scooby gang, plus entire episodes breaking the cardinal rule of “show me, don’t tell me” — this is where it gets a generous two stars as I can’t even finish the series. It’s starting to feel as if Terry Miles/Nic Silver has too many plates spinning and doesn’t know when to bring things to a natural conclusion. I’m happy to have Tanis back after a long hiatus, but it feels as if Miles is getting tired with the material too, though I think at times the Pacifica novel is a worthy thread that has kept my interest, even as other primary storylines are feeling their time. It would have been much more interesting to do something along the lines of Pacifica as a new podcast which only slowly reveals itself into the world of Tanis, but instead we have this meta-meta-Tanis derivative which is boring and lacks any real sense of jeopardy and scares that Tanis has had in its best episodes. In the words of your “Daphne” of Season Two— you absolutely should have shelved this season and premise in the writer’s room.
Super good! Creepy and scary. I wish there were more episodes!
I find myself listening to these “Public Radio Alliance” serials and rolling my eyes at the formulaic plots, the desperate reaching for compelling plot and subject matter, and the often laughable voice acting—and yet I keep listening. But season 2 of The Last Movie is just plain stupid. Nothing about it is plausible. Like at all.
I must say that I absolutely love your podcasts. I’ve listened to The Black Tapes, Rabbits, and Tanis all more than once. I also liked season one of This podcast, but I’m not digging season two. The “new hosts” are not it, especially Evan. And what is with constantly saying rowdy? C’mon guys, you’re better than this. I’m sorry for the 3 star review but judging by all of your other content, I know you can do better. All that being said, please keep cranking out your podcasts! They are some of my favorites and I know I will continue listening as long as you make them!
Did a high school kid right the script for season 2?? The dialogue might as well done bad robots. It’s horrible and really unbelievable.
Episode 4, like that really made me feel uneasy at end. Watching it before bed I started sweating for a second 😅😂
This podcast is a spooky, captivating story that gets into some macabre and supernatural areas. I wish there were more episodes...
I have a theory. What if the last movie is like that one doctor who episode, Extremis, where anyone who reads a certain book goes insane and commits suicide because the book said that they were in a experiment and that they were not real and their world did not actually exist and was a simulation. I highly recommend this podcast and if you listen to it you should also listen to Tanis and the black tapes.Sooooo good 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Great show but can you include more tanis.. as a tanis listener I find it hard to believe that you are no longer heavily involved in tanis activity. Still like the show and the chemistry between mk and nic


I tried really hard to get into this podcast because the content sounds interesting, but had to stop because listening to Nick Silver beat one-word answers out of his clearly scripted interviewees and colleagues in an attempt to create an air of suspense felt like pulling teeth. I’d rather just go to the dentist.
The fact all actors sounded like they were in their 30s or younger when supposed to be playing characters 70+ was a serious detriment. Loved the concept but this was distracting to a fault.
it’s good enough for a binge but has a flat story line.
Overall, I managed to binge this podcast over the course of a few days, but I was left bored. The characters were just irritating and had zero chemistry. It made their relationship feel like they were reading off a script and the plot overall felt so “ow the edge” that what could have been a creepy little tale was just at best a lazy creepy pasta. I can’t say I recommend this, even if it is wonderfully produced because the script just does NOT work - look elsewhere.
I love the worlds that this and the other Tania podcasts have made. Can’t wait until the world becomes a bit more stable so we can enjoy those worlds again.


By Jmt1978
I don’t know why I even bother to keep checking all of your podcasts for new episodes. I really enjoyed them, but now I just feel ripped off. 👎🏼😞
At the beginning on episode 1 season 2 it says that the remaining episodes of season 2 will be available with ads in February. It’s now March and they’re still not available. If you don’t want to release season two for free with ads, that’s fine, but it’s unprofessional to say you will and then neglect to do it
This would be more stars if it weren’t for the tedious dialogue between Nick and MK. Nobody talks like that in real life! Ughhhhh
Season 1 is quintessential PRA content, similar to TANIS and Rabbits. The mystery is great and I love the relationship between Nic and MK. I also thought the finale and the ending were fantastic. I enjoyed the first episode of season 2 and how it was used to looped back to season 1; however, the overal season is poor. I was okay with the first episode when I thought it was going to be just a bit to get back to the main story, but that’s not the case. The voice acting is much poorer this season, the story doesn’t continue the cliffhanger of season 1, and you really miss the dynamic between Nic and MK that made season 1 so good. I think season 2 should have been it’s own podcast and would have done much better on its own, rather than tangentially building on season 1. Overall, worth listening too, but don’t expect it to get better as it goes.
MK is so obnoxious it makes it hard to keep listening.
Seems like they don’t care much for there listeners unless there paying for sticher premium .
Love this show but I’m having a hard time understanding why you keep trying to pretend that this Laurie Henry person is not Alex Reagan?
Was season two supposed to have started?
Story is not bad, but, I found MK super annoying. Her cocky know it all attitude is just so annoying. It ruined the experience for me. I can not believe anyone could spend more than a few minutes with a person like MK. ( in real life ). I am sorry, I wish the MK character is less of a B.
The last movie was dope!
Loved The Last Movie, especially season 2! This is the best ever. It even had an actual ending...a creepy ending, yes, but a well thought out conclusion. Nice job. (I bet the people complaining about the voice acting only listened to the first episode. It gets better.)
Excellent story! Loved the ending!
I love Nic and MK!! It makes the story line so much fun to listen to!
It’s fine. I’m glad it wasn’t any longer than it is. It just didn’t grab me. I really liked Rabbits, so I thought I’d like this. It tried to be creepy, but was just slow and boring.
The way the story is unfolding is awful and the dialogue sounds like text exchange between my younger coworkers. The two main characters are almost unlistenable. Please stop.
I am a huge fan of The Last Movie, Tanis, Rabbits, The Black Tapes.They are well produced, directed and acted. The quality of these podcasts is one of the reasons I have frequently recommended them. But I won’t be recommending season two. The banter between the interns is annoyingly millennial. Nick, I’m kinda missin’ you.
I listened to this without having listened to Tanis, and I absolutely loved it! Super intriguing, great plot, never got bored
You can’t even finish your own story line but yet you come back to advertise somebody else’s story sad sad sad! Go away and stay dead!
The writing and acting for this podcast is amazing. I highly suggest listening to this podcast if you want a spooky immersive mind bending story.
Sure there are flaws, but overall these stories are my favorite podcasts, all the PRA stories. Such different thinking from a super educated guy. I love it. Please never stop! I gladly paid the stitcher money for the new season, and would again for any new podcasts u make!
tanis must have been mentioned more times than there are episodes of that podcast, ruining any sense of immersion or disbelief. However, just like Rabbits, I enjoyed all the references that were made to things I can look up later when I have time. I watched Wormwood Star on youtube, as suggested, and it was "strange, beautiful and terrifying", just like the narrator said.
that’s all...awful...