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I'm currently playing catch up on the podcast. So far I see Colonial Wireless and the CDF as a place where those who love the current version of BSG to meet, discuss, and plain get lost in that universe. If fan clubs are your cup of tea, then jump in head first if not, don't. Once I join, this would be the first fan club I would be a part of. Yes I have a life(I got mine when I left home and joined the Army in 1981*15yrs of service*), yes I have a wife, yes I have children (4). Once I finish with Officer prep(listening to all the podcast) I'll apply as a Viper pilot
As a member of the Colonial Defense Forces, I enjoy listening to your podcasts. I like keeping up to date with what's going on in the CDF. I also enjoy your reviews of each episode. Keep up the great work!
Okay, upon hearing the latest podcast, and re-reading my previous review, I will concede that it was obviously offensive and not as constructive as it could have been. Honestly, I still don't understand the whole idea of everyone giving themselves a rank and pretending to be in the show, but I suppose that's my problem. I will say this though: you guys are most interesting when you actually talk about the show, instead of the 90% of the time where I feel like I'm in a meeting at work. Your review of the 'webisodes' is a good example of what I like to hear. Anyway, since you clearly stated that reviewing/analyzing the actual show was NOT one of your goals, I can now understand that this podcast is not for me. I sincerely hope that your fanclub thrives and you guys enjoy doing what you do. In the mean time, I've changed my rating to 4 stars to try to balance out my previous 1 star. Good luck, and good hunting.